Denon DJ Prime 4, 4-Deck Standalone DJ System with 10″ Touchscreen

Столь ожидаемый многими.. Долгожданный.. Востребованный.. Нереальный.. ‘Обязательный к владению девайс мечты! Столь ожидаемый многими..
‘Обязательный к владению
девайс мечты! 4 Канала Автономно 4-канальная автономная система DJ Загрузка, навигация и управление коллекцией Настраиваемый 10-дюймовый сенсорный экран Миксуйте, смешивайте и создавайте ваш звук 4-канальный микшер с назначаемыми входами Комплексный двунаправленный FX/Filter 2 профессиональных клубных банка эффектов Ремикшируйте вашу музыку 8 многофункциональных перформанс пэдов Скретчинг – резка – настройка 6” сенсорные джоги 2 x Независимых микрофонных канала
С гибкими настройками эквалайзера и режимами работы Отдельные выходы для зон:
Воспроизводите разные плейлисты в разных комнатах Большие возможности хранения музыки и воспроизведения
4 USB, 1 SD и встроенный отсек для дисков SATA record your full dj set to
any connected media source Работает на Engine Prime Software the world’s most powerful advanced dj system has arrived

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58 thoughts on “Denon DJ Prime 4, 4-Deck Standalone DJ System with 10″ Touchscreen

  1. It’s so freaking amazing. But won’t buy it because it will be expensive but if it is around 1200 dollars I will buy it

  2. Da's ist ein guter equipmemd ich gratuliere dir UND hoffe NOCH einiges von ihnen zu horen grusse🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

  3. Looks quite nice. Was waiting to see if there would be an updated version of the mcx8000 coming, this looks to be the replacement to me. Minor complaint: I wish the jogs were a couple inches larger. Can't wait to see a deep dive review on this deck!

  4. I assume we switch from deck 1 and 2 with a tap of the screen. I would much rather love a dedicated 3rd and 4th deck as standalone.

  5. Definitively a game changer. WELL DONE

    1st of all, no dj plays like this. So theres really no need for four decks. HOWEVER
    Its interesting tech, and to see Denon take it even further is exiting. Well done.
    The only thing that do not resonate with me is the color themes GREEN?

    2nd Are Denon a pro dj gear manufacturer or Greenpeace?

    Also i would like to know if its possible to rearrange the waveforms to horizontal modes as well as vertical?

  6. this controller is great..the only thing that didn't do it for me is the platters..i like to scratch so i wish it was 7inch motorized platters and then i will buy it easy.

  7. I see that model has a sata 2.5 connection I'm interesting how stable this hole it's doesn't have something like screw inside tray , only outside 4 screws? Anybody give me answer ?! thanks 😉

  8. when denon fixed or improve SC5000 prime : the defect on the jog wheel speed controller, at position 0 it sticks constantly, I'm afraid that this model will have the same problem.

  9. My only complaint is I wish it was two screens one on the left and one on the right like a more traditional setup. That said I understand the cost savings of sourcing and mounting the one screen like that. Jogs also seem a bit small to me. All in all though, looks like a real knock out home or mobile setup. If the price is right I might pick one up just for fun lol.

    I'm kind of shocked how obvious the hard drive and recording features are that I'm not sure why we haven't seen this on other stand alone units before. Maybe I just wasn't paying attention to them and it's existed for years.

  10. Ahora tendra que demostrar su calidad y que no falle,como otros productos Denon.Aun asi,bienvenida sea y esperamos unas preview pronto.

  11. The first demonstration of this unit in the UK will be at the NADJ London Sessions DJ Meeting on Monday 28th January. Click on Facebook link for more details:@t​

  12. I found this on Bop Dj for £146.90, which seems like ridiculous value, since most others are a few grand in price? Is this legit? Please let me know

