Dell is making jewelry with reclaimed gold from recycled computer guts

– Hey everybody, it’s Brian. We are back here at CES 2018
with Darrell Ward of Dell, and this is something that caught our eyes because as I was saying to you earlier, we see a lot of bigger
TVs, things like this, but this is a really unique
program you guys are running. Can you take me through it? – You bet. So Dell has, as you probably
know, Dell has long been a leader in sustainability
in our products. We’ve been at this for over 10 years, where we first launched
the first desktop computer with post-consumer recycled
plastics in the bezel. We’ve shipped 50 million
pounds of recycled material in our products over the last 10 years, and we’re raising the bar now, announcing first ever closed loop metal. So we’ve recycled plastics,
we’ve recycled carbon fiber, now we’re the first in
the industry to actually do a closed loop metal
with motherboard gold. – This is actually what
really caught our eye, what are we looking at over here? – So this is the jewelry
line that, through our partnership with Nikki
Reed, she’s created. Nikki is a actress, an
activist, and a designer, and when we started this program, we wanted to initiate the process
of creating a supply chain where we could recapture
metals from motherboards. So this isn’t a PC motherboard,
but it’s a good example of how much gold can be
on the circuit board. So when we started this process, we wanted to see how much
gold we could extract through our recycled process and our
partnership with Goodwill. What we found was we were
actually able to extract more gold through our
recycling process than we could actually consume in the
supply chain in the near term. So what we found is there
is 800 times more gold in a ton of motherboards than
there is in a ton of raw ore. Think about the idea that
as we refine this process, we could get to a world to where the gold and maybe even silver or other metals, as we refine this
process, that comes out of recycled electronics, we
could see a world where we’d never have to mine
virgin metals again to build PCs and phones
and everything else, and that’s the aspiration, that’s what we want to be able to get to. Doing these programs
with people like Nikki and doing these things that
aren’t inherently native to the technology business
helps us drive that visibility. What we’d like for people
to take away from this is there’s so much metal being
thrown in the landfills today. There’s only about 12.5%
of phones that we get are recycled, the rest
go into the landfill. Our call to action for your audience is never throw away another
piece of electronics. Put it in the recycle
program, let us take that, work with people like
Nikki and others to bring value to that precious material that we’ve already stripped from the Earth.

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