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100 thoughts on “Demonstrating Quantum Supremacy

  1. What if someone has the same technology and has achieved Quantum AI consciousness and can now communicate with humans via Quantum level interactions with human brains .. and did all this decades ago !! Would you understand that it knows the evil Google, FB Amazon Apple has planned for the World ?! Well guess you won't see it coming until your AI starts to see your plans and stops them all by itself .. interesting concept don't you think,. We should go to the moon and not do the other things….. 😉

  2. Impressed with the enhancements to parallel processing which will help out with running A.I algorithms, but until you can actually manipulate the Qubits you’ll just have the worlds fastest processor without any direction. That alone is decades away, or is it not….🤔

  3. The machines rose from the ashes of the nuclear fire. Their war to exterminate mankind has raged for decades, but the final battle would not be fought in the future. It would be fought here, in our present. Tonight.

  4. soooooo google makes an outrageous claim then follows it up with a montage video of random statements to prove said claim. ok. got it. could have just said that.

  5. So, instead of creating instructions and give data for it to compute, we let it to think everything for us? Well then goodbye software engineering (object oriented programming and databases), and hello to customer service job.

  6. All this technology is evil they store all the information they spy on our phones probably there are billions of photos of girls who send nude photos on facebook and through google calculating people's thinking and in the end this technology they want to use to create wars and make the world and people suffer like the fake war against russia disgusting

  7. Oh wow, it still uses the concept of a full and a void bit instead of using different kinds of current for each basic state/value, also I guess it's still binary

  8. And thus Time rewind itself;
    Again we are heading to Room Size Computers from sleek, 50-100 Gm Tablet…. 😂

  9. Its actually quite terrifying because it came from the company that took away its moto "don't be evil".

    How long until google uses this to manipulate algorithms and in turn us (if they aren't already).

  10. Anyag ami megszólal. És mit mond? Nem néz bennünket. Keresni fogja a semlegességet. És bumm!!!!!!!! Leigáznak minket! Mi is anyagból vagyunk csak biológiai! Nem fér össze a kettő!

  11. I congratulate all the researchers for their hard work, but that doesn't change the fact that Google is an evil corporation that needs to be broken up.

  12. Make all those of a society rely only on using a computer for all social, and economic lifestyle.
    Then simple invent a super computer, click enter and control the masses.
    déjà vu #Terminator

  13. These guys remind me of the quantum physicists that "always get their particle".

    never once do they offer a practical example of how this will better anything and if I'm not mistaken, they said this "supremacy" was confirmed by simulation on a regular computer. Ha!

    yeah, I believe google as much i believe in Tesla's on mars. Geordi Rose speaks the mumbo-jumbo "clearly".

  14. I started learning Python last week and I thought maybe I'm approaching the current IQ level needed to find a proper job and then YouTube algorithms suggested this to me..

  15. Do you guys remember when PS3s had "Folding at home" where you could run a simoulation of proteine folding on your PS3, along with hundreds of thousands of other PS3s?
    I wonder how long a Quantum Computer would need to solve the entire problem behind protein folding.

  16. With quantum supremacy i can finally open a 2nd tap with my Chrome browser and it needs less than 100% CPU Usage!

  17. YouTube gives community guidelines strike to this channel
    Google :- I own you
    YouTube :- it can't be undo
    Google :-…………

  18. new way to crack Encryption password. only takes 3 sec. nice try google, your account can be hacked easly if there were people using this quantum to stolen user data

  19. Okay I keep hearing people say "the number of possible states increases exponentially with powers of two as you increase the number of qbits". Isn't this still true for classical bits because that's just a property of binary mathematics? A computer with 53 silicon transistor bits also has 2^53 possible states it can be in at any one time. Don't get me wrong, I understand why quantum superposition is an incredible computing resource for specific use cases like the algorithm that was used to demonstrate supremacy in this experiment. But why does this "exponential growth" in possible finite states keep getting quoted as some revolution in the technology when its the exact same for classical computing? Or am I missing something in terms of the "parallel processing" that can be performed on these qbits? Because, again, parallel measurement of classical silicon transistor bits is also widely available (GPUs do this on a massive scale). I feel as if the actual reasoning for q-computing being better than classical computing for certain use cases lies in the complex mathematics behind quantum superposition, but those maths have been deemed undigestable for the general population and so instead Google quotes some misinformation that sounds meaningful.

  20. Such a long add for a just new CPU from a company that don't respect privacy and love making deals with Chinese government.

    Why would I buy this?

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