DON’T buy the New 2019 iPad Air!

Many of you have been holding off on buying
the budget $329 iPad because of rumors of new 2019 iPads coming soon, and now, they’re
finally here, the 2019 iPad Mini 5 for $400 and 2019 iPad Air for $500. The new Mini may not be that bad of a deal,
but the new Air is extremely underwhelming, and anyone looking for a new budget iPad should
not buy it. I repeat, don’t buy the 2019 iPad Air. I’ll give you all my personal recommendation
on what to buy in just a minute. Ultimately, it’s a handicapped version of
the 2017 10.5” iPad Pro. It’s using the same chassis, display resolution,
battery, Apple Pencil support, and more, but although it seems like it’s just as good,
it’s missing some very important components of the Pro. So here are 5 things that are lacking compared
to the 10.5” iPad Pro. The first two have to do with the display. First of all, the display brightness is limited
to 500 nits instead of the Pros 600 nits, so it’s quite a bit dimmer and it doesn’t
support HDR video, even though it supports P3 wide color gamut. Secondly, it doesn’t support ProMotion,
which is the one thing that made the iPad Pro so great. It basically doubles the screens refresh rate
to 120hz so every swipe and animation is buttery smooth. Trust me, this makes a massive difference
in day-to-day use. Not only that, but ProMotion also significantly
reduces Apple Pencil input lag, making it seem like you’re drawing on actual paper. The new Air really misses out big by lacking
ProMotion. The third thing isn’t that big of a deal
for an iPad, but it still sucks. The rear camera is only 8MP compared to 12
on the iPad Pro, so you don’t get 4K video recording or 1080P at 60, and picture quality
is gonna be worse as well. For the 4th thing, the new iPad Air only has
one set of speakers on the bottom compared to four speakers on the 10.5” Pro. The speakers were both louder and the stereo
sound in landscape mode was amazing compared to the old 2-speaker setup. All in all, the new air is just lacking way
too much for me to be able to recommend it. Yes, it’s got an A12 processor that’s
more powerful than the A10X, but to completely honest, it was already tough to notice the
difference between the A10X and the A12X in the new iPad Pro, at least in day-to-day use. The A10X in the 10.5” Pro can run basically
any app or game currently available on the market, so the A12 doesn’t make that big
of a difference. Now you might be saying, of course, the Pro
is better, that’s why it’s called the Pro. Well, in reality, Apple was selling it for
$650, only $150 more than the new Air, and it was definitely worth it, just for the ProMotion
technology alone. Unfortunately, Apple took it off their website
this morning, as soon as the new Air was available, and we all know why. Now here’s the good news, you can easily
find a used 10.5” iPad Pro for under $500, or refurbished models on Amazon with prime
shipping for only $434. You can even get a brand new one on sale for
only $570 on Amazon. So that’s my recommendation. if you’re thinking of getting the new Air,
don’t. Buy a used 10.5” Pro instead. You’ll be much more happy with it. Now if you’re not looking to spend that
much money, the 2018 iPad for $329 is still the best deal for an iPad ever. It’s good enough for almost everyone and
I still recommend it for anyone that isn’t looking to buy the new 2018 iPad Pro. Even better, I’ve seen it on sale on Amazon
for as little as $250 brand new. You simply can’t beat that value. Now let’s say you’ve been waiting a while
and you really want a new iPad, but can’t afford the new Pro. Well, the new iPad Mini actually isn’t a
bad deal. It’s got everything the new Air has, but
with a smaller display for $100 less. But it’s really meant to be in a market
of its own, for those who want that smaller display and portability. I honestly still recommend going for the budget
2018 iPad unless you’re buying the new 2018 iPad Pro. If you haven’t seen our 1-year review of
the 2018 iPad, click the card above or click the end screen button at the end of this video. We’ve already ordered both of the new 2019
iPads so we’re gonna be doing in-depth comparison videos soon, so if you’re not already subscribed,
make sure to do so now! Thanks for watching, and we’ll see you in
the next video.

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100 thoughts on “DON’T buy the New 2019 iPad Air!

  1. What do you guys think of the new 2019 iPads? Comment your thoughts below!

    Best deals on 2017 10.5" iPad Pro:
    $434 Refurbished ➡
    $570 Brand New ➡

    2018 iPad on SALE for ONLY $259 on Amazon ➡

  2. great advice! Just what I was looking into especially since apple took down the compare features from there site at least for ipad models LOL

  3. speakers are not problem because people use headphones all the time.

    1gb ram difference is also not problem, since the processor is more efficient, in fact, the air is much faster as seen on the benchmarks.

    The camera is also not a problem, we use phone for that. The ipad camera is mainly for Facetime, or scanning documents, so the front camera is more important.

    The brightness also not important, who uses it under bright sunlight? We often use it in our room/house and no need for 500 nits of brightness.

    One thing you will miss is the apple support because the pro was released 2017 and the air in 2019, so that's 2 year more support for Air.

    The only thing that we should decide is that Pro-motion, how significant is the 120 fps and 60fps in real life. If it's really significant and deal breaker, I will go with pro.

  4. I personally think the iPad Air is a great choice if you don’t already own the 10,5 inch iPad Pro.

  5. I need the extra range Bluetooth 5.0 offers. It is for long distance connecting to remote Bluetooth tools. Last Year uses 4.2.
    I don't need it for multimedia purposes. Other owner requirements will vary.

