Does It Suck? – $37 Android Tablet

What’s up guys. Lew here back with another video and this is the third installment in the new series called, “Does it Suck?” And today I am excited to present to you a $40 Android Tablet Settle it down Lew. I mentioned in it in a 3 Tech Deals video when I think it was around $35 And a bunch of you commented asking for further analysis so I ordered it, bought it, threw it into the cart on Amazon to bring you this video and to find out what a $40 Android Tablet is exactly like. A cardboard box for the unboxing experience. Nothing too frilly here and inside a user manual…Oh This might be fun. Thank you for your iRulu purchase. Welcome to your tablet. You have made a good decision to use an iRulu product. *Laughs* Alright! Here is the tablet. Wrapped up pretty nicely. Little bubble wrap here and another sleeve. This one is orange Woohoohoo! Connecting my world. Good to know that it passed the quality control. QC1. TF card? What the heck is that? That’s gotta be SD/Micro SD. Anyway glue on here. Think there was some stickers there that have been peeled off Okay, charging port which is DC 5V. Micro USB, microphone, rear facing camera, speaker, well placed serial number sticker, volume up and down. Satisfying click right there. Forward facing camera, power button, headphone jack. iRulu Also in the box, charging cable. Not proprietary but really wish that was just micro usb though I don’t know Maybe you can charge this thing over micro usb. Maybe it’s both. That’s it, look at that, $40 later. Not getting power right now. Is there a screen protector on this? The screen feels a little odd. Please charge using the supplied AC adapter. Bizarro charging. Okay so off camera I’ve plugged this in. I’ve got the cable going to a USB charger over here. Also I can’t decide if This has a screen protector pre installed or if I’m supposed to remove it. There’s no tab. So it says that we’re supposed to charge it for 10 hours for the initial charge. “Caution… Please charge the battery fully when you use the unit for the first time and then you can charge for 7 hours otherwise you may got problem with charging battery life” You don’t wanna got problem You may got problem! Okay so this thing’s been charging for a little bit and I think it’s gonna boot up now, at least I hope so *piano music from tablet* Damn…That’s emotional right there. Wow I can barely see the screen right now. What? Oh man this screen is *laughs* Come on. There’s gotta be more brightness here. That’s full brightness. The reflection is so intense-I mean-you guys can’t even-I can barely even see the icons in this lighting Can you see? Oh my god it’s faint! I have a feeling this is only gonna get better. Well that’s quicker than I expected Trying to playback a video here. Weird aspect ratio. The fullscreen doesn’t quite fill the frame there’s black bars on each side. So it’s 1020 x 600 resolution. Wow…listen I know I sound like a jerk right now. It might seem weird but I feel like my expectations were higher for this. Okay so we have a .3 megapixel camera on the front. Let’s flip around to that. Whoohohoo. It kinda looks like I’m under water. Here we go Oh yeah. Now I’m gonna flip it back around. It’s having so much trouble determining what the hell’s going on here. Quite washed out. Having just looked at a very inexpensive Android phone. This thing feels incredibly unpolished There you can see my fingers in the back of the display. The display is terrible The construction feels sort of like a toy. So for some reason it has right in the tray here: two different sound toggles. Doesn’t have stereo speakers. That’s bizarre. I really game “Different game collections satisfy different players. You can find a friend and your interest” “Get Start.” Okay probably not going to sign up for that. I can’t see why you would want to buy this I don’t know who needs this. So straight up night-I’m gonna have nightmares about this screen Does it suck? It sucks. It sucks. This–it sucks I believe there is something out there for not too much more. I’m gonna go searching for it on an upcoming episode of Does it Suck so stay tuned for that but this one sucks. Stay away Does have micro SD card expansion though Alright that’s it. That’s all I can say about this. Thank you very much for watching. If you guys enjoyed this new series on the channel called “Does It Suck?”, make sure to leave a thumps up down below and I’ll catch you on the next episode. Later Whoohoohoo

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100 thoughts on “Does It Suck? – $37 Android Tablet

  1. What's up guys 👐! Rilum Osmanaj here! Peace ✌
    What's up guy 👐! Rilum Osmanaj here! I am on the bed etc. and you? Peace ✌

  2. Idk why but… the build looks like the atouch q16 :/

    edit: idc if this was nearly 4 years ago

  3. At that time I paid 50 bucks for a kindle fire which is awsome and industructable. My kids destroy everything g yet the fire is still going

  4. 20 bucks extra and you could get an Amazon Fire which is a decent tablet (except for the amazon apps which are kind of limited)

  5. Bought one of these with my own money when I was 11, and it died less than a month later. It was an interesting experience…

  6. I know this is an old video now, but I'm pretty sure the Amazon fire tablet was out when this was made, and while those things aren't great by any means, they're a similar price, and they are usable.

  7. Lol I remember this being my first video watching of this channel for the reason of buying a crappy tablet off Amazon. 😂😂😂

  8. The inside of the screen cracked after 1 day of use. Good that it was cheap so I could afford a different tablet.

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