“Dead Cat Politics” Strobing Tutorial // Megan MacKay

– Hi everyone, today we’re
gonna talk about two things. Strobing,
(classical music) and ‘Dead Cat’ politics.
(rock music) Strobing and ‘Dead Cat’ politics
are actually very similar, in that both techniques take whatever you’ve been dealt with, add some stuff that isn’t really there so that you end up with
something beautiful, or something that’s distracting enough to talk about for a little while. Strobing is like contouring except it’s just the highlighting part. When you’re picking your highlighter, you’re gonna want a creamy formula. You want a dewy, innocent
look that lasts all day. Kinda like you’re saying,
“Distracting from the issues? “Haa, me? Haa, I’m just over
here minding my own business “and also photographing very well today.” This is the ‘Dead Cat’ contour tutorial so we’re going to put a
‘Dead Cat’ face on our face. First step is your ears. You’re gonna wanna draw little
lines above your eyebrows right at the crest of the brow. These are the ‘Dead Cat’ ears, like you’re running for
office and you’re hearing that you’re losing really badly, because none of your
policies can kinda pass as sort of looking like a good idea. Your platform is kind of like the political version of parachute pants. People look at it and
go, “Why did we buy this? “Why did we ever think
this was a good idea?” Next you’re gonna wanna highlight
the bridge of your nose, kinda like you’re smelling
Democratic, scorched Earth where your campaign once was. At this point, it seems
doubtful that people are gonna buy political
parachute pants any time soon and without your parachute
pants, your campaign is basically flying without an actual
parachute this time. Here’s what that kinda looks like. (horrific scream) Next up, whiskers! Cats use their whiskers to
feel out their surroundings and your ‘Dead Cat’ can do that too. While you’re applying
highlighter to your cheek bones distract voters by picking
a brand new polarizing hue and making a bold statement about it. Something like, “Let’s make
religious head coverings illegal “for people who work in the government or “who want government services.” Or like, “Oh I didn’t
cry during Toy Story 3.” Something just wild. This is where the technique gets its name. You’re bringing up a tangential topic and making it an issue, a.k.a., throwing a “dead cat” on the table. Next up we’re going to do your eyes by putting little x’s just underneath the arch of your brow and
in the corners of your eyes. Speaking of eyes, you can
usually tell if voters have seen your ‘Dead Cat’ by the way they
yell, “The (bleep) is this? “This cat is straight up deceased.” Last but not least, your mouth and I hope you’re hungry
because you’re gonna eat votes for breakfast. As you highlight your
cupid’s bow, remember to thank the people who got you here. Those who either agree with
your crazy ‘Dead Cat’ opinion and those people who might have had a problem with your other policies but are totally distracted now that you’ve brought this hot dead
calico mess to attention. Add a dash of highlighter
to your chin and that’s it! You’re elected, and
your face looks like it has an Instagram filter on it without actually putting an
Instagram filter on it. What? Enjoy being hot, young and in charge of an International Super Power, ya stud! If you like this video
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