DJI launches the Mavic Pro

– This is the Mavic Pro. It weighs 750 grams. It is a powerful, full function drone that folds into something about
the size of a water bottle. It has a 27 minute flight time. In it’s top mode, it can
fly 40 miles an hour. It is full of autonomous flight modes that let it follow you around. It’s vision sensors see what you are doing and can track you along in the front, behind, along
the side, in a circle. It even has a function that lets you, just with a gesture, have it recognize you and let you pose for your own selfie. The controller is also smaller than you may have seen before. It holds up quite nicely. We have a new proprietary
transmission system that has an effective
range of seven kilometers up from five. DJI’s
folding drone is smaller, pricier, and more advanced
than GoPro’s offering. For $200 more, the Mavic Pro can do a lot of things the Karma can’t. It is smaller, thanks to
a clever folding system. The rear arms actually fold underneath, helping to greatly reduce it’s footprint. In all, the Mavic weighs 1.65 pounds to Karma’s 2.2, and is easily held in one hand. – There are a few companies out there that have introduced foldable drones in the last couple of months. It is a segment that I think the appeal is obvious to people because it is smaller, it’s more compact. That, unlike our other
products this is something that you can throw into a bag on it’s own, which is enormously valuable
for people who wanna make it part of their way to
document what they do in life. And to have fun, whether
you enjoy the flying of it, ’cause this thing flies beautifully. Whether it’s being able to
document the things in your life that matter, the activities that you’re partaking in, or whether it’s that you
really enjoy photography and this is a great way to get a brand new perspective on the world. DJI has several
years of commercial drone experience under its belt and the Mavic looks to build upon it. But, that leads to the question
of who is this drone for? Are consumers willing to pay nearly $1,000 for a highly regulated product? DJI’s Mavic Pro is up for preorder now, with shipping set for mid-October.

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91 thoughts on “DJI launches the Mavic Pro

  1. It says it has all these features but if it is anything like my phantom 4 then several of the features will work like total junk… All these features sound cool on the box and then when you actually try things like the follow me feature it works horribly

  2. My only concern is the wiggle i see in the gimbal. Seems to move around a lot. I fear not being able to do pro jobs with this.

  3. WTF dji!!?. looks like i need a room just for the dji's products. take it easy folks!! racing, competing and killing other companies like yaneec and gopro is also killing us. damit!!!. what should i do now? i already got the p4 and now this breathtaker small karmakiller bird and sure after few months the phantom 5!!! so what should we do!? buy this, or wait the phantom 5?!!!!. seems that this hobby is going too far!! and much expensive.

  4. I like the go pro's included gimbal attachment but the fisheye lens on a go pro camera is a no no for photographers. Mavic for me please.

  5. Karma is not cheaper !!! karma is 799 without a camera ! $999 with the camera !
    Mavic pro is $999 with a camera ,longer flight time, longer range above 4 Miles !!, more features !!

  6. people forget that the Karma has a fully funtional GoPro attached to it. and if you already own one you can use it. PLUS the detachable gimbal (600$ alone on DJI). People are going to buy what they need, not what people say is best.

  7. Gotta be the Mavic. Although using the phone in the controller is a bit of a pain. The price in the UK all in is 1750 dollars. That sucks!

  8. "Highly regulated product?" – aside from a five Dollar five minute registration with the FAA, you can fly this thing pretty much any place that isn't a prohibited or controlled airspace.

  9. I was about to pre-order the karma until I read the specs its wifi, like the phantom vision+. I have one of those and I don't even fly it anymore wifi is crappy and you can't count on it when sending $1000 up into the air. So the Mavek honestly I like the GoPro looks better and the package also but was deeply disappointed when I saw wifi there is no comparison here Mavek is lightBridge that's gives you SEVEN kilometers of solid picture and control and all kinds of avoidance sensors while Karma is one kilometer of shaky wifi.That's just my opinion.

