Detour App | Our Favorite Audio Tour App + Free Tours Until 5/31/2018

Hey, it’s Ernest from Trip Astute. In this
video, I want to review an app called Detour — a great way to explore a new city
with just your phone or tablet. (light chiming music) There’s no shortage of apps geared to help
travelers. We reviewed a few in the past like Google Trips, and I’m constantly
testing new apps to see if I can recommend them. Today, I want to share an
app that really impressed me. It’s called Detour and it was created by
Andrew Mason, who is the founder of Groupon. The app is
available for both iOS and Android, and claims to have audio tours available in
180 cities. If you’re planning a trip, you might want to check it out and download
the different tours. In fact, all of their audio tours are currently free until the
end of May 2018, so take advantage of it. You might be asking, “what makes this
audio tour app different from others?” It’s a good question, so let me go
through the list of why I think this app is so unique. Number 1: Themes. You’ll
notice right away that most cities have multiple tours available, sometimes in
the same general area. For example, when I look at the Venice area of Los Angeles,
there are actually two tours available in the app with different themes and
focus areas. This makes a lot of sense in a place like Venice where you have a
very strong contrast between the boardwalk, which is famous for Muscle
Beach, professional skaters, and artists, and the residential areas and community
areas which were modeled to look like the Venice canals in Italy. Most of the tours
seems to be focused on giving you a more local experience rather than just
focusing on major landmarks. Number 2: Unique narrators. The app features some
interesting and famous people as their narrators. For example, when scrolling
through some of the notable voices in the app, I noticed names like Jenny
Zigrino and Ken Burns. It’s really nice to not only hear their voices, but also
get their unique perspectives during the tour. Number 3: Previews. You can get a
video or audio preview of the tour before purchasing it. It’s really a cool
feature that can help when trying to decide between several different
tours in the same area or city. The first five minutes of a tour is free so you
can see if you like it before purchasing, which is a nice touch.
Number 4: Cost-effective. Most tours are around $5 to $8 and lasts
around forty-five minutes. This might seem like a lot but when you compare it
to the cost of using a local tour operator, it’s pretty cheap. Plus all the
tours are free until the end of May 2018. Number 5: Steps and distance tracking.
The iOS app allows you to use the device’s motion and fitness tracking,
which allows you to track your steps. It’s an additional incentive to do a
walking tour especially if you have fitness goals in mind.
Number 6: Navigation. The app provides a lot of cues on where you need to go.
There’s an arrow that tells you the direction you need to be facing and
instructions on where to turn. There’s even an augmented reality mode which
shows you the direction and target location within the device’s camera view.
And finally, number 7: Ability to share and sync tours with friends. I
absolutely love this feature. You can share and sync the tour with friends
using a QR code. The app basically sets up a Wi-Fi network with your friends and
allows you to stream your tour on to their app and devices. This means that
only one person needs to have purchased a tour. Also, there aren’t any
restrictions on the amount of people that can be sharing a tour at a time. And
those are my highlights from using the Detour app. As you can probably tell, I
think it’s a great app to use when visiting a city or even when exploring
your home city. The app lets you find places and learn details that are often
not on tourist radars or included in guidebooks. I think this app is
especially awesome for those traveling solo or looking to explore a new place.
But the fact that you can share the app with friends makes it really fun and
versatile. One thing to note is that the app was recently purchased by Bose, which
makes really high-end audio equipment, and it looks like the company is
planning to integrate it with their own app, as well as building in more
augmented reality to the experience. I’m excited to see how this app evolves. It
looks like because of this acquisition, they’re
really trying to get the buzz out with these free tour downloads until the end
of May. Wait, did I mention that all the tours are available for free until the
end of May 2018? Okay, I’ll stop. But seriously, you should download the tours
if you have any upcoming travel plans. Have you tried the Detour app or do you
have any other favorite audio tour apps that you like to use? Please let us know
in the comments section below. If you enjoyed this video or found it useful,
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  1. that is so cool…I had no idea that they have an app like that…I need to check this out….thanks for sharing.

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