Deals of War

For that arrogance
I shall see you dead Yeah… Alright you threshold screw-heads listen up Ya see this? This… is my BOOM STICK It’s a 12 gauge double barreled Glendower Chark Mart’s top of the line You can find this in the sporting goods department That’s right this sweet baby was made by the Construct Guild in the Underworld Is good deal for 199-95 it’s got a spectral oak stock primal blue steel and a shinhare-trigger that’s right shop smart shop CHARK mart YOU GOT THAT?! Now I swear… The next one of you peasants, even THINKS
they get better deal anywhere else… AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!! Now remember… Shop Chark Mart Is good deal, yes?

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3 thoughts on “Deals of War

  1. 1) I wish the dingler didn't have to suffer.
    2) Princess Corey looked like she was getting a bit damp…
    3) Pretty sick card
    4) Nice work as usual =)

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