Digital & Tech News | Google De-indexing Issue, YouTube Adventure Styli, Alexa handles personal info

Welcome to this week’s Digital News
Roundup We’ve got 60 seconds to update you on
what’s going on in the fast-moving world
of digital and technology. Let’s go. Despite having over half a million followers
on Instagram, Lush announced earlier this week it will be scaling
back it’s social media presence to almost nothing. Will this decision be a success, or will it [bath] bomb? Google suffered a de-indexing issue this week that
resulted in a loss in traffic, revenues, sales, conversion and overall metrics
from Google search. Do you think they Googled it to fix it? Facebook has announced some new changes to the way
it handles the pages of people who have died. Legacy contacts will be able to add a new
‘tributes’ section to those pages. YouTube is investing in a new, interactive
Choose Your Own Adventure-style series in an effort to boost the profile of
YouTube Original content. We should try an interactive version of
Digital News Roundup… What do you think? Last week, Amazon announced that Alexa-enabled
devices are now able to handle patient information. This update could make aspects of health
care more accessible, but how do you feel about Amazon having
access to this information? In a shocking turn of events, Microsoft has confirmed that you don’t need to safely
eject USB flash drives on Windows 10. Today sees Sleeping Giant Media take to the stage
at Brighton SEO. Let us know in the comments if you’re there as well,
and share some love. Read the stories in full on the news section
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‘Sleeping Giant Media News’. Find a button, give us a share, and let’s choose our own
adventure and spread some news. I’ve been Shaun Staunton, for Digital News Roundup,
live at Giant Towers.

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