Deck Profile + Combo Guide: Pure Dinosaurier | *Competitive* Lost World Dinosaurs (Februar 2019)

Hello and wellcome for a new video and deckprofile for my Dinosaur build. Now adjusted for the new format and new banlist. My deck was inderectly hit by the hit on Gold Sarc. But now we got another cool card back, that you maybe already saw in the replay. If you build a rouge deck like Dinosaurs, you always have to specifically adjust it for the format. So that you can win against meta decks. With these adjustments the matchup against other rogue decks can be problematic. You can have bad luck with it, especially if you have to play against lots of other rouge decks. Keep that in mind and see this deckprofile only for the actuall format and meta matchup, because it is techt out for this. I don’t want to talk in circles too much for now, so we come to the deckprofile now. For this I wish you a lot of fun and good entertainment. The deck goes blind second and will otk the opponent Means we want to get rid of monsters and want to do lots of damage and that is best done with the boss monster: Ultimate Conductor Tyranno I play him 3 times because its also great to have him on the starting hand so that you don’t have to search him against Thunder Dragons. Play him as much as you can 😉 Against Floodgates and the like Against backrow and to get rid of stuff in generall, I play Pancratops If you use his effect to pop something he will be in the grave what is good for Conductor Tyranno A realy good card in ths deck. You can also special summon it from the deck Or if you don’t achieve the otk, summon him in main 2 as an interruption. Kaijus are back and good, specially against Sky Striker because they can’t use their spells. So they can’t interrupt your plays. Thats why I play lots of Kaijus. Specially Dogoran is good because he can trigger the field spell, he is a dinosaur for Conductor and can be searched by Oviraptor. Then the other Kaijus for theire names because you will see Slumber later. Thats my preferable Kaiju line-up in dinosaurs. Next is three times our searcher that normally searches the Boss if we don’t have him already. His on field effect to pop something and reborn something is also realy important. Remember that you can also reborn the Tyranno if he got correctly summoned (not with the pill). Thats nice if you end up in a grind game against backrow heavy decks. So you don’t have to use all your deck resources. Can come in handy pretty often. Just as a remark on the edge. Then I clearly play the Babys. It’s always a discussion on how much you want to play thats why I tested a lot between 3 and 5. Six are a bit overkill, so I went back to three, because when I tested it on a Regional… I got some negative expirience with 5, but all in all it was just bad luck (4/5 on starting hand). The probability to have so many babys on the starting hand, even if you play 5, is not too big. So it come down to a question of your playstyle. But you should at least play three of them and one of them should be a Petiteranodon. With it you can summon Pancratops directly from the deck or a Kaiju, but normally Pancratops in main 2. So you can go to the endphase with Tyranno, Laggia or Naturia Beast and Pancratops. So you can end with three interruptions which can be pretty good. Also if the opponent uses a Called by the Grave on your Baby you can still use Petiteranodon. With the field spell and other stuff. Just as a little hint. Next a few one offs that can be specialt out of the deck with the Babys and start our plays from there. Giant Rex. I played two of them in the past because of Gold Sarc but Gold Sarc is not worth anymore. Thats why one Giant Rex is enought. One Miscellaneousaurus because sadly he is limited. Hurts a lot, I would like him back at three. But thats how it is. Tyranno Infinity is also a great card. You can do a lot of damage with him. The realy good thing is that Sky Striker can’t block attacks with him (Anchor). Because his effect will be negated. It is then a 0 atk monster that will not help them, what can come in pretty handy against Striker. Also you need some lv4 dinos anyway to special them from the deck. For link and xyz plays, so it’s n ice to have him as an option, even if not for his atk. Or Naturia Beast because he is Earth. Naturia Beast needs a tuner, so I play Aeolo as a lv1 tuner that can be speciallt by Miscellaneou. So you have some synchro plays. That was all from the dino tech cards. Then I also play one Iblee Thats maybe realy realy interessting or surprising for some of you. Was a spontaneous idea… So: she as 3 functions in this deck. 1. You can special summon it to the opponents field so you can use the effect of Tyranno to destroy a baby. 2. it’s a monster with 0 def. I will show you later how we will do piercing damage for easy otk. 3. it’s a monster that specials itself to trigger Trisbaena to banish the opponents backrow. So that you don’t have to use a dinosaur for that, because Iblees special sommon is free. Only thing you need is a card in hand for Mermaid, but better a hand card than a banished dino. The discarded dino can also be used for Conductor. Thats my speciall tech in this deck. Also if you special it to a Sky Striker player he can’t activate his spells anymore. I play two vanillas Megalosmasher and Sabersaurus because I wanted one Water and one Earth. Both can be speciallt with Unexpected Dai. Also is the vanilla good against Sky Striker because they can’t use Anchor on them. It’s a vanilla for the field spell. So Dai is just a free special sommon. Three Fossil Dig. I don’t think I have to say anything about this choice. Now new because it’s back: three Slumber Not much to say here. Helps for otk, Sky Striker gets a Kaiju. With the field spell and tokens you also get a free special sommon. One Double Evolution Pill to have a 4th Conductor against Thunder Dragon. Can be sided out against other match ups. It’s an optional space where you can add other cards instead. I like it as a good random card. I wouldn’t play Overtex to search it because that will get bricky I want