Definitely Buy the New 2019 iMac!

Pretty freaking powerful? Yes, I agree. Hey guys its Max from Max Tech, Its been almost
two years since Apple refreshed the iMac lineup. We love our 2017 5K, but as the time went
on and Intel released new processor after processor we started feeling like this was
the next trashcan Mac pro. Thankfully, Apple didn’t disappoint and
we now have a 9th gen 8 core i9 available that is rated up to 5Ghz. Yes, this thing should beat he $5000 iMac
Pro is basically every task. And Yes, we do have one ordered. We’ll be doing direct comparisons and other
tests like benchmarks and gaming with the new Vega 48 graphics so make sure to subscribe
and enable those notifications. Now I do have a few serious concerns, but
before I talk about them and dig deeper on the i9 model, I want to touch on the 21. It used to be a good device for normal use
but with the addition of 6 core CPU’s and new graphics, this will be the first time
I’ll be recommending the smaller iMac for video editing. For $1499 you get a sharp, bright, and color
accurate 4K display with the same graphics that’s in the $2800 Macbook Pro and a CPU
that’s practically as fast. This does, of course, come with a Fusion drive
and 8GB of RAM, so I would suggest upgrading to the base SSD for $100 more and if you can
16GB of RAM. Have a bit more cash then spring for Vega
20 graphics and you’ll have a powerful iMac rivaling my high-end MacBook that costs $1000
more. Photo editing instead of video? Skip the graphics upgrade go for 32GB of RAM
instead for a photoshop and lightroom powerhouse. As always we’ll leave links in the description
for the models we recommend along with ram which I’ll mention in just a bit. Now onto the 5K. Unfortunately, we didn’t get a redesign with
slimmer bezels like we wanted but a benefit of that is still having access to the RAM
slots which will save you some serious cash. The base graphics have an X attached to them
meaning they are slightly faster than the previous versions. We have 6 cores across the board but the best
bang for the buck is the top $2299 tier since its the only one getting a 9th gen CPU and
comes standard with 580X graphics. Like always I’d spend the $100 to jump to
the SSD. Apple charges a whopping $600 for an additional
24GB of RAM but we’re going to save some cash and buy our own 32GB kit for only $180. It easy only takes a few mins to install and
doesn’t void your warranty, In fact, Apple even has a how-to guide on their website. We end up saving $420 and as a bonus, we have
40GB of RAM instead of 32, which is enough for most high-end users. I’ll leave a link to the RAM I bought down
below. So is this impressive? I’d say definitely! For $300 less than yesterday, we have an iMac
with faster RAM, Graphics, and Processor. Apple has been charging more where they can,
so it’s nice to see a cheaper Mac fast enough for most 4K video editors. So what about that iMac Pro Killer? Like I mentioned Apple has been raising the
average sales price on its products and if you opt for the newly offered i9 and Vega
graphics you’ll spend $550 more than the previous top-spec 5K iMac. But do I care, no not really! Most people who buy this configuration can
afford it, and the price increase isn’t for an average performance bump but one that should
perform better than an iMac Pro. [Show: professionals, business owners, People
who have a lot of money] How? Well, our 2017 iMac already performed better
in some tasks, but where it really struggled is heavy tasks like RAW video editing because
it was limited to 4 cores. We now have an 8 core option but with faster
clock speeds meaning that not only will it have extra grunt when you’re maxing out your
CPU but also for most tasks where you typically don’t pin your processor to 100%. The 9th gen architecture is also more efficient
so it also faster per clock than the Xeon. Onto the graphics, we have a Vega 48 option
but honestly, I’m not sure how much faster it is compared to the 580X or Vega 56 in the
iMac pro, but we will find out soon in our full performance comparison videos. I am fairly optimistic though since its a
much newer chip than the Vega 56 and because the Vega 20 in my MacBook made a big difference
in performance and also improved temps. This brings me to my first serious concern,
overheating. Previous 4 core iMacs already throttled so
hopefully, we don’t have the same issue as with the i9 MacBooks. This alone may be a good reason to go for
the cooler running vega graphics. Next is no 10GBe. This isn’t a dealbreaker but since they
offer it in the iMac Pro and the new Mac Mini I was hoping it would be available for fast
access to servers without adapters. Finally, Apple didn’t include the t2 chip. This is odd since it has a lot of benefits
and is included in all of their new devices. I can only guess that they wanted to keep
this refresh as simple as possible since we have the same exact IO. Overall we’re happy with the updates as
we really weren’t expecting an 8 core in the regular iMac or Vega graphics. If you don’t need the very best you can
now get great performance for less money than before, and even good 4K editing with the
21” iMac. As a reminder, we do have links to everything
in the description, and go ahead and click here if you want to see how this thing performs
compared to the 2017 iMac and the iMac Pro. This has been Max with Mac tech and I’ll
see you in the next video.

