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The Daily Mail might bid for Yahoo, Lytro
releases a new camera, VC funding seems to be booming more… It’s Monday, April 11 and this is Crunch Report.
You can add another company to the list of potential buyers for Yahoo: DMGT, the parent
company of the British tabloid the Daily Mail. It sounds like a weird fit at first, but buying
Yahoo’s news and media assets would give the company a big presence in the US, where it’s
trying to expand. DMGT also bought the somewhat bro-y, millennial focused website Elite Daily
last year. This time, the company won’t be making its bid alone, but rather in partnership
with private equity firms, although those negotiations are still underway. The Wall
Street Journal was the first to report on the news, but it’s been confirmed by DMGT,
which put out this statement: “Given the success of DailyMail.com and Elite Daily we have been
in discussions with a number of parties who are potential bidders. Discussions are at
a very early stage and that there is no certainty that any transaction will take place.” Camera company Lytro is looking to turn filmmakers
into its next group customers. Lytro’s light-field technology takes a photo and uses all the
available light to separate the different objects into a three-dimensional grid, which
gives you additional detail and flexibility and could eventually be used to create virtual
reality content. The company announced a new product called Lytro Cinema today. It’s a
product for film and TV producers. The goal is to allow them to make more decisions in
post-production, like choosing where to focus the image. This could also make it easier
to blend live footage with CGI — instead of using a greenscreen, the Lytro Cinema could
just capture footage out to a certain distance and then make everything else transparent.
This definitely isn’t aimed at consumers or casual filmmakers though, since rental packages
start at one hundred twenty five thousand dollars. There’s been a lot of talk recently about
how the startup bubble is bursting, but venture capital firms, at least, are raising large
amounts of money. According to new data from the National Venture Capital Association and
Thomson Reuters, 57 US firms raised 12 billion dollars in the first three months of this
year, the highest level in a decade. It’s worth noting, however, that those numbers
are driven by just a handful of VCs — there are actually fewer funds being raised, and
just four firms, including Founders Fund and Accel Partners, represented half of the tota
money raises. Why the uptick? TechCrunch’s Connie Loizos speculates that universities
and pension funds have more money these days thanks to the stock market, and venture capital
is just one place that they’re going to invest it. The world is getting an early look at Amazon’s
new Kindle e-reader thanks to a leak on Tmall.com’s official Kindle page. According to the leak,
the new device will be called the Kindle Oasis, it will be smaller than the Kindle Voyage
and the Kindle Paperwhite, and there’s a bump on the back, which could make it easier to
hold, as well lighter. And if you want it to have a more traditional shape, there’s
a leather case that’ll basically do that for you. Contrary to earlier reports, there are
no signs of solar power case, although maybe that’s just not included in the current listing.
No word yet on timing or pricing. Most of you, I’m assuming, have seen the stats
that women make generally less than men doing the same jobs. Facebook, however, said today
that it’s been able to beat that trend and does not have a gender pay gap. The company
says it’s regularly looking at its compensation practices to make sure that things are equitable,
and it does statistical analysis to compare the pay of men and women performing similar
work. In other words, if you’re serious about eliminating the pay gap, it takes real does
take real effort. And that’s not to say that Facebook is some kind of gender-balanced utopia
— only 32 percent of its workforce is female. That’s the report for today. I’m Anthony
Ha. Crunch Report airs every weekday at 7 pm Eastern,
4 pm Pacific, on Techcrunch.com. You can also find us on iTunes, and on YouTube. See you

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  1. Nice job – keep these little digest updates going! Plus, how about you get on YouTubes butt to get them to have auto play on subscriptions or an easier way to organize them.

  2. that pay gap is completely bullshit.if even remotely true you will see men not having jobs cuz women are cheaper to employee.

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