DIY Steampunk Robot

hi this is Steve Koci and I’m debuting
one of my newest projects , Jarvis, my steampunk robot. Now I designed Jarvis to
come with me to conventions when I’m trying to demonstrate some of the
animatronics mechanisms and controllers that I use in my characters and so I
came up with him so that he could travel and interact with the the people in the
audience and run up and down conventional aisles and I could still
control him so I started this project with when servo City came out with their
new agent 390 tracked robot kit and I used that as the basis and made some
modifications I decided that I wanted to change out the wheel assembly it comes
with the three wheels all in a row and I really like the triangle-shaped track
system you know much like a Johnny Five used and so I made some additions to the
frame I’m added that fourth wheel to it got some custom tracks and now I am
really pleased with with the design of the tracks and how it looks how it
performs so that was the basis and that’s where I started and we started
working up from them now when we first started with this project my initial
plan was to make him very robotic looking I had some discussions with
fellow builder Robert Rhys Lee who was the one that did all the painting of the
Jarvis as well as designed and constructed the skull Jarvis’s skull and
really helped bring this guy to life and really pleased with with those
modifications and I post a link down below of that initial video you kind of
can see where we started and how he’s progressed he does use 13 servos he uses
four servos in each arm two in the shoulder one in the elbow and then one
in each gripper we have two different grippers that we use he uses three
servos for is articulated three axis as well as a linear actuator from actual
axilla wanted that extra torque weren’t concerned about the speed I like the
slow slower motion from the linear actuator so we use that in conjunction
with the 13 high-tech servos to get all the other motions we also have two
servos in a pan and tilt system for the camera we have a GoPro mounted on the
front of end of this so that I can track Jarvis’s motions as he’s driving up and
down the audience and and I can see through my smartphone with wireless
connection exactly what’s in front of him and I can adjust to his viewpoints
with one of the joysticks so to control all of this we have several different
controllers for the three axis skull I’m using one of the Banshee boards from
haunt hackers to provide random movement which alleviates me from having to
control those motions the Banshee board also allows me to control the
articulated jaw he responds to my voice through a wireless microphone I take you
that signal from the wireless microphone send one channel to the Banshee board to
drive the jaw and the other channel of the audio track goes into the speaker
and allowing me to be able to talk with people as I watch them on them on the
camera and be able to interact with them even better so that’s one controller I
have a motor controller a simple motor controller from servo city that is
running the two motors that drive the tracks and and then I have 2 RC
controllers it takes four joysticks and four buttons or buttons and dials to be
able to control all the motions that I still need to run I run one joystick off
the first controller to run the tracks the second joystick will control the
camera pan and tilt and then the other controllers attention channel controller
one joystick for each arm and then a couple buttons for for the grippers and
a couple knobs to be able to move the elbows up and
down so it takes a little bit of orchestration and practice which I’m
still working on to be able to control all his movements and with with the two
separate RC controllers his major source of powers three separate batteries to
power his systems in addition several of the things that GoPro the the wireless
microphone the speaker all are powered by your USB recharged by USB of course
that creates a lot of charging issues like halves pairs of each of the main
batteries and I keep him charged up using my AC for from high tech battery
charger which I love it allows me actually to charge four batteries at the
same time so that really speeds up the process of prepping him and keeping him
active throughout the day and also added a few other embellishments to him you
may notice that he’s using the electronic size from Adafruit that I’ve
integrated and so many of my props I really really like those really gives a
lot of life to the character as well as some other lighting aspects for when
he’s running at night around the haunt and and of course we’re always looking
for for what to add or like to add a smoke generator to come out the
smokestack in the back that’s when am I to do items if you’ve got any ideas
about something else that you think would look good on on Jarvis please post
it down below in the comments and we’ll take a look at it
Jarvis like all my other projects is in a constant state of upgrades so I’m
always looking for new and exciting things to add to my projects so I hope
you found value in the video if you did please subscribe to the channel check
out some of the other videos on my site there’s over a hundred of them over
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I post a new video so until next time keep on building

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14 thoughts on “DIY Steampunk Robot

  1. Hey it's one of the best robots ever
    I too have built some robots in my school. But I like animatronics a lot


  3. Very cool. I always wanted to make and put an animatronic deer head on my wall to greet visitors and announce the time. Perhaps your channel will give me some ideas. 🙂 🦊 … Subscribed

  4. Try to make animatronics like the ShowBiz Pizza ones please and then try to go to creative engineering Studios and show the person who has their own animatronics that he makes please please do this

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