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100 thoughts on “Definitely Buy the New 2019 iMac!

  1. Rather underwhelming to be honest. Same form factor. Huge bezels. The speed bump is welcome I guess, if a bit late (*cough* Mac Pro 2013).

  2. Looking forward to the i9 Thermal testing! After the trash can Mac Pro debacle with thermal limits, I worry that Apple is not giving adequate consideration to cooling architecture, in general. 

    Like others have commented, the lack of chassis re-design seems pretty bush league at these high-end price points. I have to wonder if Apple has an alternative design coming soon. The iMac physical design, while still appealing, is getting long in the tooth and starting to be a constraint on internal systems architecture. So, how far away can a new design be? 

    Think I'll wait until WWDC to see what shakes out, if anything. Apple is sandbagging a lot of R&D simply because their competition (Windows-based machines) still sucks big time in comparison (unless, of course, you are a frigging gamer, or you're willing to put with the Adobe CC nonsense in video production). I don't like Apple anymore, but I have no alternative to sticking with their usurious Bentley-buying-executive decisions to rape their customers by underachieving at higher prices. At least their stuff is built well enough to last for years beyond what I would have expected from a computer. (I have a 2006 MacBook that still runs great, albeit Snow Leopard is the latest OS it can actually run, and I have to run it off the AC adapter because I will not buy another damn battery for it). Support of my fully functional 2012 iMac (my daily driver for music production) will be deprecated this year, and my fantastic 2011 MacBook Pro is now stuck on High Sierra. 

    And one more thing… Apple pioneered this horrific concept of computers that are not user-serviceable nor upgradeable. Throwaway computers! They always tout how "green" they are, when in fact they are despicably wasteful and anything but "green" in their planned obsolescence strategies. When I upgrade my iMac, I will be abandoning a perfectly good monitor in the process. I really hate Apple, post-Jobs. They discovered that charging what the market will bear in smartphones and marketing to consumers (instead of computer nerds) is a license to print money (for now). They have peaked as a tech giant and it's probably all downhill from here on. I just hate Windows more, or I would be moving on.

  3. Hey Max & Co. I like your tech approach and I look forward to your test of the i9 and the Vega 48. When do you expect to receive you new iMac 2019 ? Regards Lars, Denmark ( Scandinavia )

  4. Hang on, thanks for the heads up but you're recommending it without having first tested it? Does that mean Apple have substantially upgraded the cooling system to something at least as 'good' as the iMac Pro's cooling system or, hopefully, better?

  5. @Max Tech I purchased the RAM you suggested already and my new iMac is coming once it is released. But the seller on the product says if it is going to be supported by the new iMacs. How do you say it is going to be supported?

  6. I'm considering an iMac 27" for hobby photo and video editing. Would it be better to get a 2TB fusion or 512 SSD. Im worry about running out of space, I don't mind using an external drive but don't want to always transfers back and forth

  7. "Definitely Buy the New 2019 iMac!"
    how can you say it, no test so far… the i9 with the heat problem ? i'm not shure, that the maxed-out iMac will be a better value at the end compare to the entry level iMac Pro !
    Twice more thunderbolt, better cooling, better speakers, better network connection, better quality RAM… let's way for the test !
    The price difference is only about 20% for the same type of configuration !

