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Every year tens of
thousands of foreign workers arrive in the US on what
are known as H-1B visas. These are visas for people with
particular specialist skills to come for just a few years. And they’re particularly heavily
used by the technology industry to recruit for jobs such
as software developers. Some people think
that these companies are abusing the system. That they’re really using it
to hire cheap foreign labour at the expense of
American workers. They say, however, that
American workers simply don’t have the skills they need. By far the biggest recipient
country of H-1B visas is India. So it’s no surprise that when
the Indian IT industry was here in Washington a
couple of weeks ago, this issue was top
of their agenda. They argue that
Indian companies are being unfairly
discriminated against when it comes to approvals as opposed
to their American rivals. They say it is much easier
for Microsoft, for example, to hire an Indian
worker in the US than it is for a
company such as Infosys. However, while their
message is clear, they’re finding it much harder
to get a straight answer out of the White House about
what the president wants. In his two years in
office, Donald Trump has made it more complex
in a number of ways to get an H-1B visa under
his policy of hire American, buy American. But then earlier this year
he unexpectedly tweeted that he wanted to enact reforms
that would simplify the system, and even give H-1B holders
a path to citizenship. Those reforms are still
to see the light of day, and most people in the industry
that I talk to still don’t know whether the
president really wants to make this system
more or less attractive.

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11 thoughts on “Donald Trump’s unclear reform of H-1B visas | Tech Wash

  1. This policy is NOT only targeted Indian ,but also Chinese as well ,you know there are a bunch of Indian and Chinese working on Silicon Valley,US president trump is most disgusting president ever

  2. This uncertainty of whether he's gonna make more or less attractive is killing businesses and foreign workers alike. Businesses because they don't know if the worker they spend hundreds of $ on to get him on an H1B is gonna be allowed to stay, individuals because they can't plan their lives due to the uncertainty. Canada is benefitting tremendously due to this, but also due to the enourmous processing times of visa renewals in the US

  3. Its all about Cheap Labor the end result is Cheap Quality. American IT system will cripple down very soon due to cheap labor from INDIA.ABOLISH H1B.

  4. Ask a 3rd worlder for info at work for a project they are aware of. they give little information . Then say Americans aren’t smart enough. Funny. You come from a third world nation and have few toilets. But we Americans know little.

  5. We are American citizens and losing our jobs being a US Citizen, President Trump is our current president, please stop H1b visa so we gets our jobs back, I am IT professional and I am driving a cab in NYC, But still I request our president to help us immediately before these H1b becomes legal underworld in USA.

  6. Solution is simple.

    Have the current h1b holders train their American replacements. Promote I.T. in high schools / colleges instead of reductionist, regressive liberal studies.

    From there, end the h1b or severely reduce it, and send those currently on h1b back to their country of origin..

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