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The hottest apps coming out of Tech Crunch
Disrupt, Androider’s are going to see a whole lot of chops soon and an honest look
at the much hyped IOS app today on App Judgment. This episode of App Judgment is brought to
you by Net Flix Welcome to App Judgment, your source for mobile
application news and reviews, I’m Graham Hancock and I’m Mauricio Balvanera and this
week has been, the beginning of this week has been all about Tech Crunch. Huge conference here in San Francisco, lots
of start ups actually making their first, initial announcements. Right. Pitches to people out there, to show the world
what problems they’re solving, so they’re Disrupting things. I feel like South by Southwest used to be,
the event where everyone launched their applications, and it still is, but it’s turning more and
more toward Disrupt for the major releases every year. Right, they had so many new apps come out
this week just because they’ve been waiting to announce them on a platform like this conference. And the set will be taking a critical look
at for IOS, which was also released at Tech Crunch Disrupt. It was just released earlier today, actually,
but first let’s take a look at the top mobile app releases and news that you clicked on
at Judgment. Spool promises to be your instapaper on steroids. That’s right, any time I hear instapaper of,
I get excited. It’s sort of like the foursquare of blah,
blah, it’s the same thing with this. You’re a huge instapaper user I know that,
I’m sort of lukewarm to the thing, I’ll bookmarked stuff but I never go back. I understand lots of people do that, and that’s
really fine. What school promises to do is take all content
and send it to your IOS, and actually the presenter made a really good argument for
this, he showed us multiple tabs to open, so when I go on an airplane I open up all
of these tabs, because people have a habit of doing that. So basically this is just scraping the material
the way instapaper does but it will do video, it will do all kinds of content on the website. It was a really cool presentation actually,
in the way he pitches it, the way he sort of explains the way it works is interesting,
it’s not so much, their overall goal is to know which websites you’re going to visit
before you even know you’re going to go visit them so those websites can be cached on your
phone and you can pull it up without even having Internet access because it’s already
been sent on your phone. To me that’s a pretty nice, I don’t know it’s
just an improvement on browsing the Internet on a mobile device. I don’t like typing in URLs, this seems to
be solving that problem. So I’m excited for them. We’ll see, it’s not out yet, we haven’t really
taken a look at it aside from the demo at Disrupt. It looks promising Also, Posterous has updated its website and
mobile app to Posterous Spaces, and it’s taken a big page from Google+ circle. Check out this quick video explanation. When we go online, it’s really hard for us
to control who sees what because what gets shared on Facebook, usually ends up getting
shared with everyone on Facebook. What you really need is a simple easy way
to share the stuff you care about with the people you want from anywhere you want. Too bad that’s impossible, right? Well, actually that’s exactly what posture
as spaces is about. So that’s Posterous Spaces, very similar to
Google+ Circles. I couldn’t help but notice like, they’re directly
copying that idea. But Facebook has in line, sort of circle functionality
now too. It looks like Google came up with a really
good idea and everyone is kind of implementing and on all their platforms. It is a hot idea, are you actually using your
circles. I actually don’t use them as often now, I
sort of made my Google+ into what my twitter stream is, I’m just broadcasting out to
everyone and I may have a few select groups, like a circle of just friends of mine back
home and things like that, but I’m almost always posting publicly on Google+. I put people in circles but everything’s been
public so. The idea might be hot… It’s a new concept in social network, so everyone’s
kind of figuring out where it fits so. Exactly. Beginning this fall all Verizon Android phones
will ship with Chomps app search engine. Now Chomp, it’s been around for a while, they
are an app search engine company that essentially allows you to search for apps based on the
content of the app, not the title and not the description. If you try to search for restaurant guides
in iTunes, you’re going to get just tons of stuff like bad results. Same with the Android store. Chomp set out to solve that problem by creating
an algorithm that searches for what apps can actually do and so when you search for a restaurant
guide or racing games or hunting games, you’re going to get a good curated list of apps that
do those things. They do a really good job at it, I’m not sure,
we may have reviewed it already, but if we haven’t it’s a download. It’s a good one. So now their service is being integrated into
all Verizon Android phones which is a huge deal, it’s great to see them getting recognized
by a major carrier. It’s big news for Androiders because I think
there’s a lot of services that are able to scrape the iTunes Store and there are applications
for new releases, but I really haven’t seen that for Android so I think this will really