  10. Send me one to try out!, future drone concept, how about being able to tether multiple drones to increase lift and flight times? then throw in solar so it can recharge in flight

  11. A thousand dollars vs a thousand dollars, Karma have more bang to the buck. You get Hero 5 Session camera, detachable gimbal, gimbal handle, controller with no phone needed, and a backpack! With this DJI Mavic you only get the drone in a box. With Karma you could take footage from the sky, on land and under the sea. With Mavic, you're only option is sky footage. As a videographer and photographer, the package that comes with the Karma at the thousand dollar price point is more bang to the buck of your hobby of capturing footage.

  12. Just curious TechCrunch, do you guys do any research before your video comes out? The karma does not come with a camera. If you guy go pros latest camera, it's actually $100 more expensive.

  13. 27 minutes of fly time is very poor. was not pleased with the phantom std because of battery life. DJI please develop a drone that has at least 45 minutes fly time. Unaffordable to buy an extra $100 battery. Thanks

  14. But Karma comes with no camera! which costs additional 400 if it's Hero5 black. So overall Mavic Pro is cheaper. Plus the weight of the Gopro Hero5.

  15. this is going to be like apple and Samsung.
    I am afraid DJI will comes with a lot of issues , seems they are rushing releasing this drone.

  16. Why is it $999 in the US and 999 GBP in the UK? Why do we always get charged more? Based on today's conversion rates people in the UK are getting charged the equivalent of $1297 WHY?

  17. Great drone but still a lot of money. You should also check out the Hubsan H501s with brushless engines, gps, 2700mAh battery (25 min) etc for only $249,-

  18. lmao @ gopro making a product name 'karma' because DJI ditched the gopro camera on their drones and opted for their own camera. When gopro thought they are about to win the drone market BAM! DJI comes right back with the Mavic Pro. Karma indeed , LOL

  19. This is looking to beat karma…my gut says that karma will be replaced, by gopro, very quickly with something resembling this. The design of the Mavic looks superior and spec-wise is a far more tantalising prospect than karma.

  20. Not sure what the writers of tech crunch were thinking but this comes out to be way less than the karma. With the karma you need the buy the Camera separately.

  21. My OSMO went down from a firmware update. Waiting for a shipping label. Have exchanged over 40 emails. Love DJI products but the customer support is lacking and has scared me away from any future purchases with them.

  22. Every bit of review footage ive seen, makes me want it less and less. That footage is no where near as sharp as the Phantom yet has the same sensor. Hopefully thats not the case on production models.

  23. So I have a month old P4 that I have little over 30 flights and total of over 30miles. I'm not a daily blogger and do nothing on it for a living. If both of these was on the shelf side by side a month ago and with only a slight difference in picture quality I think the P4 still would be my choice. Size doesn't bother me only because I don't use this everyday. The Mavic does look interesting but it's like any other product these days…you only going to have something for a year before the next one comes out. I'll hold on to the P4 and see what the P5 has to offer.

  24. I fly my current drone (phantom 4) in mostly urban areas but am thinking about going to some national parks where there is no cell service. Will this drone allow me to fly without cell service using this new occulink feature on the transmitter?

  25. Oh no!!! Not shipping. When will they ship the product??? Its past the 15th of October and we still dont know. Was this a ploy to steal the wind from Gopro Karma????

  26. This is a great drone, now it needs the P4Pro camera to make it a really great drone. The camera is no better than my smart phone camera, give me this drone with the 1" sensor like the 4P and I will buy one…

  27. Karma's website is misleading!!!! GoPro says Karma weighs 2 lbs but they didn't include battery and camera! At ready to fly mode, it weighs way over 4 lbs, 3 times Mavic's weight. Its price 'starts from $799'. Sound great? No! $799 can only get you the drone without the camera. A hero 5 costs you $400, just as overpriced as its drone! With a mediocre drone, misleading advertisement, overpricing and no major innovation, GoPro should go belly up soon!

  28. I've been trying to understand why they say to remove the gimbal cover before fly being that they keep shooting videos with that piece attached to it…

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