Dell XPS 13 (9380) Review

– Dell’s 2019 version of
the XPS 13 is mostly the same excellent ultra portable
laptop it’s been for years, but Dell fixed the one
big thing that kept it from being practically perfect. The new XPS 13 now gets
our rare five star rating. Dell has moved the XPS 13 to Intel’s new Whisky Lake processors, but the really big change is the webcam. Finally it’s been moved above
instead of below the screen. It used to look up your
nose, not any more, Dell shrank the webcam to fit into the tiny border above the display. The new camera uses noise
reduction technology to boost the video quality
when the lighting is dim. The trade off is that the webcam no longer performs face recognition
to log you into Windows. So if you wanna sign
in using Windows Hello, you’ll need to use the fingerprint reader, which is part of the power button. The XPS 13 model we tested had a 13.3 inch 4K
resolution touch screen, but you can get it with a lower resolution 1080P non touch screen. Dell will offer a 1080P touch
screen option soon as well. You can find slightly
lighter 13.3 inch laptops, but it’s difficult to find a smaller one. The XPS 13’s overall footprint is only barely bigger than it’s screen. The XPS 13 has one of the best keyboards in the ultra portable class, with separate home, end,
page up, and page down keys instead of making you use
combinations for those functions. The com activity is pretty
good for it’s size too. On the left edge is a
notch for a security cable, two Thunderbolt three ports
which also work as USB ports, and an LED battery gauge. On the other side is a micro SD card slot, a USB-C port, and a headphone jack. Because it’s so skinny, the XPS 13 has no
ordinary USB type A ports, but you’ll find a dongle in the box. The speakers are on both sides. They’re not particularly loud or bassy, but they sounded fine
with the volume level between about 75% and 85%. On the bottom of the chassis, some wide anti slip feet replace the
usual four rubber dots. You could also see some
ventilation openings down here. In our testing a cooling fan
inside the XPS 13 spins up when the machine’s working at full tilt, but it’s hard to hear. Performance on the XPS was very solid for a machine of it’s size and weight and even the battery life was improved. We got just over 11 hours of non stop video playback in our testing. Overall the XPS 13 is a
brilliantly executed laptop that’s been refined to near perfection. Just make sure you’re okay
with the lack of built in HDMI and USB type A ports. The configuration we
reviewed was over $2,000 because of it’s Core
i7 processor, 4K screen and one terabyte SSD, but you can get models
with the Core i3 CPU, less storage, and a 1080P
screen starting at $899. Check out the full review at

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32 thoughts on “Dell XPS 13 (9380) Review

  1. I was planning to buy my first XPS. Thanks for the Review. Your review is one of the first and the best so far!

  2. A rep from Dell just told me that the ssd is soldered on. Has anyone else heard this? On previous versions of the xps 13 the ssd was not soldered on and I'm worried that that has changed

  3. The Dell website is confusing. There are two "New" lines without the SKU of the laptops. Which one is the right one? Who knows?

  4. There are alot smaller once, Asus has 2 of them the new Zenbook S13 and the older UX333 are both smaller! And both have an MX150, something that Dell still hasn't done!

  5. I would be cautious about this one so far guys rumor is this is the first xps since dell fired a bunch of the guys running the xps design team, might be a amazing laptop, but might also be bad, i would wait a few months before really weighing in and dropping 1400+ on a decent spec of this laptop XD

  6. Uhmmm… I bought my 9370 because of the slim bezels… Now they made the top bezel thicker (and not the same thickness as the sides)??? What da???
    Ohhh… I've never used my camera on my 9370…
    Way to go Dell!!!

  7. hi, to anyone who knows about computers, should i buy this one or another one? if so, which one? i just cant decide bc there are too many options. thanks a lot!! 🙂

  8. Why does no one ever mention the poor response times/screen ghosting on the XPS 13 line. Both the 9370 and 9380 have it. There are hundreds of forum posts about it. I have tried both and had to return them due to screen ghosting, it's awful

  9. Why Dell xps 13 ( 9380 ) is not available in India yet ? In tier 2 cities esp , you won't find any laptop above rs Rs 60,000 at compuindia_ Dell retail outlets. We are indirectly forced to buy Mac . Has Dell sold it's operations to apple by accepting defeat ?

  10. Hello which one do you recommend to University Students so as to do assignments , dissertation etcc ? The Xps13 or 15?

  11. Hi everyone,

    I am currently using the XPS12 9380, 4k touchscreen. I have been sourcing for a good stylus for taking down notes on my laptop for the past few months. However, 9380 does not support an active stylus and DELL does not have any stylus made for this model too. DOES anyone know any good and accurate stylus I could get? I am stuck with those rubber tip styluses, which are not accurate and only have a short lifespan. Please help me out. Thank you!

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