  8. its a half hearted upgrade at best. If they didn’t solder everything to boards (except the ram in the 27”) we would all be doing these upgrades ourselves for a fraction of the price. Not to use latest I/O is just a slap in the face for loyal apple customers and theres no good reason for it. It shouldn’t even be an option, it should be standard on these expensive buts of hardware. Thermal throttling will definitely be an issue if they have kept the same thermal solution as before, which given the lack of other upgrades to the chassis and so on is likely. That coupled with eh absolute garbage thermal paste they use in cuppertino means that you fast chip wont run fast for long before it hits the thermal brick wall. And thats whats wrong with it and why i wont be buying one right now. I wont buy until apple acknowledge the lack of basics and the lack of engineering follow through to alter thermals and build quality on subsequent upgrades to components. I have a full suite of apple products currently, they get refreshed when apple gets its act together

  9. Well, from a former Apple employee's take on it, here's the reality. nothing physically has changed, Logic board has been replaced, meaning that both CPU socket and RAM have changed, Here's the problem. As there's been no internal change to cooling for the i9 processor, this model will thermal throttle like hell, as such there's already been submitted proof from Intel regarding Apple and i9 processors including the 2018 macbook pro with the same i9 processor. Be warned, if you're in the same position as I was left in, having ordered a replacement iMac from 15th March, this model was released early hours (uk time) on tuesday 19th March, you will find that Apple are deliberately not honouring a replacement or upgrade. Apple's UK and Ireland order server system produced a series of failures preventing some customers from logging in to their orders to edit, update or cancel orders, trapping customers. this issue HAS NOT BEEN FIXED. Also, if you think you can get away with buying the new system maxed and budget out on RAM, think again, yes, though the door is still there, 2666mhz SODIMM memory 16gb modules are not as easy to get hold of. Apple used to have an account with Kingston, recently left them for their own or a party owned by Apple, so acquiring 64GB RAM for this new model will be a swine. Also be aware that there's a price difference, if you max out but cut back on RAM, you'll find a saving of £170 or so cheaper for the new model, RAM upgrade to 64GB is now £900 as apposed to £1260. If you're a studio guy like me, Protool s HD and other systems which benefits from high end processors, will make a difference, but throttling will hit hard here. so, stick to the i7 if you're serious about this, or go to the iMac Pro as this has gone through significant changes in thermal cooling and control to utilise xeon processor architectures. Before you ask, no, I didn't work for sales. Far higher up in the food chain. Glad I left.

  10. Why dosnt apple haveto options for nvidia rtx cards and nvidia quadros.. oh wait i remember apple doesnt have a barib a has the worst cooling tunning 90c under load wich is 200 f

  11. utterly disappointed at you lol, I am not sure if you are paid for this video but did you notice apple waited so that they can charge more for already overpriced garbage they sell, price asides, think about thermal throttling.

  12. Are clicks really worth hurting your credibility by recommending a computer you have not used, tested or even seen? How can you tell your viewers to buy this when you don't know how it will perform and how loud the fans will get under higher work loads?

  13. Unfortunately, nothing new besides an Intel i9. You can build this for around $1500-$1800 completely spec'd out. Apple, once again proved that they will no longer make a modular professional computer.

  14. Ridiculous click bait title if we're being honest.

    You haven't used the "new" ones, and they could have some crippling performance issues. Leave the click bait titles and focus on the content.

  15. Dude, Max. You’re one of favorite YouTubers and HOW MANY CHANNELS you got? It’s getting difficult to keep track for my small mind.
    If possible could each channel be dedicated to a particular kind of video. Like this channel talks about Tech News? Such, as what this video basically is.

  16. I use the 21.5 4K Retina iMac with i5 and Radeon 560 with 1TB Fusion, basically the High Spec Base Model and I use Both Adobe Premiere Rush as well as Pro. I utilize the USB-C ports for my SSD external Drives and MAN this thing is AMAZINGLY Fast.

  17. 5400RPM HARD DRIVE! are you kidding me Apple?????!! and the upgrade cost to a 1TB ssd is $800??? I can go buy and brand new 1tb 960 pro for less then $400. Get it together Apple.

