and so Hello Now
I’ll show you how and sometimes it happens
that comes with it eg do we
was obtained as a about ramp bad
sound. Fly …. I do not know because of what,
may be due to the fact that rain was falling, it may be
due to the fact that the wind beat on trees with all the dope In general, the sound was
bad, background of a lot of noise
and when banishes In Vegas, it’s all very
Heard and not happy our ears Well here’s why
You have to listen and pereozvuchivat all
video example here and so op-pa, Hello, I am now
I will look for op-pa, Hello, Now
I’ll look for op-pa, Hello, Now
I’ll look for Hello I am now
I will look for awesome board in a pile of bad boards fucking board for
to make Finger skate board park Finger Park short mini Finger
skateboard park We must start from the ramp.
We go in search of boards and so one board at
We already have, it will be basis for our steep figures and so that this thin wood suitable for us
manufacturing no such basic elemontov Figures in our example, You can make the top of the ramp, or such strips strengthening. And of course we need plane, which will be skate skate himself, so we take here’s the thing All right, let’s prepare the workplace First we will treat all boards Now I will mention where I am
and I will saw off I start sawing off So when we
already cut two main parts we can start them
handle without fear Now I will cut
Circuits and customize them for each other, so that they OK
dock and then they will
attach we have two lateral major parts that create
range, then Holder on top Here’s the back, lower back, triangle with one edge planed to rim has not been a piece of iron from the bottom to
Check in was rovnenky. Here’s how collect from
assistance drill bits, nails and pieces of other classrooms. to bend a piece of wood We pour it kepyatkom No, guys, it is better to record everything right the first time … Well nafig … That I spent … three hours rewriting voices and more its mount
shorter need now Well no, it’s tough … Fit – lay. Bye Bye.

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  1. Мар к что за программа у тебя была на телефоне??? скажи пж за ранее спс

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