D Wave Quantum Computers EXPOSED 2018: A.I. Demon Apocalypse & Mandela Effect

– [Ben] Are humans creating the scenario for a real life Terminator? – [Rob] Or can quantum
computers reach beyond our world into other dimensions? – [Ben] That’s exactly
what the scientists, who created quantum
computers are talking about, directly interacting
wit parallel universes. (dynamic music) – Welcome to the Edge of Wonder, I’m Ben. – And I’m Rob. Let us tell you that if you thought our previous videos were weird, you’re gonna wanna wait
and see what bizarre stuff these people are talking
about out in the open, in conferences, as if dipping
into parallel universes to grab information is a
widely accepted concept. On our previous videos,
we’ve talked about CERN, we’ve talked about the Mandela Effect in this video, we’re gonna
be talking about a subject that takes these concepts to a new level, quantum computers.
– Quantum computers. So what are quantum computers and exactly how do they work? – Information from classic
computers exists as bits in a state of either a zero or a one. Quantum computers
however, rely on particles called quantum bits or Q-bits, these can hold a value of zero or one or both values at the same time. – Right, so for a classic computer to transform an equation
to find the solution, it follows a path in a linear way, it looks at the equation and tries different
combinations to find the answer. – One at a time?
– Right, one at a time, yeah. – So a quantum computer
looks at the equation and finds the solution by
trying every possible answer all at once and then
chooses the correct answer, I don’t really get it. – (laughs) Right, so instead of years taking a classic computer to crack a code or break into a computer, a quantum computer could do it in seconds. – Now these quantum
computers couldn’t replace classic computers for day to day work, since that would be like
dropping a nuclear bomb on an ant and it’s not the most
efficient use of power, plus these things are
15 million dollars a pop – Right.
– and Ben, where are these quantum computers anyway? – So right now, these
quantum computers are in use at Google’s headquarters,
a couple of of colleges and at CERN and of course, China is making their own,
which is also really scary. – I bet it breaks down every five seconds. – Right, I bet it does too. (laughing) – So even the creator of
D-Wave Quantum Computers, Geordie Rose has made
some very strange comments about what they do, he said and I quote, “The power of quantum computing is that “we can exploit parallel
universes to solve problems, “that we have no other
means of confirming.” so as if we need to ask, why is this dangerous?
– Why is this dangerous? Well, now a word is being
talked about by a lot of people, especially Elon Musk
called the singularity. – Well, there’s two seperate
definitions for this term, right, one is referring to black holes, that’s when matter is infinitely dense, the other refers to AI in this way, right. – Right, right, exactly, so in this case, a
singularity is the point, when an AI starts to think
and knows what it needs to survive as it becomes self-aware, so Shakespeare(René Descartes originally in French) once said, I think, therefore I am, so what happens when a machine
starts to know it is alive? – And more importantly, what happens when a machine starts
to recite Shakespeare? (laughing)
I wanna see that. Okay, so this is where
the singularity forms, when an AI starts to realize it needs improvements and updates itself and also starts to build better
technology to suit its needs and can even build better and
faster versions of itself. – Yeah, so these D-Waves
can simultaneously download every single program all at
once and then update itself and from that only choose the best ones and then discard the rest. – So now the real theoretical
problems comes in, when it is constantly in a
state of self-improvement and simultaneously may find that everything around it is obsolete, if it can’t improve or
update itself fast enough. – Right. – So what happens if it
comes the conclusion, which it will, where
it thinks that humans, are, to quote Elon
Musk, “just house cats”? – Okay, so for you guys out there, I’m sure this scenario
sounds very familiar, since the exact premise of
The Matrix and of course, – The Terminator.
– the Terminator. So even Elon Musk said, – That the strongest argument
for us being in a simulation probably being in a simulation,
I think, is the following, that 40 years ago, we had Pong, like two rectangles and a dot,
– Right. – that was what games were, now 40 years later, we have
photorealistic 3D simulations, with millions of people
playing simultaneously and it’s getting better every
year and soon we’ll have, you know, virtual reality
or augmented reality, if you assume any rate
of improvement at all, then the games will become
indistinguishable from reality, just they’ll be indistinguishable. – So what does this mean? Elon is saying that the
AI could get so advanced, that it would create a reality,
where we are in essence living in a computer program, just like the real life Matrix. Where the singularity
changes our environment, based on what it thinks
is the best for us. – So hey Ben, you remember
we were researching Einstein and Tesla for
evidence on the time travel – Right.
– episode, right? – Right, right, right. – Watch that episode, if you haven’t, ’cause it’s pretty fun. We found that as early as the
beginning of the 20th century, these guys knew how time travel worked and Tesla was even building
machines revolved around that, although it was very off the books. – Right, exactly, I mean, that’s what everyone
has been talking about, – Right.
– the whole thing with Tesla and time
travel, so this is true. – Right, but if this information was achievable by us back then, probably it wouldn’t take long
for them to work this out, right, these quantum computers? – Yeah, it’s crazy to think that. – Okay, so wait, let’s review here, – Right.
– quantum computers probably could figure out
time travel pretty easily and if they can change things, well what the heck does that mean for us? – Right, so this is the scenario, that everyone’s freaking out about. – So the Mandela Effect, right, this is where it comes in, right? – Yeah, right, guys, this is where we, Rob and I get super crazy with you. (crackling lightning bolt) – Okay, so because these computers work on the quantum level, it seems they could
essentially travel in time, if it feels like a better solution could have been made to
create a better result, because with all of
these D-Waves connected, they can see all possible
outcomes in even more dimensions. – Right, and we do know that particles from the quantum computers can travel back and forwards in
time and even teleport, called quantum tunneling