to summon Conductor correctly with his own condition and not add in too much bricks. Two Terra Forming to search the three Lost World The field spell is realy important and because of that I play the max number possible. So I even added in the one off Set Rotation and World Dino Wrestling. With this you can have three searchers for the field spell Not to bricky because you can discard this one for Mermaid. The grave effect can be a good follow up next turn to special summon Pancratops with it. With Rotation you give yourself Lost World because it’s the heart of the deck. With Lost World you start all the combos, protects against targeting effects Sky Striker can’t activate stuff as long as they have the token. Altergeist without it’s targeting effects is also good countered by the field spell. That was all of the 40 cards for the main deck. Next is the extra deck and we start with the Synchros: Naturia Beast and Chanbara Naturia Beast is clear, Chanbara helps for otk if the opponent has an empty board. So you need only any combination of two of the following Conductor/Oviraptor/Misc/Fossil Dig Then it’s already an otk against an empty board. Not made too often but good to have it as an option if needed. Next XYZ: Laggia, Dolkka, Number 41(good against Salamangreat) Tornado Dragon Diamond Dire Wolf, can trigger the Field Spell and also frees the extra monster zone on it’s own. So you have space for more XYZ plays. Evilswarm Exciton Knight you can play more if you have the space. With Gold Sarc hit we lost a lv4 specialsummon, so it’s not as easy to make him as it was. Abyss Dweller, because it’s good against many decks. Link monster: Link Spider, with the vanillas. If you have a second one in hand you can speciall it with the Spider. Normaly I only make it if I have Dai, Ovirator and the field spell, so you can link away the vanilla to use Oviraptors on board effect. Reprodocus, to make Aeolo Earth so you can summon Naturia Beat with it. Specially good against Striker if you don’t achive the otk Knightmare Mermaid Knightmare Phoenix (for Mermaid and Backrow removal) You don’t need Cerberus against Monsters because for that we have Conductor and Kaijus/Slumber. Also you don’t realy have space for Cerberus. Pentestag Gives piercing damage to your Condoctor if linked to this card. Iblee with 0 def as mentioned earlier same for the tokens. Topologic Trisbaena Against backrow decks So far so good, I shuffle my deck and then I will show you some starting hands. Some good shuffling, also pile shuffled. So we can see a starting hand… or let’s say going second hand. I will try to show you the otk combo with Iblee. And naturally we draw the 6th card for going second. Camera battery died here, but I will repeat the combo again for you. Lets start, we sadly don’t have the field spell. But even without Lost World it should be plenty enough. For this we will imagine the opponent has a monster and something like an Ash because they always have an Ash Fossil Dig, gets an Ash, so we used our bait. Now I activate Kaiju Slumber, we give ourself Dogoran and Gameciel to our opponent. Because of space I put the Kaiju for the opponent between the extra monster zones. Next I activae Misc to make my other dinosaurs unaffected. Normal summon Oviraptor, effect. Sends Giant Rex to the grave. Normally you would search Conductor but I already have him. Effect Misc, banish Giant Rex to special a baby. If we would play against Striker the Kaiju would block Anchor Effect Giant Rex to special itself Link summon Now its the question if you would like to make Naturia Beast or Chanbara or directly Pentestag. Because I want to show you the combo with Iblee I will make Phoenix. Effect Oviraptor because with have dinos in the grave, so we can pop the baby. Now special the baby again. Effect baby to special summon from the deck. At this point just as an explanation: I also could have made Reprodocus And instead of the baby I would have summoned Rex. Then I could have summoned Aeolo, use Reprodocus to make it Earth and summon Naturia Beast. But thats not what I wanted to show you. Always dependend on the match up. You see there are a lot of possibilities to play this out. But as mentioned I want to show you the Iblee combo. I want to special a beat stick from the deck like Tyranno Infinity. Special summon Mermaid Effect Mermaid, discard Kaiju Special summon Iblee from the deck Link summon Pentestag for piercing damage Iblee effect to special summon to the opponents field Banish two dinosaurs Already used Giant Rex earlier If we would have had another card to discard like a dino I would have not banished the Rex. Special summon, is linked and does piercing damage. Activae effect of Tyranno and pop the baby. Baby effect There is already enough damage on board So we could special summon the next beat stick Or just a baby as a follow up Battle phase Conductor effect for 1000 (piercing would be only 500) 3500 Piercing damage against Iblee (4500 in total) If there would be more monsters there would be often 1000 burn. Tyranno has 3k, Oviraptor has 1800 1600 Should be enough If it was not enough, because of whatever You could still (in main 2) Link summon Reproducus Then XYZ into Laggia, Dolkka or whatever you need Just if you don’t want Conductor to be your only interrupt. Otherwise you can leave the field as it is. So you can use Conductors effect to pop Petiteranodon (opponents turn) Either special Pancratops for an interrupt or Oviraptor for a search. Search Conductor as a follow up. Not that relevant because it should have been game already As mentioned there would have been lots of possibilities to play that hand Naturia Beast ect. Just showed the special combo with Iblee. I hope it was helpfull and entertaining Maybe you already saw the replay video with different match ups like Sky Striker The replays were games as I tested, so you may saw cards that are not in this profile So I would say the profile as you saw it here is well tested. I hope you enjoyed the video, if so please leave a like look at my other videos. Until next time, your nice-guy.

