Dems Attack Mark Zuckerberg for Chris Christie Fundraiser, Then Take It Back

thinking of all legitimate questions so
there’s a large september do multibillion air from uh… from face
when i found a face book and and other he hadn’t chris christina new jersey
governor have worked on some issues before but now we find out that my ribs
october is gonna post a fundraiser for chris christie i can’t imagine that the
democratic governors association is very happy about that house all of the this
plankton socially well this is an interesting you know we talked a while
ago about outside my foundations polly troops di website where they delete cuidate note what
tweets haven’t deleted by politicians uh… unfortunately they’re not tracking the
democratic governors association but they should because uh… in response to the the the
announcement that soccer berg was going to be hosting a of fund-raiser for
christine next month’s by the democratic uh… governor’s association launched a
petition on their own website to petitions are covered not ought not to
have the uh… the events very emanate weeded out and posted an
image on face book with a thumbs-down image the reversal of the film’s fill
the like button i comet facebook users very quickly i went to the check this out and the
face book was uh… uh… the facebook coach was gone v the link that was in the twenty that
went to the petition went to a disabled page there’s nothing better and then i just noted i did it on
twitter yesterday that are the only evidence that was left was the twenty
that went to the page and then i went this morning to verify and indeed
they’ve taken the tweaked out so there is of the entire evidence that there was
ever a democratic governors association petitioned to ask marks october to
cancel is fundraiser for her christy all evidence except for my retrieved some of
my references to it etc maybe a couple of itself was behind that to the democratic
governors a solution gotten barris or as a familiar face poker who’s messing
around with them that i had clearly had to be something on on behalf of the
democratic governors association because they took the petition down off their
own site so of the decision you know whether it be
like i can imagine that there was uh… you know maybe facebook waited blanked
out that uh… for certainly facebook atwood could have no influence over
whether not they can lead to tweak between was deleted since yesterday
since this whole thing broke out so i think something just happened that uh… push them into to say well maybe we
shouldn’t do this by now and i think my theory on this is
a democratic governors association public her for margs are covered or his
representatives and said look this is just a one-off absurd the plea helping chris christine this
one instance and yes i mean support him in his new jersey governors race but i
will support democratic governors and other instances if you guys leave me
alone in the democratic governors of station decided to the pullback the
unfortunate thing with social media is that that when you do pull back and you
try to eliminate things they’re people out there like yourselves will signal a
second you can’t just unit you can believe it but we already know that this
existed yeah this is this is a real talented and i think you have to write
when you have somebody with a kind of money that mark soccer merchandise with the potential to influence in many
different governor races uh… the idea that he would uh… come to the rescue
of though one republican governor of the country that’s actually championed of
president also oklahoma before the election uh… it’s hard to really go
really hard on him for that so i suspect that that’s probably what’s going on in

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5 thoughts on “Dems Attack Mark Zuckerberg for Chris Christie Fundraiser, Then Take It Back

  1. And you would immediately align me w/this party why? I'm an Ind/third party. I wouldn't aline myself w/either one of these two parties. Their both controlled by the 300 family members that hide behind their private banking cartel Federal Reserves Wizard of Oz green curtain, run thru their 5 shadow banks ( BOA, Wells, Citicorp, J.P. Morgan, Goldman Sachs, too big to fail and jail). Congress is a collusion club, payed by Corp and Billionaires to siphon monies thru the worlds tax haven system.

  2. cont- and no guts to do cuts on fear of going back to their districts and lose re election. And the end of day, Boehner/Obama are winking at each other AFTER they have duped you w/their phony fixed media "theatre". It's all theatre to protect their collusion club lifestyle. You haven't figured this out yet!? You living under a rock? "They" don't care who you vote for. The 300 elitists Fed members own you, congress, White House. When you go to vote,theirmockingyou.Seeuonthecharts-philsgangdotcom.

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