Doppler Labs Here One review

– Okay, so these are the
Here One smart earbuds by Doppler Labs. They are little $299 earbuds,
so they’re pretty pricey. But what they do is pretty unique in that you can listen to music with them but you can also change the way
the world around you sounds. And you know, in it’s
most effective form these are essentially active noise
canceling Bluetooth earbuds. So I can pop these in, tune out the sound of the world around me, and also listen to some
great tunes at the same time. (rock music) (light music) So yeah, I mean, you know,
you can use ’em at the office you can use ’em at a coffee
shop, you can use them on the bus or on the train, on a plane. The thing is like,
wherever you’re using them, you kind of have to realize
that you’re not gonna be able to keep ’em in your ears the whole time, ’cause these things only have
about a two hour battery life. Gotcha. Yeah, I mean the case is literally just, you just pop ’em in here, I
think it offers, you know, it just offers a few more
charges for when they actually go down completely. More than that, I just, I
don’t always put these back in the case ’cause the
case is a little bulkier. So I leave these on the table and then I put ’em back in my
ears and it says battery low. They have a big problem with wind kind of disrupting the sensors. The way they work is that there
are three little microphones on the outside of each of the earbuds kind of taking in all of
the sound around the room. They’re directional
mics so they can kind of know what’s in front of
you, what’s behind you. But basically when like
a gust of wind hits these as you’re listening to
it, it just crackles out. Ultimately I feel like
if you are in the market for smart earbuds or
something of the like, you’ll kind of know already
whether you wanna buy these. They’re 299, that’s expensive. They do noise canceling, that’s awesome. Two hour battery life, that kinda sucks. I think that those three
things will kinda cement whether you wanna buy these or not. Everything they say they
do they do pretty well. So in terms of quality,
they nail it, I think.

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15 thoughts on “Doppler Labs Here One review

  1. Kind of disappointed about the horrible battery life. The Bragi Dash and Apple Air Pods both offer at least 6 hrs vs the 2 hrs the Here One does. I'm still sticking with my pre-order, in hopes that poor battery life doesn't cripple the product usability too much.

  2. Totaly agree with the wind issue and for me another issue is that I can hear my steps as I walk. I would actually like to share my experience with them with this video.

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