help them out. Cool. Finally, let’s run quickly through the most
noteworthy app releases and updates. Gift creator, gift camera for IOS is now free. TBS released their iPad, great for their next
Prince of Bel Air marathon. Androiders, go played Third Blade right now. Now, now, now now now. It’s free. Gowalla is turning into a social travel guide
after losing the location war. This is another Tech Crunch story, but the
app hasn’t updated yet to just keep an eye on this one. Tofu two, the sequel to our recently reviewed
IOS game is out and it’s free. And Formspring question-and-answer website
releases their IOS app as well today. And finally update Jetpack Joyride for a new
vehicle called Mr. Cuddles, and we understand that is a giant fire breathing dragons that
you ride on top of to collect more coins. That sounds, amazing Jetpack Joyride, I love
that came, it’s really good. Okay let us know what your favorite app releases
have been lately in the comments and Annie might just give you props. And I’ll be taking a critical look at
in a second, but speaking of Annie let’s get social with her. Thanks guys, let’s get a little social shall
we. So updates are a good thing, right? Interface tweaks, bug fixes, healthy progress. As it turns out, not all the time. On our Facebook page, Gil Goldstein sent out
a warning do not update the Facebook IOS app to the latest version 3.5, he says on his
3GS running 4.3.4 it crashes whenever he starts it. And Ronan also add that it’s full of bugs. And Facebook isn’t the only one to have update
problems; rumor has it that the latest update of Tiny Wings 111 has been causing some headaches
as well. That sounds incredibly itchy, and irritating
and probably unsanitary. So if your current specs do match those you
may want to proceed with caution. And let’s hope it that especially Facebook
does take care of that because Lord knows a lot of people use it, not just for stalking
these days but for regular communication. And finally we’re trying to settle as score
on cloud music. We ask you guys a poll what cloud music service
are you using now and as of now, the Google’s music beta is the big winner, followed by
Pandora and Spotify. So far we are not so sweet on Amazon or iTunes
match, interesting. So jump on our Facebook page and let us know
what you’re using currently and why. CDs, tape decks, barber shop quartet, that
would be awesome. Let us know, With more than 23 million members, Netflix
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App Judgment viewer, you can get a 30 day free trial membership. Go to and sign up now. Be sure and use that URL so they know we sent
you. Hey guys, most of you have heard about the
social music sites, by now. It’s a site that lets you join the room and
purée the playlist for the crowd of people to hear. It allowed anyone who’s ever fantasized about
being a DJ to actually give it a shot. The site took off about four months ago and
just skyrocketed to popularity and now, just today, they released their iPhone app. So how does the experience hold
up on the iPhone. For the most part, the experience is exactly
the same. Just login with your Facebook account, start
a new room or join one that’s already hopping. You can rate songs that play in the room,
and you can jump in the DJ seat to add your songs to the queue. You can also chat with the folks who were
listening and you can share with your friends on Facebook and twitter. While the experience is solid at first, we
get the sense that this app isn’t quite ready for prime time. We experienced quite a few bugs while we were
using the app today. We were randomly being kicked out of the room,
song searches would complete, and a few of us had trouble logging in. This was on both IOS four and five amongst
the entire office. Hopefully we can attribute this to launch
day woes on the server side of things, but that’s not the end of our gripes. The phone interface doesn’t give you the option
to save info about the song that is playing to you other music services, like the web
version does. So far there’s no iTunes, Amazon, Spotify
support. And no support to add the currently playing
songs in the queue. And that brings us to our main issue, songs
searching may as well have been left out of the app entirely. It barely worked for us. Song searches would come up with nothing,
while on the web interface we would immediately find what we were looking for. So real quick, getting to the pros, it’s a
unified experience with the web version and it looks really good. It’s also great for music discovery. Now with the cons, the app just seems rushed
overall, the song search is somewhat broken and managing your queue is very tricky. Also there’s no song previews so when you’re
searching for a song you can’t listen to it before adding it to your queue. So that’s our take on the for
iPhone app. Now were saying that it may turn out into
a very robust music discovery app, once the launch date blues are taking care of. But for right now wait a while for the next
update, continue to enjoy using the web version at and don’t download
for iPhone out just yet. I’m Graham Hancock, you’ve been watching App
Judgment so be sure to subscribe to us on YouTube, like us on Facebook and say hello
to us on twitter. See you next time.

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