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Cheap Thrills. [SOUND] [MUSIC] What’s up family,
it’s your boy Nate a.k.a TabaskoSweet and you’re watching Cheap Thrills. You already know what it is,
now I’ve been getting hella comments and DMs requesting more bape, well, your
wish is my command, Cheap Thrills fam. Today, you’re gonna be chefing
up the legendary bape face mask. And the very clean and
classic shark logo sweats. We’re about to get you hitting some
serious swagger boost combos my guy. That’s right, your boy is hooking
you up with a fit that says, I’m a man of leisure, but do not test me. Now you may have seen the iconic bape
face mask on real ones like Lil Xan, or my freaking guys, Ayo and Teo. I just wanna roll it, roll it,
roll it with a dab of ranch. Now this mask is gonna let everyone
know that we keep it very rare. But also that high key comes
in handy if you’re sick, and you’re not trying to spread any germs. You feel me? One of these bad boys will
run you close to $100. That’s 100 whole dollar menu items,
my guy. I don’t know about you, but your boy doesn’t have disposable
income like that yet. So let’s cop this [BLEEP] on the low. So here’s what you’re gonna need. A black face mask, thin mesh fabric, some
craft glue, fabric paint, and brushes. A pen and paper and an embroidery hoop. Today, I’m gonna be showing you a new
technique, DIY screen printing, my guy. We’re gonna start by drawing
out our design on some paper. You wanna use your mask for reference,
to make sure you get your sizing right. I’m just gonna make a mark up here
at the top and one on the side. Tight. Now, let’s start sketching
out this baping ape. Did you know that bape’s name comes from
a Japanese expression about staying in the bathtub until the water’s not warm
anymore because you’re chilling so tough? Now that’s luxury, family. Tight, we’ve got our ape drawn out,
and he’s looking very clean. Now, it’s time to come in with our
embroidery hoop and our mesh fabric. First, we’re gonna lay down
our mesh on the smaller hoop. Then lock it in with the bigger hoop. Very clean. So now, we’re gonna trace our
ape design onto the mesh. [MUSIC] Fuegisimo. Now, we’re gonna use this glue to fill
in the negative space around the design. Now, make sure you get even coverage,
and fill all the holes in with glue. That way you don’t get paint
where you don’t want to. Now, this takes hella long to apply,
and you wanna let it dry overnight. But luckily,
your boy’s always thinking ahead. So I went and pre-made one for you guys. It should look like this once it dries. Now ready to move on and
print our design onto our mask. Placement is key. Tight, now I’m coming in with my white
fabric paint and painting in everything that’s not covered with glue, and
go heavy on the paint here family. [MUSIC] All right, time for
the moment of truth, family. [SOUND] Fuego alert. This is some serious heat, family. While this is drying,
let’s get started on our sweatpants. Now, whether you’re rolling up for
the function or just rolling some backwoods at home,
these sweats are a street wear staple. So what we’re working with here is a
simple black sweat pant with a slim ankle. Bold shark design across the crotch, a
tiger design on the back of the left leg, and WGM on the back of the right leg. So here’s what you’re gonna need. Different colored felt,
heat transfer vinyl in red, black and white, your trusty permanent marker,
fabric paint in white and red. Some black spray paint,
a glue gun and some extra clips, an iron, plain black sweats,
and some scissors. All right, it’s litty. Let’s start drawing out
our shark on this vinyl. [MUSIC] Now, if you don’t remember how
to draw out all the elements, you can rewatch my bape hoodie video. Well, your boy doesn’t have all day. I’m going speed mode. It’s pretty hard to find vinyl colors for
the designs on the back. So, I’m gonna draw it out on felt. The felt shapes we’re gonna need
are this little weird orange shape with a larger green silhouette. A blue G with a white silhouette,
an orange M with a purple silhouette and a red W with a black silhouette. And once you’ve got everything laid out,
its time to start cutting. Now there’s a lot of steps to this and
a lot of different shapes to cut out. But keep that CBD on deck. And just think about how clean
you’re gonna look in these joggers. [MUSIC] Very clean. Now, that we’re done getting cutty, our next step is to lock in our tiger
stripes on this orange guy here. Pro tip, make a stencil beforehand for
maximum precision. Now, I’m just carefully
lining up my stencil. And spray away, my guy. [SOUND] Now to finish off this piece, we’re gonna paint in our tiger’s eye and teeth with our red and white paint. [SOUND] Feel free to look for
reference on this one. But as always,
your boy’s kicking it from the dome. Very clean, now it’s time to
start bringing in some heat and transfer the vinyl onto our pants. If you followed along with my off white
video, this one will be hella easy. Hold down the iron in the center for about
ten seconds to lock everything into place, then move out from there. [SOUND] Fuego season. I’m only done with the front, but
damn, I can’t wait to try these on. We them comfy boys. Gang, now, all we have left
to do is call in the guns. [SOUND] First, we’re gonna glue in our felt shapes to
their different colored silhouettes. [MUSIC] Now, we’re going to put our little
tiger dude on the back of the left leg. Make sure you don’t put
him on the right leg. That would be a dead give away. [MUSIC] I wasn’t kidding about those extra clips,
family. You’re gonna need them. Make sure you get rid of
all the glue strings. Tight, now on to that WGM. Make sure the top of the letters
are facing inward on the pant leg. These designs are actually based on old
military artwork from fighter planes and [BLEEP]. Fuegisimo and there you have it, family. Some iconic bape sweats and
a very rare face mask to match. Well, now I’m gonna go change and
try this stuff on. So. Thanks for tuning in Cheap Thrills fam. Until next time, stay boosted. And keep on commenting and
let me know what you want me to make next. Gang. Like, like, comment, comment,
subscribe, subscribe>>Don’t be a Z’er. Tune in every Tuesday for
some real fuego videos. [SOUND] Gang gang.

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100 thoughts on “D.I.Y. Bape Face Mask and Joggers | Cheap Thrills

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