Do Masks Prevent Illness? [CC]

Do masks prevent illness? [Upbeat intro music] Do masks prevent illness? Depending on the mask, yes and no. That’s helpful, right? Well
allow me to just explain. Most masks that you can buy don’t have adequate filtration
to stop viruses and bacteria and other illness causing things getting in. Most of the masks
that I’ve come across use a PM2.5 filter. I discussed this in my last video with the
wear test, I’ll link that up there. Studies have shown that wearing a mask is actually
more likely to prevent you from passing on diseases to other people. That’s why in places
like Japan they wear courtesy masks so when they have an illness they wear a mask and
they don’t pass their diseases onto other people as easily. And the studies show that
wearing surgical masks decreased the exhaling of viral droplets, but they still got exhaled,
and while it decreased it didn’t completely prevent. So you could still exhale viral droplets
and the same going in, you can still inhale viral droplets through a mask. You are just
less likely to. Better filtration equals better protection against viruses, but it is not
complete protection, so you are decreasing but not completely preventing it. So you CAN
still contract a virus wearing a mask. It’s just less likely. But it will never be perfect
complete protection because there are many ways that you can contract an illness. With
that being said, wearing a mask DOES help with those as well. Wearing a mask, you aren’t
touching your face and your mouth or biting nails as much, so you’re not touching something
that’s contaminated and then carrying that virus on your hands and into your mouth so
when you’re eating, whether you’re just- I don’t know, whether you just chew on your
nails or you have like a hair in your mouth and you’re pulling it out. There’s many reasons
why you might touch your face with not clean hands. It happens, we are human. When you’re
wearing a mask that doesn’t happen so much because your face is covered. I’ve done it
so many times where I’ve tried to take a swig of drink and brain fog has not helped me out
and I’ve just tried to drink it through the mask. This in conjunction with frequent hand
washing will help prevent viruses getting into your body. And when you wear a mask you’re
also not putting other things in your mouth like pen lids, or bus tickets, or keys, or
money… Which could have viruses on them. It does sound a bit gross and weird when you
say it like that, uh why would you put pens and stuff in your mouth, but just hear me
out on this one. How many times have your hands been full and you just put like- put
something in your mouth like you’ve taken your bus ticket out of your wallet, and you’re
like oh I need both of my hands to shut this, uh just [bites] and hold it in your mouth.
That could have any number of viruses or disease causing bacteria on it and you just do it
without thinking. With a mask, there is a barrier so you’re not doing that. Or if you’re
food shopping and you’re at the tills and you’re given a receipt and you’ve got your
money in your hand so you just hold the receipt in your teeth. and that cashier could have
a cold they could have y’know, wiped their face like that, little tiny little things
that can easily pass on viruses or disease causing bacteria, or even fungi, you just
don’t think about, so they’ve touched their face, they’ve got the virus on their hands,
they give you the receipt, and you put it straight in your mouth. sometime- people do
that. It happens. I do that. And keys, so, when you get home and you’ve got your hands
full, you’ve got bags, you’ve got shopping, uh you route through your bag, you pull out
your keys and then you realise you’ve gotta put everything back together because it won’t
make it through the door without making a huge mess, and you just hold them in your
mouth while you do the zip up. I once dropped my keys in something a bit gross, didn’t put
them in my mouth don’t worry, um but I did have to clean my keys. So I put them in a
glass of water with some cleaning stuff in it and I just let it sit for a while. I think
it was about an hour. And I came back and the water was BLACK. Keys are so dirty, because
they go in locks, they are handled a lot, they get dropped, they go on the floor, or
you come in and you just throw them on the sofa, they are so gross! And when you have
your mask on, you’re not putting your keys in your mouth. Or you’re not touching your
keys and touching your mouth. Things like that. And if you use your teeth to open stuff,
like there’s a package you can’t quite do and you just bite it, think of how many people
will have touched that package, or they’ve dropped it, or its gone through your letterbox
and it’s ended up on your floor the first place where your outside shoes touch when
you go in your house. And then you’re gonna put that in your mouth? It’s a bit gross,
so with a mask on you are much less likely to do that. Or to even touch that package
and then touch your mouth. And in my experience when I’m wearing a mask, people seem to assume
that I’m contagious, or I’m dangerous, or I don’t really know what, but they keep their
distance. Which means sick people are keeping their distance from me and they’re not sneezing
in my personal bubble. So that is also less likely to give me diseases. So you’ve got
the added barrier of- of the mask, you’ve got the added distance, and the not touching
your face. That is going to naturally decrease your chances of catching an illness. So in
conclusion masks are not guaranteed to provide perfect protection against contagious diseases.
But they can definitely decrease your exposure regardless of their filtration. It is very
important that if you are wearing a mask to protect yourself because you have a compromised
immune system, that you opt for the best filtration that you can afford or that is available to
you. I’ve heard great things about Cambridge masks but I have never tried them. It’s also
very important that in conjunction with the mask, you follow all sorts of good hygiene
practices, your doctor is in a better position to tell you about this that I am, but things
like good hand washing, not eating from delis, having- y’know good food hygiene practices
as well so keeping hot food hot, and cold food cold, all of that stuff. Masks are a
very good way to decrease the chances of you getting sick, but they are not perfect and
you definitely have to work with them rather than just assume that the mask is gonna completely
protect you. Don’t forget to like this video as always, drop in a comment, ask me any questions
you may have about masks, uh, tell me about your experiences with them. What mask do you
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