Sup guys, welcome back to my youtube channel um, so I Got three t-shirts from Uniqlo the other day in three different sizes and in three different colors, this is a small white T-shirt. This is a medium brown T-Shirt. And this is a large purple t-shirt and I will be Customizing all three of them in the next few days. And for this video I will be working on this plain white lashes 60% cotton 40% polyester T-shirt and I’ll be doing this. Ah Bleach custom, you know Bleach as it not like the ones you drink but the anime one and you know, I’m trying to go for this like simplistic minimalistic, whatever -listic Look, that’s my preference and yeah, and if you guys didn’t, you know subscribe to this channel feel free to do so and for those You know newcomers check out my other videos. But yeah, let’s get this video started. I Missed Okay, right now it’s like 1:00 a.m. I’m doing this voice voiceover at 1 a.m So you guys I got a bit bear with me. Okay. I can’t even properly speak right now. But anyways So I made this, you know 9 inches by something rectangular box You know contain everything inside and as you can see I Was tracing it with like a really thin pen And I printed out an image of each girl from Bleach and I stuffed it underneath the shirt So I’m not like a big fan of tracing I would usually prefer to go at freehand drawing and stuff like that But this was my first time working on A t-shirt and the cloth is I I’m not sure you know how well I can control them. And yeah, I was watching uh, Some people making glass and stuff like that. You know, you’re making art watching people doing art. But anyways, yeah it was quite difficult to control like a pen, the brushes and But I guess this was a good first experience For my next t-shirt, I would definitely go for the freehand drawing But yeah, so I am filling up all the black areas first and I switched to like a thinner brush to You know to get the edges and everything, right and Mmm, oh oh my camera fell but Anyways, this process took me like 15 minutes to finish but it’s really really satisfying just to you know get all those edges and everything clean nice and clean and I switched to like a really really Small thin brush Just you know to work on the lines and everything. I want to maintain This like Manga kind of look to it so I didn’t do any like different color shading and said I’m you know stuck with black and just Kind of just shade it by using multiple lines I try to recreate like the pen lines that you usually see from Manga, but it’s really hard with the micro brush So for the mouth I switch back to like the pen and this worked really well. It was really easy to control And it’s you know It’s just clean but I switched back to the brush for the other shading areas because I want all the brush strokes to be consistent And for the text box originally it says “Recognize Me”, but I decided you know switch it up a little bit Look at that scary face We would imagine him saying that right and that’s Ichigo’s name in Japanese. So After you know, I’m done with everything. I put a wax paper over it and I’m using that iron This is called heat setting I think This will you know prevent the paint from coming off, you know? Even if you put it in the washer and stuff and check out the final result All right, oh I have nowhere to put the mic so I have to hold it I guess Arm workout. But anyways, I hope you guys enjoy the customization as you can see the shirt is right behind me That’s why I’m doing this. But um, I did this like heat setting kind of thing with the iron so It should be You know, it’s possible for it to be machine washed, but you know Preferably and just hand wash it and just kind of like dry it but yes The paint won’t come off and I’ll be testing that out Later, I mean it shouldn’t come off anyways, cuz I’m doing everything properly but yeah I’ll keep you guys updated on that one hit that like and subscribe button Might be giving away one of these shirts, who knows I will be making more and more shirts. I don’t know I only have two more shirts. Yeah, I’ll see you in the next video

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