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New phones, new updates and a sad news in this tech news. I will teach you everything happening in the world of tech in a simple way. I am your TECH FRIEND JOE 😊 Oppo launched a new phone called Rino Z in Europe. This ran on Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 processer. They launched the same phone in China with the MediaTek processor. This now runs in Helio P90 chipset. In this they have given 92% screen to body ratio 6.4 inch full-HD+ display. To accommodate the selfie camera, water drop style notch is present. Not only that, the screen has an In-display fingerprint sensor in it. To take selfies, they have given 32 megapixel sensor in the front. It has dual camera set-up in the back. For primary it has a SONY IMX586 sensor 48 megapixel camera. Not only that they have given a 5 megapixel secondary camera also. This phones price is roughly R.s.25000. This phone is going to be launched in India on June 10th. YouTube channel from India called T-series is the first to cross 100000000 subscribers count ever. On February, they crossed youtuber ‘Pewdiepie’ and became number one. Between them there was an internet war. I’ll tell you a small history of T-series. Gulshan kumar sold fruit juice daily in the streets. To earn some extra money he started Pirating Bollywood songs. For this purpose, on 1983 he started a company called T-series. But after a while, he started producing his own songs. One of such song which he produced became a very big hit. Continuing this, his company started to grow. After his death on 1997, his son Bhushan kumar took over his business. On 2006, he created an YouTube channel called T-series. This YouTube channel now became the infamous most recognizable name all over the world. TECH FACT Tech fact, let’s see some interesting facts about YouTube Star Pewdiepie. Did you know Pewdiepie’s full name is ‘Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg.’ He was born in Sweden and now resides in Boston, England. When he dropped out of college on 2010, he started his YouTube channel. Combining the sound of laser’s ‘pew pew pew’ and the word ‘die’ (death), he named his YouTube channel as ‘Pewdie’. To support his channel, he started selling ‘Hot dogs’ in the streets. But unfortunately, he forgot his account password, so he had to delete his channel and created a new channel called ‘Pewdiepie’. In today’s date, to reach 100 million he only needs 4 million more, hope he doesn’t forget his password this time. When canon announced a new 32 MP APS-C camera, everyone was so excited thinking it will be 7D’s new version. Canon’s this particular 7D line up is a favorite camera for sport photographers and wildlife photographers. So to those people who were waiting for this particular camera, Canon Rumors announced a bad news. Canon is going to end its 7D lineup from 7D mark II. We can take this as an indicator that they’re gonna release a new APS-C style mirrorless camera. Like this, recently, they replace 6D mark II camera with canon EOS RP mirrorless camera. Canon’s new mirrorless lens are really good but if they provide a pro-body customers will be very happy. WhatsApp for their apple users as released in update In this update they have given 3 noticeable improvements. One is they can’t save individual photos from now on. They have removed this option for saving the pics. They took this step to protect an individual’s privacy. We can’t save the individuals pic, but we can still save a group’s icons. Second one. If any user sends lot of images to you, now it will show how many pics they sent also the total size will be displayed. Third, the voice message which we send till now was a format called ‘OPUS’. This format was not particularly compatible with other apps. Solving this issue, from now on, the voice messages which we send will be in format called ‘M4A’. This update is currently for IOS users only. And soon we can expect such features for Android users also. Today’s HOT NEWS Let’s see somthing which happened to a boy after playing PUBG for long time. Furkhan Qureshi is a teen belonging to Madhya Pradesh, was studying 12th standard. On May 26TH, after finishing his lunch, he started playing in his phone. He played the game continuously for 6 hours. That evening while playing this game, he fell down and died. Cardiologist named Ashok Jain who checked him on inspecting he said that, “cause playing this game for too long, his adrenaline count became very high because of the excitement he had playing, which lead to Cardiac Arrest and stopped his heart. He did swimming and had an healthy heart. But still such an unfortunate thing happened. His brother named Mohammad Hashim said that, even he was addicted to this game. He had played this game for about 18 hours also. But after this, wont play such game and had deleted this game. Friends it’s not wrong to play a game. But make sure the game doesn’t become an addiction. Even when you are free don’t play this game continuously. Take some brake regularly and play the game. Be safe and make sure no such thing ever happen again. Friends if this news was useful to you, like it. Share it to your friends who loves tech. If you want to see such news daily, click subscribe. And don’t forget to press the bell icon next to it. Let’s meet in another episode, I am your TECH FRIEND JOE 😊

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