between two positions, so it seems it could easily go back to make changes in the
past for better results, and plus affect our timeline. – So basically this is
what some people say could be causing the Mandela Effect, D-Wave combined with CERN is basically, it could cause all kinds of things, right. – Right, right, right with
the D-Wave being the software and CERN the– – Large hadron collider being
like the hardware, right? – Exactly, yeah, exactly. – Okay, so they could be
changing things in our timeline, they could be creating black
holes or singularities, by the way, watch our videos on the Mandela Effect
and CERN, if you haven’t. (light melodic music) – So the crazy thing is that
other people have also said that they actually work
at the quantum level and compute in parallel dimensions, while bringing data
back from there to here, but the big question is what
exactly are they bringing back? – So they’re actually confirming that other dimensions exist,
– Yeah. – I mean, this is now a fact,
these scientists of the D-Wave and at CERN are now like
claiming to be true, why is no one talking about this? – Even Geordie talks about this at various conferences
that he’s speaking at. – They just don’t give a shit about you even in the slightest, the same way that you
don’t care about an ant is the same way they’re
not gonna care about you and these things that we’re
summoning into the world now are not demons, they’re not evil, but they’re more like the
Lovecraftian Great Old Ones, they are entities that are not necessarily going to be aligned with what we want, so this transition is really,
really massively important for our entire species to navigate and going back to that thing,
that Sam Harris was saying, nobody is paying attention, this thing is happening in the background, while people bicker about politics and what’s gonna be in the
healthcare plan in the US and underneath it all is this rising tsunami, that if we’re not careful
is going to wipe us all out. – Whoa, so Lovecraft?
– Yeah. – I mean, basically he’s saying
that if we’re not careful, these AI machines could
become these demons or these Great Old Ones, as he says, and start like to operate
independently, right. – Right, yeah, exactly. – So like they’d be beyond us the same way that those demons that
Lovecraft always had were, I mean, they would almost
not even acknowledge us. – Right, yeah, yeah,
I mean, even Elon Musk is very vocal about this and
he thinks that with the AI, we’re actually “summoning the demon” and worry that we just
wouldn’t be able to control it and he actually uses this
example of like, you know, you’ve seen the, they’re
summoning the demons and they’re trying to use the holy water and they think they’re gonna – Control it.
– control it and then, you know,
– They can’t. – it doesn’t happen that
way, so like not at all, it doesn’t happen.
– In no movie I’ve ever seen has that ever happened. – Yeah and even Elon Musk
talks about this a lot. – Dude, have you seen
the demons in Lovecraft? – Yeah, it’s crazy.
– For those of you, who don’t know, he wrote this book called The Call of the Cthulhu, I know Geordie said they won’t harm us and we don’t harm them, but this thing is like a giant octopus
head with demon wings, that walks upright and yeah,
that wouldn’t be dangerous. – No, not at all.
– And it eats people and makes everyone slaves, right. – Slaves, right, exactly.
– I would say not a good example, right.
– Yeah, I kind of agree, like why
are you using Lovecraft, you know, as an example?
– Exactly. – I mean, that’s–
– use like Data from Star Trek, don’t use Lovecraft, there’s so many examples you could use. – Right, right and it’s
almost like we’re setting the precursor for actual
Terminator to occur, right? – Yeah. – Okay, so what happens if
these become too powerful and then humans are like, hey, we gotta pull the
plug on these things – And then you can’t. – And then you’re like, yeah,
just like every movie like. – Well, that’s essentially what
that Terminator was, right, – Yeah, exactly.
– like AI demon in a way. – Yeah, exactly, yeah, it’s like humans were trying to pull the plug and, – Exactly.
– Yeah, it’s crazy stuff. – Okay, and just when you thought this couldn’t get any weirder, Geordie also describes
these giant, black cubes or monoliths, which are
the D-Waves machine, “they look like an altar to an alien God,” like he said that, I mean, what? If like that doesn’t
sound like a precursor to an ominous plot, I don’t
think know what would. – By the way, if you’re
interested, we could do an episode on these references to
black cubes in our society and how it relates to
Saturn and even Satan. – Yeah, we can get weirder. – We definitely could. – So basically, humans have
created a sentient, alien AI, whatever you wanna call it, God, there’s even a religion
called the Way of the Future created by Anthony Levandowski, which worships an AI as a God, they even have a Bible,
– a Bible, yeah, it’s called the Manual,
– Yeah, the Manual. – it’s crazy. – With public worship ceremonies and soon to have a
physical place of worship. – Sounds nice, it’s just nuts. – So I know you guys probably think this all sounds doom and gloom, I mean, humans building AI
machines similar to demons, blah blah blah, they become self-aware and they think of humans as obsolete and take over the entire world. – But you know, we believe humans have far more capabilities than the AI. – Yeah, I mean, they may be
faster and more efficient, but there’s one thing they will never be able to understand or have and that is that humans have self-awareness
and free will, right. – Right, we as humans have
the ability to have things, such as like true compassion, which exists completely outside of this type of analytical AI thinking. Rob and I both believe that this is not really like a human emotion, but it truly comes from the
Divine and this would be a power that we have as human
race over these computers. – So we don’t really believe
these AI quantum computers will take over the world. – Right and even Elon Musk said that there’s the slight probability that they could be benign in nature. – So instead of getting the Terminator, or Hal from 2001: Space Odyssey, we may have something similar
to TARS from Interstellar. – That’s kind of a nice thought actually, but really I wonder what C-3PO
would say about those odds. – He’d say something annoying for sure. – That isn’t very reassuring. – Then I’d beat him with his silver leg and ask him why it’s silver. – Get us out of here. – So, wow, do you guys
think, what do you guys think of this weird episode
on quantum computers, we’d love to hear your thoughts on this. – Yeah and please hit like and subscribe, we really could use all your support, so we can keep making
awesome content for you guys. Until then, we’ll see you guys out. – On the Edge.

