DJI’s tiny new Spark drone is $499 and kind of a big deal

– [Voiceover] DJI Spark is our smallest, most portable drone
that we’ve ever produced and it’s controllable
by hand gestures alone, which is a first for DJI. This is really a new frontier for us in the sense that its a, with the price point
and the functionality, it’s cheaper than any
drone we have on the market for a new product. And we think it’s gonna
appeal to drone enthusiasts, but everyday consumers alike. If you look at our consumer platforms, you’ve got Phantom, the P4
Pro with that one inch sensor. I mean, that’s for serious
camera enthusiasts. The Mavoc is a slight bit of a step down in some ways in terms
of the camera sensor. But that’s such a portable platform, it’s really easy to
take on the go with you. And then here with Spark, this is a product you can really
put almost in your pocket. You can definitely put it in a bag or in your purse and
you can take it anywhere and it can be ready anytime
in just a matter of seconds. We definitely learned a lot
from the Mavoc experience and we’ve committed to
June for availability. But definitely consumers
should be getting this product in the next few weeks.

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3 thoughts on “DJI’s tiny new Spark drone is $499 and kind of a big deal

  1. DJI said that you can charge the drone on the go. Do you think a battery bank like this would work:

    Thanks so much. Considering getting one

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