Hey Richie! Why the big frown, big guy? I’m just annoyed. All I want from Sega is
a good clone console, and I don’t think
it’s going to happen. Well, World’s Fattest Dad, Sega has finally
answered your prayers with the Sega
Mega Drive Mini. Yes! It’s gonna have great classic
Sega 16-bit games. Oh, that’s awesome! It’s gonna look just like an original
Sega Genesis/Mega Drive. That’s beautiful.
Sega finally listened. And it’s gonna have the latest
AtGames emulation technology. Are you fucking
kidding me? Are you serious? [Captions by Judy V. at Y Translator] So at FES 2018, Sega had a
couple interesting announcements. One of those being, that
Shenmue I and II are gonna be coming out remastered
for the PS4, PC and Xbox One. Personally, I’m not really
a big fan of Shenmue, but there’s many
people that are, and I saw a whole bunch of
people freaking out on the internet, and on YouTube due
to that announcement. But the announcement
that caught my interest was when Sega revealed
the Sega Mega Drive Mini, or Sega Genesis Mini,
depending on where you come from. It’s coming out to commemorate
the 30th anniversary since the launch of the original Sega
Mega Drive back in 1988. It’s gonna come with
a slew of unannounced games, and the system
looks pretty cool. Like I said, Sega showed it off
during their live stream from FES 2018 And when I saw this reveal,
I thought to myself, Oh, Thank God.
Sega finally listened. They’re gonna make
their own clone console. They’re gonna make their
own Sega Genesis replica. No more AtGames
hardware garbage. They listened. They
listened to the consumer. And finally, after years
working with this terrible, terrible company, they
finally have changed their ways, and we’re gonna get a proper
Sega Genesis Clone Console from Sega themselves. And then, someone
sent me this screenshot from Twitter via AtGames. The rumors are true! Sega is going to release
the Mega Drive Mini in Japan, powered by the latest
AtGames technology. This same new and improved
technology will find its way into the US and other
territories later this year. #MegaDriveMini So again, I just
reviewed this console. It’s a piece of shit. I’ve reviewed many, many
clone Sega Genesis consoles that AtGames had made,
for basically, the last decade. All of them have
been consistent, consistently shit. And Sega
again, again, is going back
to AtGames. To have them make another
Sega Genesis clone console. Sega, how many more of
these fucking pieces of garbage does AtGames need to
make for you to realize that AtGames is
a horrible company that you should
never work with again. I don’t care what contract
you have worked out with them. I don’t care how sweet
the deal is with them. Like if you went to
Nyko or someone else, they would charge
you ten times more. Stop! You are ruining your
reputation by continuing to work with this
god-awful company. If you don’t believe me, please,
I implore you to watch my review of this system, and you will see
factual evidence as to why this is shit, and they’ve always been shit. Like, I can understand if
AtGames, once in a while came out with a
competent piece of hardware. And they were kinda,
they flip-flop, like I flip-flop. They were back and forth. Some of their hardware
was really good, and some of it was crap. So it was a crap-shoot, you never know
what you would get. But they’ve never made any
hardware that was good, not a single clone console
from this terrible company has ever been a good product. Why Sega? Why? Here’s the thing that bothers me
the most about you Sega, is that This was your golden era,
the Sega Genesis. The IPs that came
out for this system, whether it was
from Sega themselves, or from third-party companies that made
exclusive games for the Sega Genesis, that was the — some of
the best games that Sega ever had. Sega, here is the thing
that you’re not getting, When you put your games on shit
hardware that’s made by AtGames, is that you don’t make
hardware anymore, your intellectual properties
are what make or break you. And when you put your great
games from the 16-bit era, which many consider,
which I consider too, to be when you were
at the top of your game, no pun intended, you’re making yourself look terrible. You’re damaging those intellectual
properties when they’re on crap clone hardware. Why would you
want to do that? I — I don’t understand. You’ve known the entire gaming
community for years upon years has been very vocal telling you
that this hardware, that AtGames makes, is shit. Yet you continue to work with them. You continually keep
on giving them contracts to make your clone consoles, knowing full
well that their quality is at best, sub-par. And here we are again, another clone Sega Genesis
console is coming out that is being made by AtGames. And I assure you again, I don’t care
what technology they are using, it’s gonna be shit. Sega, I’m very disappointed with you,
and you should be ashamed of yourselves. At this point, after almost
a decade, if not a decade, of having your clone consoles being
made by this terrible company, you should know better. But you don’t,
or you don’t care. Because you know what,
I bet this still sell. I bought one to review, so people out there are
still picking them up, even though they suck. So Sega doesn’t care. It’s all about that cash money man. This is Rich of ReviewTechUSA,
signing out. Have a good one.

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32 thoughts on “Dear Sega, PLEASE STOP WORKING WITH ATGAMES!

  1. I love the intros you have been making! You made a comment about improving your quality and you’ve been doing that consistently! Great job and your humor is one of the reasons I watch!

    Looking forward to more! 😀

  2. I agree bro as long as atgames exists Sega will not last long and I'm a genesis fan too. All I want is a decent Sega classic but it won't happen.

  3. Before the Dreamcast mini💖and Saturn mini Please Ask SEGA to give us A MegaDrive Min with:
    _External SD memoru card slot _E shop then we could have All Games we want.
    _external Cartidge adaptor _Licenced Games that are not available (Disney Batman games etc..)
    _Anime Mangas Licenced Games that are one of the most beautiful technically on 16 bits consoles (Yu Yu HAKUSHO Magical Taluluto etc…) _Mega CD 32X compatibility with High Storage.
    Sorry for my English

  4. Nobody is that bad… Or they wouldn't be in business.. i have several of their products, including the Genesis Flashback HD and they are great little systems.. JUST BECAUSE YOU DON'T LIKE THEM DOESN'T MEAN THEY ARE SHIT…


  5. I was so sad when i bought the Sega mega drive (the first console) with 100€=100$ and just got bad controls and bad emulation, i was first happy because i tought it was the original. Welp i quess you know how that worked out…

  6. 3:25 facepalm Have you even HEARD of or PLAYED on the Atari Flashback series? Or the ColecoVision Flashback? Or even the Intellivision Flashback? Those are made by AtGames and they’re actually decent.

  7. mines work's just fine and it actually has the Sega Genesis logo in the correct place the at game's logo is stamped in black so you barely notice it

  8. I disagree I bought my atgames sega flashback earlier this year and it’s good I don’t get it yes there are lag sometimes but I enjoyed it

  9. I don't change my opinion for you, but i need to say this:
    Review the 2018 model, it's a inprovement version with a SD card slot (you can add games with a firmware update) and a little better selection of games, and it has music in the menu

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