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25 thoughts on “Deck Profile + Combo Guide: Pure Dinosaurier | *Competitive* Lost World Dinosaurs (Februar 2019)

  1. Meiner Meinung nach fehlt Systegosaurierer ohne ihn bringt World Dino Wrestling nicht wirklich viel. Bzw man kann mit ihm einfach kranke Combos machen

  2. Ich will das Deck in der Budget Variante spielen. Hast du eine Idee durch was ich naturia ungeheuer, topologische trisbaena, iblee, unterbrochener kaiju schlummer & doppelte Evolutionspille ersetzen kann?

  3. Has the main deck tested well without running any Handtraps? I figure even 3 Ash would be good generically even if it doesn’t help your gameplan with only 1 pill.

  4. Hey 🙂

    habe eine kleine Anmerkung bzgl. Aeolo und Naturia Ungeheuer.
    Naturia Ungeheuer benötigt einen Erde Tuner und Aeolo ist ein Feuer Tuner.

    Edit: ok.. Reprodocus wird dafür genutzt.. Ich finde das persönlich etwas umständlich. 4 Monster um ein Link und Naturia Ungeheuer zu haben.. oder läuft das soweit?

  5. Schade das es nicht so Budget gehalten ist wie letztes Mal aber trzdm ein geiles Deck 👌🔥Ich überlege aber noch wie ich die Pille ersetzen kann hättest du einen Vorschlag ?

  6. wie ruft man denn das Naturia ungegeheuer ? wenn man nur 1 Emüfänger hat, sry für die frage. wäre nett eine antwort zu bekommen 🙂

  7. I think its not a competitive build?
    Because firstly no handtrap
    You play normal monsters also only 1 pill and no overtex
    Also 3 babies is bricky and 3 prankratops is too much

  8. Geile Idee mit der iblee. An Set rotation hab ich auch schon gedacht um den field spell konstanter raus zubekommen. Danke Dir, hast mir echt gute Denkanstöße für meinen build gegeben😁

  9. Wie soll Ma in dem Dino Deck bitte Naturia ungeheuer beschwören da steht ein Erde Empfänger.?!?!? Und du hast den Feuer Empfänger Jurassier Aeolo rein getan? Brauche hilfe…!!!!

    Und ne andere Frage das Boss Monster kann doch nicht aus dem Grave per Oviraptor beschworen werden, weil da im Text steht der kann nur von der Hand beschworen werden??!!! Bitte Einmal Helfen.

    Usman Ahmed

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