DemocracyOS at Y Combinator Demo Day

i’m santi city and along with my partner’s Pia and Geeta were the founders of the nonprofit democracy OS all of us in this room today are 21st century citizens yet government still works the same way it did 200 years ago we are reinventing democracy for the 21st century democracy OS is a very simple application in it you can get informed about the bills being debated in Congress you can debate with other citizens in a platform that rewards the best arguments and you can vote how you would like your representative to vote it is also the largest effort in the world from the open source community to deliver a solution to online voting and this is a fundamental aspect because this is a Civic technology that is serving a purpose to society so it needs to be transparent accountable and reliable but it’s not just technology we need to make politics more intelligent so in order to prove our concept we created in when Osiris Argentina our own political party the net party the net party has a very clear promise its candidates are committed to always voting Congress according to the collective intelligence of democracy OS we run for our first election in 2013 and we got 1.2 percent of the votes in a 2 million electorate election in the city of Buenos Aires and since then things went crazy for us democracy OS got implemented by over 30 governments representatives and congresses from around the world in 15 different language in Tunisia it was used to debate the National Constitution in Mexico the federal government use it to debate the open their policy on open data the largest political party in Spain is using it to debate internal party policy the European Union is using it to understand the centralization of government we reach the global stage of Ted with a million citizens from around the world interested in this new way of understanding politics and a month ago we launched in the United States in the most important cities of the nation including New York San Francisco and of course Washington DC we are a non-profit we believe that you cannot put a price to the right to participate so today we are doing our philanthropic sit round so you can help us deliver democracy as a service as an organization we want to develop a self sustainable model we want to be independent in the same way that other great open-source projects like WordPress and Mozilla were able to do we have a very large mission ahead of us we’re doing governance for the Internet Society so please come talk to us and let’s build together a democracy for the world thank you

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3 thoughts on “DemocracyOS at Y Combinator Demo Day

  1. congrats Santiago!! I had the pleasure meet your collaborator Pia Mancini at TED Global 2014 (we both did a talk there). What you guys are doing is amazing: keep up the good work and let's spread "grassroots" democracy led BY the people and FOR the people worldwide.

  2. I'm looking to Co-Create a System like this or better with a Virtual Reality System. Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada will be having an Provincial Election in 2019. I like to see a system established, working and in place, well before then so that we can insure that the People will have 100% say in whom, they want to represent the people in the next election. With only a population of 500,000 people, NL can be come the first in Canada to use, and create a True Democracy. Thank you for creating and sharing.

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