Cyprien – Les vieux et la technologie

Old people and technology… It’s…. It’s… it’s, well, it’s pretty special… Even when they just talk about it, when they talk about technology I feel like they try really hard They really try their best …To be wrong. “Oh my, I am not really getting the wifit… …I should probably restart the pasta box. By the way, one of old people’s favorite hobby: ADD AN ARTICLE WHERE THERE SHOULD BE NONE, AND VIS-VERSA For example: “Go ahead, show me that thing on internet.” THE INTERNET. Not internet. Repeat after me: THE INTERNET. “Ah but you know that I, um, go on the facebook.” JUST FACEBOOK. My parents, for example, they mess this up… They mess this up on a… ..on a professional level. It’s…. ..They try, but they’re just doing it wrong. My mom… …When she’s doing an internet research, she does this: “So… G… dot… com.” “There.” Now, at least, you’re sure to be on Google… That is certain, there is no doubt, you are not on the wrong site. I think that my mother is the person who types the slowest… …in this world, on a keyboard. I have especially learned this when she added me on Facebook. “how are you my son?'” “i’m good what about you?” “Mom is writing…” 45 minutes later Yeah ’cause she thinks that ‘lol’ means ‘yes’ on the internet. But yeah anyway, it’s unsalvageable… The thing I hate the most is when my parents call me… …so I can help them with their computer. They are so bad, really, I wonder what they do understand. “I have a document on my USB that I want to put on the PC, how do I do this?” “Alright, so first, you open the window…” “Yeah, I open the window…” “You copy the document…” “I copy… the document…” “And then you paste it…” “I paste it…” “On the desktop.” “And…. There. Thanks, Cyprien.” “Lol!” “Ah, your mom says lol!” By the way, I have a small message for all the older people who are watching. Stop, right now, in an immediate fashion, the wordplay…. FACE THE BOOK. Stop this… Please. Have you never noticed that everytime you do this wordplay… …The young ones laugh like this? “So… Are we going on face the book?” So sometimes they think they have discovered something by themselves. A few days ago my dad thought he discovered ‘Ruzzle’… That he made some discovery… So I said “Ah, that’s a good game… …It’s nice…” …Except that it had already been one year since young people stopped playing it. As if old people wait one or two years… …before practicing technology. Ruzzle! Hold on, give me a year or two, and maybe I will play it… I’m not sure… But to be honest, the worst ones are the grandparents. It has been two years since my grandfather had a mobile phone. Everytime it rings, you get the impression that he is rediscovering the object. “What is this thing…?” “What… what is this…?” Let’s not forget that everytime he goes out, he leaves his mobile phone at home. WHY? I should probably explain to him that the word ‘mobile’ in ‘mobile phone’… …means that you can carry it with you. Anyway, to summarize, I think that old people see youngsters in this way: “Could you remove airplane mode for me please?” “Sure, no problem!” “It’s very very simple!” “There!” “Thank…you…” “Well, see you soon! Teleportation!” And before I leave you: Share this video! Teleportation!

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100 thoughts on “Cyprien – Les vieux et la technologie

  1. Mon père ne savait pas comment on fais un audio sur snap UwU en fait il savais pas que ça existait jusqu'à ce qu'un pote lui en envoie un mdr

  2. Qui regarde en 9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999998888877777555355648366438245474564547363536536336343534

  3. Comment ça, Facebook ? Face de livre toi-même ! 📚📗📘📕😶😶😶😔😔😔🙄🙄🙄😏😏😏😂😂😂 (Cyprien, avoue que tu n'as pas pensé à ce jeu de mots, hein ?)

  4. 3:32 ma mamie aussi😭😂 ptn a chaque fois et c’est quand il s’arrête de sonner c’est la qu’il se décide à répondre 🤦🏽‍♀️😂

  5. Totalement d'accord .Mes parents croient toujours que je sais tout sur internet.. juste par ce que j'ai mis un filtre sur une photo qu'il ont nommée comme : miracle

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