Do Malaysian Hypebeasts Really Know About Fashion (I)

Wagwan everyone I’m @samwongsx on IG So we are here at Sneakerlah 2019 Malaysia biggest streetwear event or sneaker event So we are here to checkout what Malaysians are flexing or wearing today So let’s go Alright what’s your name Arthur my name is Arthur So what you wearing today I’m wearing first edition of Supreme Kate Moss and also the Supreme Cherry Shirt and my Atmos 1s 2017 So how much your whole outfit worth Not really sure how much does it cost now this one I’m not sure RM2000 something that one (Atmos 1s) RM3000 maybe Total I think RM4000 something What’s your favourite brand AbSoLutELY SuPrEmE Alright what’s your name Brandon, boy from Terengganu Let’s talk about your outfit of the day I’m wearing full vintage today This sweater is from vintage coogi It’s probably worth about RM500-600 And this trousers is vintage as well It’s about RM10-15 not really sure about it And the shoes is RM75 it’s vintage as well I own a vintage store I sell vintage stuffs and that I sell a variety of brands But mainly 90s Nike at the moment My personal favourite brand would be Japanese brands like Comme Des Garcons, Junya Watanabe I started selling vintage clothes it was because I wanted to reduce waste Hence I don’t really buy new clothes anymore like limited edition items or new fashion products But if talk about local Malaysian brand I like Project Jahat personally Because they are doing great stuffs Because they “started from the bottom now we here” And I think they contribute a lot to the local fashion scene And they def deserve their achievements Hi I’m Melissa Jo and I’m a DJ What are you wearing today do you mind telling us? Okay, actually my outfit today I want to match my shoes My shoes is actually the star of the day I’m wearing Jun Takahashi Undercover x Nike collab It’s called Nike DayBreak and it’s a collaboration with UNDERCOVER Do you have any favourite brand or favourite designer? I would say Nike is my favourite brand I’m a very big fan of Nike shoes What are you doing here KiDdO? I’m WaiTInG FoR mY fRiEnd Why are you holding shoes then I’M WaiTiNg For HiM To TakE It FrOm ME So are you helping him to sell off his shoes? So you would walk around and help him to sell these off YuP YuP YUP Alright so we’ve got 3 cute bois over here What’s your name You guys have some really nice outfits today I love all the jeans and shirt combination So tell us what exactly are you wearing today? My top is from bundle Others are from Converse and H&M Hmmmm Bundle, Converse, T-Shirts(?) I LiKE AbOuT FaSHON Tell us like how much is your whole outfit worth today? Roughly Converse RM200 SuPrEMe x ThrAsheR UnReleaSe Tee RM50 What’s your name cute gurl? Shamine Lim You can follow my instagram *wink* So we can see that you are wearing a full black outfit today Could you tell us what are you wearing exactly today H&M, Fendi Vintage, H&M Brain Dead x Converse SiMpLE & NiCE But yesterday I wore too orange yOu KnoW Tried to stand out but So gotta stay lowkey today I thought What’s your favourite brand? There are a few, there’s like no favourite brand I feel Where it’s about yourself The tings that you wear should represent yourself You shouldn’t wear SuPrEmE because everyone is wearing it (Peer Pressure) You reckon what’s more important, brand or style? Style Because money can’t buy you style If you bought all these hype stuffs without taste Have you been to any overseas sneakers event What’s the difference of overseas and Malaysia’s? Like Crepe City, SneakerCon I’ve been like Crepe City and SneakerCon It’s completely different tho the vibe and everything Because I think it’s about the people The way like we communicate with each other Very different vibe here I find it more fun when I was overseas Like here is just abit like LAME Abit boring What’s your name? Ian, Ian Loh I like your whole outfit today, let’s talk about it This is from TaoBao This double layer is from Forever21 Trousers that look like skirt is from Joe Chia Shoes is Reebok x Vetements Socks are from Uniqlo Glasses are from YSL How much is your whole outfit worth? This shirt is RM50, shirt inside is RM70 Trousers is RM800 Socks are RM19 Shoes are RM3000 Glasses are RM1000 Rings and necklace are between RM500-600 Do you have any favourite brand or designer? Yes I do One of them is Yohji Yamamoto