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Hi, guys! Just wanted to pop in, and show my face, cause I haven’t seen you guys in a long time. Welcome back to my channel, or maybe it’s you guys that should welcome me back to my channel. Because it’s been so long, but finally I had some free time and I made this tutorial and I actually also got to film it it, edited and I end up liking it so that’s why this one is online and my other ones… In the trash can.. this tutorial was inspired by those VETEMENTS hoodies and sweatshirts that you see on the streets. And I came across this one so I thought hey that’s cool!! So this is my take on that’s my take on that sweatshirt. Oh make sure to watch till the end, to see the whole outfit. But i will insert the clip right now, so i’ll see you in the end bye! okay first you’re going to measure out your d-ring. And then take your fabric, fold it in half and then fold it in half again. Measure out 8 centimeter, 2 times and cut this out. Okay so now take your strap, fold it in half, iron it. on the edge fold one centimeter in and iron it again and now repeat on the other side, oh and also don’t forget to pin it so it’s easier for you to sew. And then sew along the loooooong ass line okay now loop two of your D rings through the strap, on the back side pin it and stitch to secure. Take your hoodie lay it as flat as possible and put pins in the middle of the sleeve. Now take out your strap lay it on your sleeve, eyeball how long do you want it to be. and then I’ve put one centimeter extra for seam allowance and cut it. fold one centimeter in, the first one add it to your neckline second one to the shoulder seams and the last one on the sleeve. now loop the other end of your strap and measure out how long you want the dangling part to be I measured my 50 centimeters and the rest I will tuck in my cuff. And now turn your hoodie inside out. cut the excess pin it on the seam, sew it and that’s it!

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