Jeremiah was a bullfrog Hey Was that disrupting So that’s the idea of disrupt your mental state the shock Your pattern of the way you always do everything And opportunity Laughter or for something that’s out of you way of reacting for certain things So hopefully that that was an opportunity for you actually to Look at what you could actually do for yourself in order to create a disruption you can turn on some music You can sing a song you can get up and move around You know take yourself into a motion of just white stretching and Of some kind you can get on you can get on us a piece of exercise equipment obviously with your Professionals advice, but you could use something like a treadmill or anything like that So hopefully that will help you give you an actual Disruption disruption making disrupting See if you can make yourself laugh a little bit, okay? That’s probably a good humor is a really good thing if you can kind of check out and get some humor so have fun everybody Take care. See you around

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