Second one would be Rick Owens Thirdly Margiela Fourth would be Demeulemeester What do you think is more important, brand or style? I think you should balance them both You could mix them up together As if you could mix a branded stuff with some cheap ones As long as you could match it nicely overall If you asked me I would say 50/50 You should focus on your style more Not just follow the hype blindly Improve yourself and not wear what others are wearing You should watch others and improve your own styles What’s your name? Could you tell us about your outfit of the day Alright firstly this is Supreme x NBA headband And this ring is from CK Armani Exchange watch Oversized tee from Topman Trousers is from Undefeated I bought this bag yesterday by the way FiLa ShOeS and a champion socks, that’s all Do you mind telling us how much is it as well Supreme camp cap, about RM400 RM400 And FR2 shoulder bag RM580 And this Bape Hoodie around RM1000 And this Bape tee about RM300 And this pants is from Cotton On about RM150 And Yeezy Beluga 1.0 I bought for steal price RM1400 What’s your favourite brand? EHH Alexander McQueen, that’s the first one and coming on #BapeNation Third would be Supreme What about you? Alright let’s see my Gucci wallet first Do you think like brand is more important, or style? I feel like style is more important Because sometimes the brand is like can’t suit for everyone So everyone has a different style Hence I think style is more important I think brand, brand is more important Because most people will just see how expensive you wear or how much your outfit worth Not everybody would enjoy your outfit So you think like the brand when it’s more expensive More people will admire you or look up to you because of how expensive it is and that’s nicer and better Alright so what’s your name? You’ve got a nice outfit today Tell us how much is your outfit worth Right now I’m wearing a floral x Off White tee Which is right now market price around like RM700-800 And this new SS19 Supreme Ice Colourway Shoulder bag Right now the price range is around RM900(?) And I’m wearing Off White x Air Force 1 Volt Market price is around RM3500-4000 You have any favoruite brand? I would say Off White Because I don’t know man maybe something different Who’s the founder of Off White? Is that Samuel Ross? or James Jebbia James Jebbia I assume, I guess, I’m not sure Brand or Style is more important? Style and the comfyness are more important I reckon Don’t really go for the hype Because if you follow the hype or the trend it’s very pricey (says the guy who just bought RM4k shoes) So just go with your style and very chill Don’t copy people What did you buy from Sneakerlah today could you show us Oh you bought it today I bought it yesterday actually I put on the sole protector too Even this bag I bought from yesterday too What’s your name? My name is Jeff Could you tell us how much is your outfit worth today and what’s the inspiration This vest is from TaoBao Should be around RM10 And this bag is thrifted And this bag cost only about RM20 Quality is banging btw These are Obey shirt This is actually Nike Necklace but I reversed it And this pants is Uniqlo I think And then I have AJ1 Obsidian So what’s your favourite brand? I buy a lot of Supreme #SupremeGangGang Just a lot of thrift shopping as well So it doesn’t really when it comes to brands I just buy whatever that I like It basically just depends on how you style it I guess What’s your name? As a seller I see you resell like Supreme, LV Do you think like brands or styles are more important? Hmmmm it’s the style It’s the style follow by the brand, definitely Because if you have style without a brand Because some people will look for the brand If you go for worldwide def brand that’s my opinion Why don’t you sell local brands? Yes, of course You sell local brand? I sell my own local brand (Streetculture) Because I understand the Malaysia streetwear community Some of the followers and fans They would like to get into the streetwear scene But sometimes, not saying that they can’t afford But they cannot buy a too pricey stuff So why not I just come out with my own brand which is affordable for everyone In the scene alRiGhT WhAt’s YoUR NaME? How MucH Is YOUr OutFIT WoRTH I spend RM10K above a month on buying clothes

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