  18. The biggest issue that the T2 chip poses is for Linux users. If a Linux user wants to install a Linux distribution on a Mac that has the T2 chip within it, it’ll be a pain in the butt, if not impossible to actually be able to boot into Linux

  19. Ok so I got the 2018 MAXED out…should I switch?? 4.2-4.5 cpu 512 SSD…..DAM I FEEL ROBBED NOW!! Grrrr!
    Just thought-more power more throttling????

  20. I currently use the overpriced iMac Pro at work and couldn't be more disappointed. Daily crashes. Constantly uninstalling and reinstalling Premiere and After Effects. Spinning color wheels and freezing with no explanation. It's an absolute joke for $6,300. Thank god it wasn't my money. Get off Apple's dick and maybe use these products before you do a review.

  21. Definitely buy a 5400 RPM HDD glued inside a case also glued everywhere (fan or thermal paste clean nearly impossible) with 7 gen underpowered versions processors and other outdated and non later upgradable stuff. Worth the money. Really?

  22. never buy a new Mac is rule # 1 buy it 2 years from now for 1/3 the price when its worth the performance you get since Vega 20 is a huge improvement over the 560x and the Vega 20 is similar to a 1050ti. and since you don't already have it you don't know if its another Mac that's not good in practice like every thunderbolt 3 equipped Macs.

  23. just waiting for you to do the test on Imac 2019 vs Imac pro .. sitting with my finger on the buy button and can not choose between Imac 19 and the maybe a little too expensive Imac pro ?? .. so please do the test soon:)

  24. Thermally throttled 7yr old design with a few mild spec bumps. Definitely don't buy the new iMac! Wait for the all-new design in 2020-2021.

  25. Definitely (DON'T) Buy the New 2019 iMac!
    5400 RPM HDD … are you kidding me ? also with a dual core CPU … while PCs are matching the revolution of more cores and threads
    Fuck Apple, lately it's going down and backward. While PCs are rising and moving forward.
    I really feel sorry for apple sheep 🐑
    Is new iMac trash? – Louis Rossmann
    BTW – you can't upgrade the HDD to an SSD without risking of breaking the screen. ( the screen is glued )

  26. BRUH!! I got my 2019 iMac 580x 6-core i5 and this machine is amazing. Got the 2tb fusion drive and this thing is quick. Was gonna do a unboxing but was way too excited!

  27. Can’t compare apps that take advantage of Xeons with apps that don’t when choosing iMacs. It’s not about which iMac is better, but which is best for your apps. The apps I use are fully multi-core aware, and the more cores the merrier. Yeah, 18-core Xeons are expensive but when you see the performance, there’s no going back. Right now I’ve got two 12-core Mac Pros running in host/slave which gives me 24/48 cores. Can’t beat that. Yet

  28. A Vega 56 is going to be faster than a Vega 48. It is in the name. The Vega 48 has 8 less compute clusters giving it about 15 percent less cores(Vega 56 has 3584, vs the 48's 3096).

  29. I have a feeling the T2 chip will not work with Fusion Drives or with standard HDD. Every Mac that has the T2 is only using SSD. That is why the Mac mini and MacBook Pros can have the T2 and not the iMac 5K. The iMac Pro (which has T2) also only uses SSD's. It is just a speculation but I think it has to do with the secure booting offered in the T2 and perhaps APFS on SSD. Anyone else have any ideas?

  30. "We didn't get the thinner bezels which we wanted but the advantage of that is we still have access to the RAM slots…"
    Just… What?…

  31. I do not understand why they do not activate the subtitles in their videos, there are many of us who use that function and due to your negligence we can not enjoy your videos. It is unfortunate.

  32. $450 is a very expensive GPU upgrade so Im waiting to see a real world video editing comparison (with this new iMac) between one with the Radeon Pro 580X and the Vega 48 GPU.

  33. So, my new iMac 27 2019 i9 ProVega 48 is here and I did the memory upgrade with the linked memory, which turned out to be different from your video, and the memory now reports DDR4-2400 instead of 2666. Wrong memory recommendation???

