Divas Snow Gear TekVest

Hey ladies, Seth and Cass coming at you from
Up North Sports, and we’re really excited to be talking about some of our favorite protective
pieces for the ladies, the women’s Divas Snow Gear TekVest. Now not only does this thing pop ladies, but
it’s going to offer you that protection you need while riding the sled. Now I’m going to let Cass go ahead and take
it away, give us a breakdown of how this is fitting her and what she likes about it. Cass. Hey ladies, I’m about 5’5″ 135 pounds and
I’m wearing a size medium. If I was wearing this with layers underneath,
it would fit great, but right now it’s a little bit big. I also really like this TekVest matches my
Divas leopard print helmet and my Divas boots. Absolutely and ladies she brings up great
points, Divas has so many wonderful products available, you can create an entire suit from
head to toe, all the technical features, all going to offer you the protection you need
while on the sled. So again, check this Divas TekVest out at
UpNorthSports.com and as always if you have any questions about any of the other Divas
snow gear, feel free to reach Matt or I at 866-335-8500.

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