DJI Mavic Mini Killer? – The New Hubsan Zino 2 First Look & Giveaway! –

*The Gimbal Of Zino 2 is Detachable.

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100 thoughts on “DJI Mavic Mini Killer? – The New Hubsan Zino 2 First Look & Giveaway! –

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    ⌨️ Comments: I watched with great interest.
    the stunning specs of the Hubsan Zino 2 drone!!!

  2. 📝Subscription: ✔ +

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    ⌨️ Comments: I watched with great interest.

    I think Hubsan Zino 2 is great Drone cause it has compact size with foldable arms, Remote controller with built-in screen, 4K camera with up to 60fps recording and About 33 minutes flight time which is too great in a Drone.

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  3. This is probably the most interesting drone on the market. Something I was looking for. Especially in the ratio of price and quality! This is not a killer for a Mavic Mini will knock out Mavic Air and Mavic 2! Not to mention all the competition! I am even more pleased that the second edition of the drone corrected all the shortcomings of the first model. This is it!

  4. I waited a long time for a new Zino! And now you have surprised me greatly! The more so because it's probably one of the best models on the market right now! My jaw dropped!

  5. I think this will change the notion that "good drones are expensive", no, Zino 2 you changed the game, nice for review . @dianku_channel

  6. I think the Zino2 will be a natural progression in the Zino series, but I can see a few more releases before its put to rest.

  7. Original Zino pre-order buyer here. Hope this roll-out goes better than the first. If Hubsan learned its lesson from the soft-launch of the original Zino firmware then Zino 2 should ship with robust and complete flight control. Camera and gimbal will outperform Mavic Mini for the same price point. Improved camera with 100mps sounds great, as does optical flow ground tracking. Sudden battery failure is what brought my original Zino down. If Zino 2 battery conservation system addresses that, this could be a hit out of the ballpark

  8. #Gearbest I think it's the perfect drone for serious film makers on a budget & It will be perfect drone for any beginners. Specs & price is better than mavic mini & it's from Hubsan so it will not fail to impress. High expectations. ❤️ Gearbest

  9. Looking good! Have lots of potential! I dont think its in the same category as the mavic mini coz the mini is a sub-250gram drone so it dodges the drone registration in some of the countries. But I love how the zino 2 competes in the price range. Good job hubsan. 👍

  10. WOW, finally Zino 2 is here. I would love to win this and have it as a Christmas present for myself 😉. I think the Zino 2 is a game changer for Hubsan absolutely. #GearBest😍

  11. Hubsan Zino is pretty great and the Zino 2 seems even better. I can't wait to see more content about the Zino 2. I bet it won't get beat up by the wind like the mavic mini does and the flight time and range are amazing at this price point.

  12. Well, well I think DJI is going to get a real competitor !!!! Did everything for the giveaway. Imagine, even on my personal Facebook!

  13. Hubsan Zino is one best low budget drone. I have been watching the videos taken with Hubsan Zino, Hubsan Zino pro and now HUbsan Zino 2 is more outstanding. Love this drone

  14. I think the hubsan zino 2 is wore way cheaper than the mavic mini and other drones from other companies but the hubsan zino 2 is more powerful and it has a great specs and features and specially the performance i don't expect that kind of performance on that price you get what you expect for that price and it has a awesome performance nice drone super afforo for it's price. I hope i win to this give away almost a 3years i watch a drone reviews, unboxings and trying my luck to win to their give aways but i'm not lucky anymore to win a drone give away so i hope my luck for this give aways is real luck and I'm always dreaming that sometimes i can buy a own drone but i can't afford because i don't have much more money so what i do is I'm always watching drone reviews and I'm keep dreaming.

    I'm from Philippines joining to this give away

    Goodluck to everyone and god bless us all and advance congratulations to the winner ❣️

  15. Incredible Hubsan Zino 2, record at 4k at 60fps I want to try it and watch the video quality, because it is at a great price. #Gearbest #Giveaway #Zino2

  16. Promising upgrade from the 1st version considering Hubsan Zino only uses a barometer but now it has sensors. Hopefully, this works pretty well. Same material but I don't really care that much. They upgraded the controller as well. I can see that they added colors to the buttons, detachable joysticks and they added a display. Longer flight for sure with its 3800mAh vs the 1st version's 3000mAh. Larger lens size and detachable gimbal. It also has 6km upgraded remote control distance, making the image transmission distance more distant but I believe this does not matter that much. I just really hope they already fixed the altitude issues when turning. It's good that it can now record at 4k at 60fps and now supports raw format, I want to try it. All of these with a still great price.

    I hope I can win Gearbest's giveaway to upgrade from my Hubsan Zino.

  17. Subtitle Correction:
    1:16s-1:19s "The Gimbal of Zino 2 Can Be Detachable’”
    Correct o "The Gimbal of Zino 2 is Detachable."

  18. here  is a specs comparison between the Zino2 and Mini. Excepting size and weight, the Zino is winner in every aspect. Hope that Hubsan will add to APP manual camera settings too.

  19. This would be neat to win so I can take aerial photos and videos of construction projects I am involved in. The Zino 2 seems to have many improvements over the original model! #Gearbest

  20. it is better than the mavic mini I am sure it is very powerful the only thing that could be to avoid the objects for the beginners #Gearbest #Giveway #Zino 2

  21. This would be a great Christmas present if I'd win. Although it's pretty much of a low price drone still can't afford it. So hoping much on the giveaways

  22. The Zino 2 looks very good and pretty complete as a package, it has the potential to sell extremely well with great support.

  23. I have the Fimi x8 se and the Zino 1.
    But what I see here, the Zino 2 seems to be much better and for a better price.
    Would be nice to have them.

  24. I think i cant able to get it… Bcz in india coustom doesn't allow so… I will try to participate more and more of your product.. hope one day i will win….

  25. 4K 60fps at this price point is amazing! Also like the fact that the they improved image transmission distance. Great job hubsan!

  26. Looks like a great drone. I have the Zino Black Edition and although I love it, I really miss the ability to shoot RAW/DNG. Zino 2 will give me that. Big thumbs up.

  27. Best drone that I've seen fir this price. The camera is awesome and its great that we can attach nd filters. And the distance (6km) is just wow. Would love to have one. Planning to buy one for me. Waiting for the reviews and worldwide release.

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