  34. this seems so old school in comparison to the surface studio – a sense of touch is so much more inspiring and powerful. its so much more intuitive to our brains, its so much more engaging as a creative and really encourages artistic exploration – i used to use apple – but hybrids are SOOO much better

  35. Shine some light on this, if you can? got my extra ram in the mail today, but after installing it, the ram went from 2667 to 2400? how come and does it matter? I don't have a clue about this stuff

  36. should i get the 21.5 inch on higher model, or buy the 27.5 inch on base model for video (adobe premiere) and photo editing (lightroom-photoshop).. is it 8gb ram is enough for it? if it's not so should i buy the 27 base mode so i can upgrade ram on myself?

  37. So I have a 2010 27" iMac and the screen is super pixelated and shuts down frequently. I know this is an obvious question but I'm a novice and would like some expert feedback. Should I update to the new 2019 iMac?

    It looks like the basic model is twice as powerful and more memory than my current iMac.

    2010 27 " iMac
    OS X El Capitan
    Processor 2.8 GHz Intel Core i5
    Memory 4 GB 1333 MHz DDR3
    Start Up Disk Macintosh HD
    Graphics ATI Radeon HD 5750 1024 MB

    Cost in 2010 $3000

  38. This is the video convinced me to buy a new Mac 2019, still I think I did a wise decision. But the ram kit linked in description totally not that. I ordered 32gb, it won’t fit perfectly also can not be detected, then my Mac errors. The review below says so too. I thought it was the same in the video I watched again, the ram you use is from another brand. I like you and your channel. But the link you give in description is really not the ram work with iMac

  39. Any info on 3D rendering? Does that fall under the category of photo editing power? Would 16 GB of Memory be plenty good for that, or would full-on 32 Gigs be a must?

  40. so, is it possible to have 40gb of ram with the new 21,5 inch i mac? how bout 64gb or 128gb? can the 21,5 inch model support that?

  41. Hey guys just had to come and say: I adore my 5K iMac 2019 with core i9 and Vega 48. I edit 4K in h.264 and it is a dream fucking come true that I can finally render something in a few minutes rather than an hour. Great content as always, thanks for helping me choose this machine!

  42. YUP….I just did ! (27" 3.6 GHz i9 , 8 core / 1TB SSD / 64GB RAM (non-Apple) ) Tasty….very tasty rig. Typing on it right now !!!

  43. I have a big doubt
    Is I mac didn't have an external CPU
    Or it is inbuilt in monitor
    Please clear my doubt

  44. The RAM kits this dude has listed in his description DOES NOT work with the 2019 iMacs. Just want to put that word out there for all of you so you don't get screwed like I did!

  45. Where I live there are not many options and was wondering if I can get an external SSD drive and run FCPX through that and how it the best way to do it? Do I have to make a bootable drive out of the SSD or can I just keep my media on the SSD and run FCPX with the external files stores there? Or DO I have to install a complete OSX to the drive and boot up from that drive? Also, are the Samsung T5 1 TB drive adequate to do it off an iMac? They are really really cheap, about 150.00 for the 1TB SSD drive. Thanks for any ideas or suggestions on the best way to do this. I mainly will be using FCPX, Premiere and Davinci Resolve for 4K prores footage from my BMPCC4K My options are the iMac 27 5K either with base model i5 6 core with pro 570X 4gb or the Pro 575X 4gb. THANKS!

  46. Hi, currently I'm using late 2015 iMac with i5 3.2 24 Gb of the memory. Recently I start to learn video editing but I'm using for it my photography camera, Canon 5d Mark IV and my Imac struggling very much with huge codec from it. By buying a new iMac with full spec, I will be able to edit using this codec in full res preview with adjustment on the top of it without any lags? I'm using premiere pro for the editing. Thank you!

  47. Hi, thanks for the video.
    I have an imac 2019, core i9 8 hearts, vega pro 48, ssd 512, and in the timeline is not fluid in 4 2 2 10 bits of gh5 !!!!! how are you doing?
    thank you.

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