  13. Don't jump ship so fast guys. We all know with new gear comes problems. Denon is still working out all the bugs on the Denon Prime systems. Which i have had for over a year now. One of my decks has gone haywire and restarts on its own, and now the mixer is resigning channels to my 4 layers on its own. I have been waiting for days to hear back from tech support. I have been a Dj for 35 years and i keep everything up to date, my rig is in pristine condition as i always take care of my investments. For a system that cost me over 5 grand you should get more for your money. So with that said i would think about it, and don't make a rash purchase based on what you see in the video. Of course the video is going to be bad ass they are trying to sell you something. But the real life application is: total system failures and a waiting list for answers. If you are like me, you'll use Facebook, Youtube, And Denons forum to see if you can find like problems and maybe some answers. Just be prepared for a bunch of answers that have nothing to do with your problem. It all becomes frustrating to say the least. I made the switch with the hopes that i was getting what i paid for not a pipe dream. But don't take my word for it just search youtube for all the Denon prime issues that customers are having, and then see if your mouth is still watering for this new Prime kit. 2 cents has nothing to do with it. Denon has great ideas, but they don't have what it takes to back that talk up. If Denon was a person on the street who sold me this pipe dream i would have knocked Denon's ass out by now, went into Denon's pocket and taken my money back. And i am a person who has had nothing but good things to say about my Denon Prime rig to everyone who ask, so i can only imagine what others are saying.

  14. Denon Dj – SEND A SAMPLE TO MOJAXX @ DJ City UK Lab So he can have a go at it and give it a decent review!
    He is one of few i trust. when it comes to reviews and points of view regarding dj gear!

  15. DENON Should of sold there new stuff a lot cheaper when your trying to hook in customers to pull them away from pioneer which may never happen for donkeys & donkeys of years if ever due to denons pricing & reliability & denon software, you should of quickly sold this cheap before pioneer makes there next few moves, many many of your old customers have kept that memory of you shitting on them so you got year of hard work to build up trust, so selling cheap with the mindset of we are doing this to try fast to take over or win much more of the market share is a wise move not these high prices that make people think lets wait and see what pioneers next few moves are

  16. I hope Zomo, Magma, Thorn and others flightcase company's made a good case for it because of screen size. When I see both things on sale I will buy it. And I hope also that it has Traktor support for it for the bigger gigs I connect my laptop with all my Playlist organized.

  17. ok very nice and everything, but you can mix music videos like with virtual dj ???

  18. You guys should have added the Denon Bluetooth module inside this unit. People who perform at my events always have music for their performance on mobile phones. Pioneer is going to do with their next controller. I have the Denon Bluetooth Module inside my DDJ1000 case, I will post the video so you guys can see what I’m talking about.

  19. Looks interesting but without a decent support is ZERO. I saw on Facebook and forum many people complaining about the support for MCX 8000 software and drivers… The product looks promiscuous and I would like to have it but seeing the quality of the support side, I'm disappointed.

  20. All along love Denon mix , sharing this video

  21. Denon have been ahead of the game since the 1990s. They invented the rack DJ unit and turned it into a tabletop ,another first. Techwise they rule full stop. In my 15 years gigging I discovered that pie-on-ears build quality was shocking whereas my DNS1200s,3700s,5500, SC2000s, MC3000 and MC4000 (+ my SL1200s) were all built like tanks. Pioneer did the same thing that Bose and Road Ready do… They TELL everyone that they are best then its repeated often by people who dont DJ for a living. Mags/Blogs and reviewers were bought with freebies or simply outright. Very cleverly the phrase "Industry Standard" was lifted from Technics. Back then weren't Pioneer n Technics part of the same multinational though? Those, in my book, dirty tricks have caused Denon to change hands 3 times this century at least. That means that the boffins and labs are the same as ever , astounding, but customer service changes with each sale… There has been influence on and from Marantz, Allen and Heath + now Numark!

     If you know your history of rig you'll know that Pie-On-Ear have been knocking off Denons ideas for 20 years…

    The Prime 4 is like summats I wished for. I love the one big screen. Keep your head focused centre no playing pong back n forth. I agree with the comment below about sata being old hat, they should have put an M2 panel in. Tiny SSDs are incredibly cheap now and M2 or Mini Sata2 is loads faster than Sata 3. P.O.E. If you read this and implement it my point will be proved. Then again if the drive only needs to be read by the onboard software 6gb/s is fast. The softwear itself is surely on rom or onboard SSD.

    Why Buy New in Blighty got these at around 1500 quid in stock 10th May. Me, I want an SC5000M for that trademark Denon motor, heres hoping the engines sorted. Reviews on Digital DJ Tips look good for this which is cool as the big D don't always get the love it deserves there. I'm hoping the tuned version is on the new SC5000M and gets rolled out as a Firmware update soon. Peace n Grooves.

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