Do Not Buy Into The PIONEER HYPE! – Magic The Gathering New Format

do not buy fronti… do not buy into the hype
of Pioneer and if you’re going to buy cards don’t buy them now there’s a lot
of hype into this set and a lot of the hype is one two cards that were banned
and almost every format that they were in do you look at the prices of take
through time that’s shooting up so is a that works marble which is also banned
it’s a heel ear I also banned fell at our Guardian also been especially the
foil versions of these cards according to MTG stocks so a lot of these cards
are already on the move I mean this is a format that essentially is frontier just
you know a little older plus it’s got the fetch lands that are been of course
so what does that say about standard going forward obviously this give me a
little bit more reassurance from players who are buying into standard knowing
that even if it rotates there is a lesser modern let’s call pioneer that
they can potentially have play these cards that they purchase and their decks
I thinking that they’ve created maybe they can make budget versions for a
pioneer but this is one thing that I’ve definitely gathered from the failure
frontier if they’re not going to make products specifically for these sets
they will fail and brawl was pretty much on the way out and it still might be but
they got a little bit of more of a resurgence with the brawl commander
decks that day I’m calling commander but the brawl decks that were released were
thrown in the oil drain so I just got a message but let’s go back to the band
lists right so it’s interesting that they the only band the fetch lands but
there’s a lot of band little cards in there like I mean treasure cruiser for
Christ Southwest treasure cruise was banned almost immediately so I don’t
really understand why people are buying them right now why why there’s so much
hyper format that no one’s played yet so just
think about it before you bind to the hype
most of the cards you’re gonna be purchasing could potentially become
banned very shortly I’m surprised I’m not even banned right now another thing
and this this is one thing I was thinking about deeply when it comes to
the fetch slam bandings for pioneer the fact that they banned fetchlands and
pioneer is almost 100 percent certainty to any magic player out there who keeps
saying to themselves they’re going to reprint fetchlands they have to look how
expensive they are right if you’re one of those people think about this why
would they put fetchlands in standard especially now that they
banned fetchlands and pioneer which is gonna be a stronger
format right it just makes no sense why would you put fetch lines of standard if
they’re already banned in Pioneer essentially this is what I think as
magic gets older formats age and then certain cards either like I’ll say
restricted list some become also just more staples like duel ends dual Lancer
staples and legacy and vintage and that’s pretty
much what’s gonna happen with fetchlands I think they’re gonna be like staples in
modern because you want to play modern you got to get fetchlands if you want to
play frontier shock lands I guess

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17 thoughts on “Do Not Buy Into The PIONEER HYPE! – Magic The Gathering New Format

  1. I think the Saheeli combo has the most potential, but we’ll just have to wait and see what they ban. I’m sure Treasure Cruise will get the axe in no time. In any case I do hope they support the format properly and it succeeds.

  2. Don't buy field of the dead, nobody will be able to cash out of modern and they won't play peeneer
    They only banned fetchlands to keep deathrite shaman in the [email protected]
    They think people will scramble to pick up challenger decks for the crappy kaladesh quick lands to play a format that will be solved in 2 weeks

  3. back in the 80's we used to collect "Garbage pail Kids" cards, very popular. They were eventually banned from all public schools 🤣 they were great- god only knows how much those sets are worth, Great vid bud!

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