Doug drinks the world’s strongest coffee (twice)

– If there’s one thing that consuming more than 1,000 milligrams of
caffeine in less than two hours has taught me it’s that I
probably consume too much caffeine on a daily basis anyway,
because I did not die. My heart didn’t beat out of my chest and my pants are completely clean. This is Black Insomnia Coffee, the self-proclaimed
world’s strongest coffee with just north of 700
milligrams of caffeine per 12 ounce serving. To put that into perspective,
that’s like drinking 14 cans of Diet Coke, or
eight cans of Red Bull, or four cans of Monster energy drink, or a little more than two
grande Starbucks coffees. I think there might be other
coffee companies out there who would dispute the
world’s strongest marketing that’s used here, but I’m not
gonna get in the middle of it. I just don’t have the
energy (laughs) get it? They also use the hashtag
SleepingIsCheating, which is just absurd. We all know that sleeping
is the best, east or west. I bought a 16 ounce bag for 20 bucks, which is a lot, and I
initially balked at the price, but then I realized it’ll
probably take me quite a while to polish this off,
it’s not like I’m gonna be making full pots of it everyday. The aroma of the coffee
is relatively benign for something so potent. I honestly thought it
would smell like (bleep) mixed with (bleep) and
finished off with a (bleep). Can I say any of those things? Did I, all three of them right? Yeah, anyway, it smells
like regular coffee. Let’s brew a cup, shall we? You’re supposed to use
two-and-a-half scoops per 12 ounce cup. As it’s brewing I expected the coffee cup to have a hole singed in the bottom of it as though eaten away by acid, it did not. I also expected to hear
Satan laughing, I did not. And once it finished brewing,
I expected it to smell like a (bleep), though it just smelled like a regular cup of coffee. Now for the taste test.
(sipping) Yeah, tastes like coffee. You could kill someone with this. (laughs) Khan, you could
kill someone with this. Bro, tastes like coffee. It’s going down easy, I’m
almost done with this. It’s my first cup of the
day, I waited ’till 10:30. The things I do for these videos. I’m starting to feel my
skin tighten up here. I thought by now my heart would
be racing ready to explode. I would have had violent
diarrhea everywhere, but I just feel kind of calm and zen-like. I kinda feel like I want
another cup of coffee. (sipping)
My brain is working. It’s about 1:15 now, I feel good. It’s not, I’m not jittery. I am awake, I’m alert. There was a time around 12:45 or one where there was a little bit of a spike where I could see the past and
the future at the same time, and then figured out that
time in and of itself is just an illusion. 2:30, first cup was at 10:30, I’m already. I think I’m back down to baseline. Look, it’s good coffee. If you’re hopelessly addicted
to caffeine like I am, it’s probably not gonna do much for you unless you drink half a pot of it. If you’re not hopelessly
addicted to caffeine, you’re not gonna want to drink that much. You’re gonna wanna start slow. 700 milligrams is pretty intense. If you wanna kill somebody by switching their instant coffee with this, I honestly can’t say that I support that. That is not a good idea,
please don’t do that. If someone were to switch
my coffee with this, on the other hand, I probably
wouldn’t have noticed. It tastes like regular
coffee, it’s not too bitter, it’s not too strong, I didn’t blow a hole out the back of my pants,
it’s good strong coffee. (upbeat percussion) The visual of the back of
my pants being blown off is a funny visual. I hope it never happens to me
when I’m consuming caffeine.

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13 thoughts on “Doug drinks the world’s strongest coffee (twice)

  1. Caffeine is still a drug. There's already been at least 1 fatality this year due to caffeine overdose. I just hope people are careful and know their bodies' limits.

  2. 1 gram of caffeine can kill you, even without heart problems. You should never take more than 200mg at once.

  3. 1:14 – Steaming pile of horse 💩, mixed with a steaming pile of ?? 💩, and finished off with a steaming pile of human 💩!!

  4. It's probably a superior filler free arabica ground. The jitters come from the inferior rubusto used by most cheap coffee money grabbers

  5. I don't care who you are … this guy makes some of the most entertaining videos! 🙂
    Kudos, Doug!

  6. Well then I was right to think that this is a scam because the world strong as coffee is stronger than 702 mg yet the Internet tries to tell everyone that I thought there was something fishy when I went to Amazon and saul review saying don't buy it it's a lie

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