Digital Marketing News 3-8-2019: B2B Tech Marketing Stats and More

welcome to the digital marketing news
I’m Tiffani Allen and with your first story this week I am Joshua Nite
it’s that time of year again time for one of my favorite little reports out of
Facebook yeah they’re topics to watch reports oh yeah I love it because it’s
ridiculous oh yeah it’s a list of things that are starting to be talked about on
Facebook kind of a fascinating window into the minds of Facebook users for
example at number one on the list chayote what is that it is a squash
turns out very low in calories very high in vitamin C instances of people
discussing chayote have risen three times year-over-year Wow three times as
many people talking about the chayote number two guitar battles people playing
guitar solos at each other very popular videos number three hydroelectricity
yeah so solar powers is very nice and all well good but there’s a 1.5 X
increase in people talking about hydroelectricity here over here so
marketers if you want to get people’s attention on Facebook what you need is a
video that has two people playing guitar at each other on a dam yes and their
electric guitar so they’re powered by hydroelectricity right right of course
while in the background a chef is making a delicious peak one chayote goulash and
I just really wanted to say all three of those words ago
but in more serious Facebook news if the chayote is not super relevant to you but
you know maybe try it you see in the grocery store zuckerberg comma mark did
an interview this week about privacy and facebook two things that have
historically not gone together very well but he promised to start building more
privacy into Facebook he said they were looking at more and end encryption more
of these private digital spaces where people can get together without
marketers intervening but will you know will find a way
oh yeah but he said that whatsapp and messenger are going to be the kind of
proving grounds for some of these things so keep an eye on those as you prepare
for your next guitar battle yes I’m currently doing so right yes
mentally so it’s funny that you bring up privacy because I have additional items
all right privacy so you know how there have been a lot of studies lately and
we’ve talked about a lot of them where it’s like people want more personalized
ads everybody let’s do it I’ve heard about that yeah so despite that research
a new survey of Internet users like ourselves and others from network
security firm RSA found that 17% of Internet users think that it is ethical
to track online activity for the purpose of personalizing ads so that’s only 17%
out of a whole hundred percent yeah that’s not a lot not a big fraction
there I mean 25 percent it said it was ethical to tailor news feeds and
purchase recommendations based on past browsing history so again just a quarter
of people think that’s neat for us not super into it which is
interesting right because we talked about how we could use that information
to better serve ads which is something to think about 29% of RSA’s respondents
also agreed that handing over their data resulted in better products or services
down from 31% the previous year ok so folks of course are a little bit more
concerned about privacy than they used to be in light of all the data breaches
and things that are happening but it is something to think about when you’re
collecting information for the purpose of personalizing ads number one doesn’t
make sense number two are you using that data correctly and number three are you
processing that data securely just be mindful and balanced between data
personalization and data security except is about that line right if people trust
you if they feel like they know what you’re doing if you’re being helpful
without creepy I just thought it was interesting looking at that because if
you ask people do you enjoy having more relevant advertising I think more would
say yes but if you say should we collect your data to do what they said no right
so there I think there are some gray areas there in which we need to operate
and of course always strive to do right by the customer and give them what they
actually want to need channel that’s what I say mm-hmm
however doing that requires spending a great deal of money oh yeah
turns out Forrester the reporting research company came out with a new
report about digital marketing spend mm-hmm they said that it is going to
reach did you pick you ready 146 million dollars by 2023 bananas and I know what
you’re thinking 2023 none of us will be alive then but no I had something four
years away oh my goodness is that if you’re a freshman in high school right
now not only were you born after 9/11 but you will be in college by 2023 so
yeah coming up quick search ad budgets are going to be shifting they say in
that time to voice search a little bit more okay digital marketing spend and
the voice skills and SEO they think are going to steal a little bit of that
spend from PPC so we’re gonna be spending more but not on the same thing
so voice is definitely something to keep an eye on another interesting
development that they noted that is taking place now as opposed to the
far-off far-flung future 2033 they noted that Amazon’s
ad business is growing more than 50 percent this year they’re edging up on
nearly a nine percent market share Wow now Google still has 37 percent of the
market so four times as much but they are steadily losing ground to Amazon
that’s people tend to start a search on Amazon instead of Google now if they’re
searching for a product yeah so a couple of things to keep in mind in the future
and what is one of the ways that we interact with Amazon now o on our phone
voice yes sir so keep an eye on Alexa because she is a tricky lady and she’s
keeping an ear on you mm-hmm hey speaking of devices I love devices I
need you it’s a new research from Adobe hashtag client found when they ask
people about their mobile devices that 89% agree strongly they need a device on
the go which makes sense I’m not sure who those other folks are they don’t
feel they need it 20 percent said they cannot live without their devices their
mobile devices fair I feel I would be counted in that 20% 54% of consumers
rely on smartphones when at home not just on the go so at home
browsing and 55% use a mobile app versus the mobile web experience oh that’s
interesting that is interesting and I’m assuming it so you know things like
banking apps according to the study transferring money that sort of thing
which makes sense you’d rather do that via an app it’s just easier to log in
feels a little more secure to the end-user we’re sure however of the ads
that are coming across via mobile more than more than half are just okay that’s
what the consumers are saying right exactly so this is an opportunity to
make your mobile ads more relevant I know this is a case of personalization
right but also maybe just increase the quality of your advertising content as
well folks will like it better if it’s good yeah and it’s not always about
personalization it can be about humor or entertainment value or perceived value
that you’re actually giving to the user so we can do that without being creepy
yes we may choose not to yeah finally we want to talk a little bit about b2b tech
marketing yesterday 19 group called Spiceworks just came out with some
research I assume that was a posh sporty baby and ginger yes yeah put that
together they surveyed 352 b2b tech marketers and they said if you want to
be my lover you gotta get with my budget increase for my tech of course yes 51%
of them said that they are going to increase their budget from our check in
the year that was the only tactic that more than half said that they were gonna
increase the signed on they also talked about what channels of what types of
content that they’re going to be using the most in 2019 and beyond since we’re
already in 2019 we are but yes they said email and events and paid search are
their top formats for driving leads they’re top channels and then organic
social paid social and events are the top ones for driving awareness Wow
so that little different channels that you might see across marketing
everything yeah that’s interesting because in terms of content types were
seeing some throwbacks like white papers for example we retro
right so I think they’re fine webinars and case studies drive leads for folks
which makes sense right but 41% so they’re not using ebooks at
all as a content type that is fascinating because that’s almost half
right so what are they using instead well they’re using the webinars they’re
using is the interactive things maybe once you get say an asset that’s
interactive that’s got super cool motion and video in it it ceases to be an
e-book can become something more yeah and you can break free of boring view to
be is something you can do with um blogs videos and infographics are best for
awareness b2b area um an ABM is a trend expected to have a biggest or the
biggest impact on business so account based marketing is something that more
of these firms are exploring make sense you got a huge thing that you’re asking
people to spend a hundred thousands of dollars on really targeted marketing
makes a whole lot of sense absolutely all right well that is all
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