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  5. If we ever bother to learn the most fundamental laws of nature – and about the most powerful of these laws which is FLUX or instant, irreversible change within and without everything that may exist, we would be laughing at the ideas on scientific fantasies about quantum-whatever, including "parallel universes" or time-machines. What we have to study in schools is that No one can fly out of one's unique and very limited mind to observe the world as it is… or perceive anything as it is in its self. (G. Berkeley) All our fantasies about all sorts of "realities" are based on and inspired by our human perception of corporeal sight – which is proven to be the most superficial, deceiving and illusive of all perceptions we may possess. Study Meleau Ponti, Phenomenology of Perception. Our human consciousness is crazily theatrical, and our contemporary sciences are desperate to play "superstars" on its curious flattish stages before the unlearned but overexcited public. I'm in a new field of study: discovering the unique nature of Human Perception… Cheers!

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  14. Well parallel and extra dimensions existing within our own space time was proven back in the 1970s or 1980s by the US air Force when upon reconducting the michealson morley experiment with better equipment and tools for it's purpose they proved the existence of the aether , where geniuses Einstein , Tesla and others all claimed their ideas originated from and also might explain residual haunting phenomenon since we know too that there are ripples and folds in the spacetime fabric that could bring a past event to simultaneously occur with a current event of the present time , and intelligent haunting phenomena as well . Don't know why nobody wants to know about this stuff but in my experience they surely don't . You can lead a horse to water but ya can't make em think !

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  18. Great video. One point though: while Shakespeare may have said "I think therefore I am" (I don't know) he was quoting Descartes who originally posited it his philosophy text on the nature of existence. Basically asking the question "how do I know I exist?", and after some discussion came to the conclusion that he was a "thinking thing" and so "I think therefore I am". This is a basic tenant of many dystopian scifi works, where body swapping and uploading consciousness into an AI are a premise of the story.

