“Disrupt Space felt like being in Silicon Valley” – Disrupt Space Summit 2016

It’s basically said that all safe lands were once unknown frontiers. What happens here is at Disrupt Space, everyone is trying to understand how do we explore the unknown land that is space. The future of space, the future of humanity is that there are many different actors have to be playing in it’s not just the work of institutes and large industrial players but also startups and small to medium enterprises and I think the future will be very much defined by the interactions of all these players and it is nice to see all of them come together in one forum and finding Disrupt Space that really gives a voice to each one of the players in this domain. It’s a good place actually to have a filter for first talks, for first contacts and you have that in startup environments, we do that quite often in our accelerators in Berlin as well but also in San Fransisco. Last year we had more investments in startups than in the last 15 years and I think what we are actually seeing is a mindset change so before people were relying on governments and government organizations such as ESA or NASA but now actually what we are seeing is that individuals can do it and we are getting the appetite from the investors. In the Silicon Valley they are talking about how we are in the same place now with space as were with the Internet 25 years ago so you are getting more of an appetite from investors which is enabling more startups to actually go ahead with their plans, ideas and more people to think outside of the box to actually look at other possible avenues in order to push forward the frontiers of space exploration. I think we have this event because at the moment space is kind of rigid so therefore I think it’s good to create this kind of events that we are also connected to people who might now always be involved in space but people who are very into space. What’s happening today is we are actually talking to the individuals, who are building the highways the powerplants, the roads, the trains of space. These would never be cheap in the sense of how we see it today at scale. But, we finally have an opportunity were for really very little cost we can prove that it is a viable business and it will be a sustainable business going forward and that means it opens up to the opportunities that we never had before. It is sometimes tough for different entities to hear the voice of each other and Disrupt Space really offers us the opportunity to go beyond our regular horizon and get feedback and maybe exchange ideas with some of the most innovative companies, the future big players and the current big players and all of them to come a common understanding of what our future should be holding. The first time actually I see such a similar activity dedicated for space. We can point out the little things. In my field I see biology will go here, computing will go there and we do our best to do it but if you ask how the world will look like in five years, we are going to struggle collectively to answer that question.

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One thought on ““Disrupt Space felt like being in Silicon Valley” – Disrupt Space Summit 2016

  1. Very proud to have been part of this event. Some of these next generation space entrepreneurs will be defining the space sector in the coming years – good luck!

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