Deck Tech: 5 Color Slivers (Standard)

Hello and welcome to another Deck Tech! Today we’re looking at Slivers: a highly synergistic 5 color aggro deck. Starting off with our one drops we have
four Striking Slivers and four Galerider Slivers. These are all the one drop Slivers that
are available and since we’re an aggro deck we want to have as many of them as possible. And their abilities are actually quite relevant. First Strike is good on offense and defense. You can double or triple block someone
and get away with it thanks to First Strike. And Flying gives your entire team evasion. Which is good if your creatures are
smaller than the opponents. Our two drops are an embarrassment of riches. We have four Manaweft Slivers which is the
only accelerant in the deck. It also fixes our mana so if we don’t have the perfect manabase, we can still get away with it. Then Leeching Sliver and Predatory Sliver fulfill the same role, which is killing
your opponent as quickly as possible. Predatory Sliver is better in combat
and combines well with First Strike and Double Strike, while Leeching Sliver always gets damage through. Which is good if your opponent has a lot of
blockers out. So they both are very important to the
deck and I wouldn’t run any less than four of each. Then we have some additional two drops that are also present in the sideboard, if we need additional copies. Sentinel Sliver is very good at racing, because we can attack and keep blockers back at the same time. It also combos very well with Manaweft Sliver because we can attack and and in our second main phase tap all our untapped Slivers to cast something else. Then Diffusion
Sliver is our best option again spot removal. And I like Venom Sliver against any
type of mid-range creature deck. and with First Strike it makes for a
deadly combination. Moving on to the three drops we have
Syphon Sliver which is our best option against decks that are trying to kill us
quickly. Blur Sliver giving everyone Haste is not
to be underestimated. Also combos with Manaweft Sliver, so you
can tap creatures immediately to try and vomit out your hand as quickly
as possible. And finally we have Chord of Calling,
which is not really a three drop. But thanks to the many one and two drops
we are able to cast it pretty quickly. The Convoke mechanic is a little bit
like having a Manaweft Sliver in play except for the manafixing part. But once
we resolve this we get to look for any Sliver we want for converted mana cost X or
less which is very useful if we’re looking for a specific Sliver for a certain situation. This also works well with Vigilance and
the fact that it’s an instant means you can try and blow out your opponent mid-combat by flashing in First Strike or Deathtouch
or making all your Slivers one bigger. We only have one four drop Sliver
available, but it’s a pretty good one. Giving all your slivers Double Strike. Doesn’t combo with Leeching Sliver, but does combo very well with Predatory Sliver and with Battle Sliver that we’ll see next. Taking a look at the top of our curve we
have Battle Sliver giving all our creatures +2/+0. Is very good with the First and Souble
Strike. We also have Sliver Hivelord which makes all creatures indestructible,
is very good against any type of sweeper which is the decks biggest weakness. And one Megantic Sliver to go over to top when needed. The manabase in the deck is
pretty interesting, since we’re a five color deck. We are running four Mana Confluence,
which generate every color at the cost of one life. Sliver Hive is by far the most important
land in the deck and without it, this five color version could not exist. It makes mana of every color for free
when casting Slivers and in the late game you can also
activate it to generate a colorless Sliver token. Mutavault is especially powerful in this deck, because it also counts as a Sliver. So it gets all the bonuses of your other
Slivers. But because we are a five color deck we can only afford to run two of them, because we need those colored mana sources. And then we round out our manabase with a couple of Shocklands. Most of them are green because we have
more green Slivers but also in order to cast Chord of Calling. Taking a look at the main deck curve we can see we have a lot of one and two drops which is good. we are lacking in the four drops but we
can make up by playing two two drops on turn four. And then we have a couple of fives and sixes to round out the main deck. Moving over to the sideboard we have a plan against removal heavy decks. One Sliver Hivelord, three Diffusion
Slivers and one Obelisk of Urd which combines well with the all our
cheap Slivers. If we are facing aggro decks we can side in two additional Syphon
Slivers and two Sentinel Slivers to make those races go in our favor. Against mid-range creature decks we have
additional Venom Slivers which also combine very nicely with
Thorncaster Sliver. Making all your creatures deal one damage
with Deathtouch means you can kill a creature right away. And then we also
have two additional Chord of Callings which are good if you’re expecting a
grindy matchup, where the game will go a little longer. So that’s it for this Deck Tech, I want to thank
you for watching feel free to leave questions in the
comments below and as always have a nice day!

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