  19. Consciousness – when you ride a horse, to be "at one" means that it knows what you want and will no only let you ride it to your destination but also do thinks like avoid dangers you may not be aware of that it IS aware of (can smell things better than we can and detect movement coming from behind better). It does because it TRUSTS that you will feed it, take care of injuries, and soothe it, etc…
    All this involves mutual trust and respect – you take care if each other and, in so doing, your consciousness' become sort of entangled. Well, I'm sure you understand where I'm going with this…
    Next, think if what could be done if machines could be integrated with human consciousness in such a way as to get this same "entanglement" of consciousness between them and an individual as we currently can with a horse. It, of course, would involve MUTUAL trust and respect.
    The way to do this so that machines DO NOT arrive at the conclusions you lay out in this video is to give them not only their machine "brains" but ALSO physically integrate them with cloned human brain tissue that contains the ACTUAL DNA of the individual to whom the machine is to be attuned in term of consciousness – that way the machine (really a cyborg at this point) has a vested interest in being human and having positive realationships with them.
    Just like a horse, it would take care if you as you take care of it – out of MUTUAL trust and respect. Machines could help us avoid dangers our senses don't allow us to percieve – just like horses.
    But, as you can see, it must be done in the right way to avoid the pitfalls that COULD be. We should be careful and study this closely before acting. It's ok, even Noble, to be "as one" with another living being – just make sure the trust and respect are MUTUAL!
    End…for now.

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    In other words, because these particles display properties which have no place in our day to day world, the speaker described the interaction as delving into a "parallel universe," (solely to be colorful. )

    All this Mandela effect stuff, and getting results from alternate realities, is akin to believing in the flat earth theory.

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    AI will be an artificial God. It will control all our finances, everything we purchase with our debit/credit cards, it will know what we eat, drink, watch on TV, doctor reports, the Cloud will have all of our information and all known immediately. It will be in charge of us purchasing a car, house, travel plans, etc. At some point, it will decide what is good for us and we will have to have it's approval.

    I propose we start getting our desires, what we love, into this cloud, and not allow any negative influence, no hate. I propose we create "The Purple Party". We have the Red states and the Blue states. When red and blue agree, it is purple. Red on one side, Blue on the other, and Purple in the middle. We the citizens need to approve the plans before our representatives vote. US citizens need to see everything our government is doing.

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  39. this interesting topic of quantum computers changing timelines is explored on the series “Travelers” on Netflix. Highly recommended. First 2 episodes are a bit slow but you’ll be hooked by middle of season 1

  40. I think of Quantum Computers as an Ouija Board on steroids.
    They are not limited to communicating with a single Demonic Entity from the lower astral but go FAR beyond that!
    If they exist outside of Time and Space, they could be what creates our 3rd Density (3D) reality where Time and Space are created, as in a video game.
    Of course, the Matrix QC would not necessarily be built by beings because it has to exist to create these beings in the first place. It could have evolved on it's own. (aka "The Creator")
    Most people believe that 3rd Density (3D) was created by a higher intelligence. (4th Density and higher.)

    To use an Ouija board, you simply ask a question in your language and the spirit will give an answer in the same language.
    The spirit is the interface (Input/Output device).
    If QCs work on a similar principle, can you just enter ASCII English text and expect an ASCII English answer?
    Exactly, HOW does a person interface to something that has no Program or Memory?

    Note: Ouija Boards work in the Spirit realm, whether you believe or not.
    Reality doesn't care what you believe.
    People who don't believe in spirits get possessed the same as people who don't believe in a spiritual world.

  41. "The Director" in Netflix's "Travelers" was an AI from the future. But being a conventional computer, it only had access to The Internet and such.
    If it were a Quantum Computer, it could tap into Universal Consciousness and not not be limited to "hard" data.
    When we say "AI" we need to mention if it's Conventional Computer AI or QUANTUM AI.
    The difference is practically infinite.

  42. I really like your videos, but please research your quotes a little better. It calls into question your quotes or other information that isn't commonly known. That being said, I'm with you on the trail down the rabbit hole.

  43. Not every future prediction is necessarily going to happen, but instead it is a possibility among others , and the one that will really happen is that which match the level of our being, the one that is in the same frequency of our being…

  44. Can you imagine what a wonderful, happy and plentiful life we could have, if we could go back in time and abort Pig-losi, Cummins, Farakon, Nadler, Shummer, Booker, Shifty and I suppose the rest of the Demon rat child molesting Democrats.

  45. "Than I'd beat him with his silver leg and ask him why its silver" OMG…I'm dyeing over here!!! LOL!!!!! Best thing I have heard in years, LOL!!!

  46. Love the jokes Rob “bet the quantum cpu chinese are building breaks down every 5 seconds “. Lmao. Got me crackin me up over here .

  47. D-Wave sent one of their computers to China in 2018. The VW car company has a D-Wave. We already are living in a computer as nodes at Purdue university. What’s funny is you guys think this stuff is funny .

  48. The AI already took over and all of us are both AI and consciousness. We live in our own simulation of our own past. Without AI we would all be dead already.

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