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– Disruptive strategy
with Clayton Christensen delivers active,
team-based learning through a unique collaborative
online platform. Leveraging the theories
of Professor Christensen, the course introduces new ways
of solving your organization’s toughest strategic challenges. Regarded as one of the world’s
top experts on innovation and growth,
Clay has twice been named the world’s most influential
business thinker. He is the author of nine books including
The Innovator’s Dilemma,
and teaches one
of the most popular courses at the Harvard Business School. This course from HBX elevates
the level of strategic thinking in your team and scales
across your organization to build a common language for
discussions around innovation, growth, and strategy. The Disruptive Strategy
experience begins with the world-view
of your cohort. Whether you are in the same
location or dispersed globally, interacting with other
participants is critical to the learning experience. The dots on the map indicate where your fellow
participants are located. A pulsating dot indicates
where your peers are online, allowing you to connect
any time of the day. The dashboard is your gateway
to Disruptive Strategy. From the dashboard
you can watch a video from your executive sponsor outlining your
organization’s goals, review both your
own strategic question and that of your organization,
and browse and respond to comments your coworkers
have made in the course. The syllabus allows you
to navigate through the course and track your own progress. Modules and lessons
are completed sequentially to develop your understanding
of concepts over time. The next lesson
becomes available once the current lesson
is complete. Each of the modules follows
a similar progression: learn, practice, and apply. You first learn
the concepts from Clay through short video lectures. Images, graphs, and interactive
tools are interspersed between the lecture videos. These help explain
the content in more detail. You also regularly
encounter questions to help test your understanding
of the concepts. The case study method
is a hallmark of the Harvard Business School. HBX courses utilize cutting-edge
multimedia case studies to help you practice
what you have learned. In this case study, for example,
you hear from Bill Hambrecht about the strategic decisions
his company faced after they were invited to help
underwrite Google’s IPO. Just like the experience
an MBA student would have in the HBS classroom,
you are asked to step into the executive shoes
and make strategic decisions at critical points in the case. After submitting a response,
you have the opportunity to see how the rest of your
colleagues answered, providing an excellent source
of discussion and debate. Every module ends with an
exercise to help you apply the theories you’ve learned to your own industry
and organization. To facilitate this, you meet with colleagues
in a team huddle. These huddles can be done
in person or over the phone. A discussion guide helps
facilitate the process of applying the theories
to your strategic challenge. This guide is then submitted
within the platform to help your organization better
capture your insights and execute your ideas. Upon completion of the course,
successful participants earn a Harvard Business School
certificate signed by Clay. As the course ends,
your real work begins. Armed with a common language
and strategic frameworks, you are prepared to lead discussions around
innovation and growth that can inform long-term
strategic goals and the direction
of your organization.

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