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New news, new facts and new new technologies in this Tech news. I will teach you everything happening in the world of tech, I am your Tech Friend Joe 😊 Last month Google had revoked Huawei’s android license and shook the Tech Community. Continuing this many Hardware developers, Chip designers and many manufacturing companies cut the tie up with Huawei Company. So they worked very hard and created an alternate for Play Store. This is called App Gallery. If it’s an app gallery, we need app’s inside to use right? so, they sent a mail to those Develops Apps. This Emails subject was “official invitation to join Huawei AppGallery. In this mail, they mentioned that in the last two years we have shipped over 350 million phones. Also globally we have around 270 million active users. Also if you publish your apps in our Gallery, we will give you our full support. So we would therefore like to invite you to join our 560,000 developer Community for free! From what happened to Huawei, we can learn a life lesson also that is, When we trust someone and if they were not able to help us, don’t worry about it!!! instead of being worrying, find an alternative solution and we have to move on. I salute to all workers of Huawei who showed to me this lesson. Jio’s new broadband service is not even accessible to everyone Yet some users are getting it for a discount of Rs.2000. Let’s see about that. Jio launched broadband services named ‘Gigafiber’ for Rs. 4,500. For those users who thinks this is very costly, they discounted Rs.2000 and giving under a new plan called a ‘preview offer’. But because of the price drop, you will get a speed drop too. You will get 50 Mbps instead of 100 Mbps and instead of giving dual-band Wi-Fi router they are giving single Band Wi-Fi router. Apart from these two, every other service is same. So if any of you is planning on a new internet connection, check if you have such Connection in your area. Tech fact Tech fact : Let’s see some interesting facts about Jio. Reliance’s Jio skipped 2G, 3G and directly gave 4G LTE network. This is the only Network in the whole world to do that. In India to offer free voice calls, this is the first network provider. Did you know that before Jio India was in 155th place for consuming data, but after knowing they are giving free internet, our people started using it and Indian came to number one spot. Last year Intel said that only using cinebench result, we can determine a performance of a CPU. Now Intel is saying we can’t consider cinebench result. Instead calling AMD to face them in real life gaming situation. The reason for this is in the ‘Next Horizon gaming event’, which recently took place, AMD launched their new Rizen processor. During launch they advertised this as the ‘world first 16 core Gaming CPU’. Not only that its Benchmark result comparing to intel was very high. The reason for this is AMD started using latest 7nm architecture, but at the same time Intel is still using the old 14nm architecture. Not only that, AMD compared to Intel, launched this for half the price. If Intel doesn’t come up with new architecture, AMD could steal more market share. After teardrop design and pop-up selfie camera, the next big thing in smartphone industry is going to be under-screen cameras. It’s basic concept is, it has front camera under the screen. When taking a selfie, the pixels under the display gets automatically turned off and then captures the image. Even though it sounds easy, implementing it in a smartphone is a very difficult task. While very company is working very hard to obtain this technology, Oppo has put a new tweet in their Twitter page. They posted a pic of a phone and in the description the wrote, Are you seeking the perfect notchless smartphone experience, prepare to be amazed! Beating everyone oppo posted a pic showing how an under screen camera looks like. Soon after they posted this, Xiaomi also teased a video of how their under display phone will look like. I am really excited about this under display camera technology. What do you think about it? Let me know in the comment section down below. Today’s hot News Google deletes 29 apps from play-store, let’s see about that. To edit the photos in a phone, we would have downloaded editing app from the Play Store. A security firm called ‘Trend Micro’ confirmed that those editing apps which you use for editing is stealing your photos. Usually if you need to edit a PIC they would assign you a dedicated server. But they claim that these apps are putting your photos in their private server. Also, they are stealing your photos to create fake accounts and using your photos on Adult websites. If you are using any apps shown in the screen, please uninstall it immediately. If you want to know more about these apps, in the description down below click the link www.technanban.in website. I’ve written about this app in an article manner. Please read and know about it. Friends if today’s News was useful to you, like it. Share it with your friends who loves Tech. If you want to see video like this daily, please subscribe and also don’t forget to click the Bell icon next to it. We will meet in another episode I am your Tech Friend JOE 😊

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