Deck Hook: Not For Boosted Board Riders

Electric skateboards are awesome because they’re
portable. Unfortunately, because of the battery, they’re
quite hefty. This is a Boosted Board, it weighs about 15
lbs. Once it’s out of charge, it won’t be pleasant
hauling this thing around with you all day. A company called “Deck Hook” claims to have
a solution for this but I don’t personally think that it’s a good solution. Not for Boosted Boards, anyway. Here is a Deck Hook review from a Boosted
Board rider’s perspective. First of all, I have to disclose that I can
only really test the Deck Hook with the Boosted Board. I also have a Penny board but it doesn’t really
fit. Additionally, this is the only 2 strap backpack
that I have. “Swiss Gear” is quite a common brand and it’s
really popular – where I live, anyway. So, I think it’s a pretty good bag to test
this product with. Installing the Deck Hook is really quite simple. There are these magnetic snaps that kind of
just snap into place. And you wrap these around the straps of your
bag. Taking the Deck Hook off your bag is just
as simple. You just push these downwards and they fall
right out of place. Now, let’s talk about actual use. At first, the Deck Hook is a seemingly well-built
product and – I’m sure it actually is. But I have barely even tested this product;
I haven’t even left the house with it and it already snapped apart. It can’t handle the weight of a Boosted Board. This is outright false advertising; on the
website, there’s a picture of the Deck Hook being used with a Boosted Board. However, when it did work for the brief period
of time that it did, the Boosted Board ended up being turned into a pendulum. A heavy pendulum. The board would swing and clash with the back
of your legs or on your butt, depending on your height. It also crushes the contents of your bag. Not very ideal. The wall mount is clever and seems pretty
well built. You just kind of slide it on and it stays
there, but there’s a little bit of wiggle room here. Actually, you can rotate the entire thing. I didn’t actually end up testing this or installing
it in my house because I already have a mount of my own; it’s just a cheap guitar hook. Which, in my opinion, secures my board even
better than the Deck Hook could. The price for this product comes down to $25
USD. However, I was a Super Early Bird Backer and
they charged me $25 for shipping here to Canada. That’s a 2x increase in the price. The later backers didn’t have to pay as much. So, here’s the verdict. If you ride an electric skateboard that’s
fairly heavy, don’t buy this product. I think it might work quite well, actually,
with a regular skateboard and a regular longboard. But it’s not built for electric skateboards. The design itself just fundamentally doesn’t
work with the dimensions of something like a Boosted Board. To all you Boosted Board riders out there,
I would pass on this product. Get the official Boosted Board backpack instead. That’s it for this video, thank you for watching
and I will see you in the next one!

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11 thoughts on “Deck Hook: Not For Boosted Board Riders

  1. Great Vid, who are those 5 morons did not "like" it, part of that crappy Deck Hook company for sure !

    Still waiting for mine since january, so upset at them !!!

  2. I wonder if it's any different for a Boosted Mini, it's smaller but it's the same weight… there is no official backpack for the mini also…

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