Dominaria Prerelease VLOG and Deck Tech

The Dominaria pre-release I had lots of
fun and I’m after it after this I’m gonna show you my Deck Tech. Reaching and
teaching young mages of all ages. Hey, we are on our way to the Prerelease.
hopefully pull somegood stuff if how lots of fun the Paragon the white card and it was a
vigilance lively ear first drink is all right I don’t
yeah it’s probably dead mister anyways yeah hope to play some white yeah well we’re here at the parolees
hope to pull some good stuff and leave some really good people and have good
games looks like there’s really good white
cards so I might be going light a lot of black hearts good removal and I’m also
counting how many cards are in the color we did pretty good on that round and as
well was the other person this round you did pretty good and I did
read it yeah you won one and I’m going to yeah this is the final perry against the
I guess the other guy and me yeah the guy every that would ease well we’re
still you’re at the realities have lots of fun went 3-1 and got second place and
I won four packs and then was going up in them it is a RL night of wind grace and a my window it’s a card and whoo a multi enough that’s really cool and the last pack is a every hype on witness that’s pretty
cool yeah so I’m gonna do a deck tech and as
soon as I get to the house and we’re starting right now well this is a deck deck and my deck was
a white black deck I called the unholy angels and it has two inches favorite
and the ones that showed up most was a Serra angel now this card is amazing in
a sealed errand and it just blew people away and uh also a liar ‘adam breaker
this card is pretty nice I haven’t got Serra angel order firearm bow field sake
time but I did put a woman counter our library operative did she and up next we have a sergeant at arms I
first out I had no creatures out there I’m kickin not have three creatures out
so that’s really nice and save my life for cultures and also it is feral
abomination a sick job even 5:5 death touch
now this can take out anything complete Aaron you can just pretty much suite
with it and take them out see oh yeah that’s right it’s kind of like murder
but it’s a four-top it’s called viscera rate I can’t pronounce it right it’s
just destroys our creature but downside is it’s three but still just surely not
creature right of grace now first you think oh yeah that’s a teacher up to you
to make you get plus no it is a to drop to two first strike and if I have the
other pretty mouse they pump each other up then they become super deadly duress are
the devise you can it’s a chart player reveals his or her hair well they’re
here you choose an effect or creature card from it that player discards that
card so it’s pretty much the dress but differently
also one of the really good cards is a sparring card shot you kill it I put a
little terror rygaard’s nearing over Lyra pretty good okay oh I love this
card so so much let’s say they devised my head and they take out Lyra I play uh
soul Salvage bring it back to my hand and then I can play it next year so that
was one of the really good place oh so I got a bird who cares about a bird this
is a really good bird historic spells you cast cost more less to cast for
drunk Lyra for draw Sarah no it’s not historic but yeah that was
three bridge to the deck and let me know what the comments below tell me what
what colors you ran in the group really set I have more reviews coming out to
showing you how to upgrade decks and play back better just drive now by
hitting that Rhino down below and don’t forget the bail locations so you don’t
miss a single one these videos are possible because of my Jewish patrons
and sponsors check out the videos on the side they will eat you
I have more video scary on soon so until then right Oh out

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