Digital Tech Awards 2018 | Being Candid [Brand Calibre Project Review]

Daniel: I’m just going to warn you Luke. Luke Yerbury: Yeah. Daniel: That when we punch into Steven you’re
still in the reflection. Luke Yerbury: What there? Daniel: Yeah. Luke Yerbury: So I avoid making silly faces. Steven Black: So ScotlandIS is like a trade
body for tech. They have an awards ceremony that celebrates and recognizes the tech industry
in Scotland basically, and we produce the nomination films for that awards ceremony. Luke Yerbury: I mean me and Steven personally
have worked with ScotlandIS now for four and a bit years. Every year we kind of have a
chat about maybe like the concept that we’re going to go with and maybe how this year we
can make it slightly different. We go into that first meeting, normally with a couple
of like real top level ideas. They were able to come to us and say, “Okay, good news is
we’ve got a theme already. The theme is superheroes.” Luke Yerbury: The integrity of awards ceremonies
is crucial to their ongoing success, and for ScotlandIS obviously as a trade body, they
obviously put a bit of budget behind holding the best possible event. I think it’s the
same, you know if you’re running a business, it’s how everything is packaged up and presented.
It gives credence to the event itself and the awards because it shows that it’s not
just throwaway. You know when you go to these sort of awards ceremonies and sometimes things
can be quite formal. Digitech’s different, it’s for the guys that are the boots on the
ground, it’s for the coders, it’s for the guys to all meet and get together. So our
content needed to reflect that, and it needed to mirror that relaxed feeling. Steven Black: The actual shooting of it itself,
it’s quite an undertaking like. Luke Yerbury: It is just like full-on, two
squads going out capturing as many as we could squeeze into that half an hour, and like 45
minutes ideally. Steven Black: We done like nine different
companies in a day. Some of them like are totally up for it, and actually some of them
were really not up for it. Luke Yerbury: But I think that’s the interesting
part, and I think that that’s important to address that. It’s always going to be a reservation
of the client, and it’s always something that we consider. Like having that ability to read
the room and be able to sort of make a judgment call in terms of how much we bring to them,
and how much we ask of them. I think sometimes as well like people surprise you. Like so
we did an Arnold Clark one. I don’t know man, I was surprised at like them being up for
doing a slow mo walk towards camera, like as we’re leaving the bloody showroom and stuff
like that. I love the sort of involvement. I love the trust that the guys give to us.
They’re busy getting the event up together, and so it’s nice to be able to take that out
of their hands and just deal with it, and get it done, get it over the line. Steven Black: What’s been your favorite one? Luke Yerbury: It is Callum Paul? Burness Paull. AJ: Paul Burness. Luke Yerbury: Callum from Burness Paull. AJ: Yeah. Luke Yerbury: He was like full of the bants,
loved it. Got him to make two different types of coffee. In the lift, out the lift, in the
lift, out the lift. Yeah good times. Steven Black: You done one as well Daniel,
you’ve done a few, what’s been your favorite? Daniel: 1, 2, 3 Hi. I had such a great time
in Inverness. I used to go to Edinburgh. Yeah it was so much fun. We had a great lunch,
and we got some gorgey piccies. Luke Yerbury: How much did you spend on lunch? Daniel: £24.99 each. It was really fab. Luke Yerbury: So once we done the first couple,
of years I mean, you started to get companies that had seen previous stuff. Traction is
built. That sort of stuff doesn’t happen overnight. People don’t just suddenly just start one
year just, “We were thinking we might do this.” Or, “We’ve got these props or whatever.” I
would say that the uptake is gradually increasing. To some extent the films are almost like an
opportunity for the companies to sell themselves as an employer. It’s like employer branding. Steven Black: Bingo. Luke Yerbury: Yeah, employer branding bingo,

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