  6. Ridicilous explanatıons 🙂 ı thought that u ll say sth handy but none of your explanations were reasonable ı dont care about the camera or the speaker ipad air 3 screen colors much better than ipad 2018 ignore the camera or speaker actually they are fine for me
    İt is not right to speak solid like "dont buy it" may be u should say bad parts of the ipad air for you …

  7. Only `just` 150 Dollars price difference does not mean same economic value for other countries.. I see only 300 USD difference in other countries

  8. I dont know why you are comparing it to the iPad Pro when no one said that it was a replacement of it🤦‍♂️

  9. Why not I’m even tempted to get this new iPad Air I’ve got the freaking prehistoric iPad Air 2

  10. Well I already have the pro 10.5 so I could care less
    But mate comparing a budget iPad to a pro makes me question if ur valid or not

  11. Lmao. I have a windows 10, Amazon Kindle, and an Android. I am planing on buying an Ipad so when the time comes when I finally buy one, I will have 4 different IOS and softwares…. So much

  12. I feel sorry for everyone that didn’t take his advice, now the new 2019 iPad is better and only $350!! 2k dislikes for a good review. Guess you guys feel dumb right about now.

  13. Had the normal IPad, it was a piece of crap and had tons of WiFi problems, bought the Air today. The A12 processors are so much better. It’s a much better device. Thanks for convincing me to get it buddy!

  14. Going to buy ipad air 3 soon, in India ipad pro 2017 cost 47000 while 41000 for ipad air, since budget is my first priority and i can buy a ipad plus an apple pencil in the same budget. That is 41000+8000=49000

  15. I think the iPad air is worth it because although the iPad pro is much better the pro is much more expensive so if your looking for a good iPad better than the standard but not as expensive as the pro then get the iPad air

  16. If u buy the new iPad, there will be more updates in the future = better, but with the 2017, what u have now is what you’ve got for ever pretty much

  17. This iPad simply doesn’t justify its price. Get the Mini 5 which is just as fast as this one + superb portable for a much convenient price. Think practically. Is smart connector really worth that much extra money? But who cares.

  18. The processor is better, it will be able to hold all the updates, it is cheaper than the pro, you can use all the accessories- so what is the down side? The photos? I don’t use the iPad to take pics who does? I got the new iPad, AppleCare, and Beats for $555!

  19. Well, I think it is pretty much worth it because it's easier to draw on and it's dang smooth to draw on.
    It's worth it for some people who likes to draw. I'm not saying, what you are saying is not true that it's not worth it. I'm just saying in my opinion, because I draw too.
    Btw, cool vid.😉
    Oh and because I don't have an Ipad since my Ipad broke on 2017.😂

  20. You can’t ask much for something is cheap. I like mine anyway. It came with the beat solo 3 so should be the good deal. That is my opinion

  21. Thing is….the iPad Pro is over priced. Should have been no more than £500 in my opinion, especially seeing it is…..very flexible, to say the least *cough cough*….I have the 2018 iPad and I’m more than happy with it. Won’t be upgrading for at least another 2 years

  22. Not hating but why would you compare to a iPad Pro that cost 699 and the iPad Air only 499 your pretty much comparing both of the,, for the iPad Air I would hugely recommend for a cheaper iPad Pro like because it has the latest A12 fusion which can hold up Fortnite and the intense games. I wouldn’t buy the iPad Air this is my personal opinion it’s to large but that’s just me I’m more suiting for a iPad mini 5 because it has the same specs of performance as a iPad Air so really I would recommend getting iPad mini 5 it’s the same iPad but smaller but if you like bigger iPads the iPad Air is calling for you. Hope this was helpful.

  23. I just watched you previous video where you say DON'T BUY IPAD, BUY IPAD AIR…..after wasting this, what next? DONT BUY IPAD PRO, BUY next cooler IPAD?

  24. This is a valid comparison as their prices are quite near, Thanks for the tips. I've chosen air 2019 anyway as the functions with smart keyboard + pencil are far enough for my job and academic~ (drawing construction details, note taking and as a mechanical engineering student either)

  25. I don't really understand these YouTubers these days. Once he saying don't buy ipad 2019 and buy air or mini. And now the title of his video is: don't buy ipad air

  26. why the hell are you KEEP comparing it to the pro? its obviously not a pro. its obviously there to tow the line between the intro ipad and the ipad, just look at the prices..

  27. ipad pro 10.5 suffers from a serious problem that is some white pixels on the display.
    I'm not telling all ipads pro 2017 have this issue. But I've seen and heard numerous times.
    If you don't believe me, you can read on the net.

  28. Just bought my iPad 2018 (can't get the 2019 where I live, and if I could it would be waaay off my budget), still waiting for it to arrive, I think it's going to be really good.

  29. Hey I liked your review because you got down to the details, and allows me to think about it, before I spend the money. What is important for me or not. Thanks for the excellent review!

  30. Thank you for this video. You helped me buy the new iPad Air
    , i was thinking today and the edu campaign (beats solo3) was ending today, just bought!

  31. I really liked ur videos as I found u since yesterday.. But more and more I watch your videos, ur views keep contradicting yourself in every other video.. U helped at start.. But as I keep watching ur videos more and more m getting more confused and now u made me feel every ipad is bad..

  32. For CODM and notetaking, I'm thinking air 3, mini5, pro 11 inch or pro 10.5 inch… but then I found out about bendgate.

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