Ready d. Thank you Dan time goes fast scuffie five months Pro12 to AIDS also, they are joining every determined service Whispers. Ah, thank you so much for subscribing as well. I hope you enjoyed the story It’s a pleasure having you Daniel yellow Thank You Oliver to sub PC Oh God Abelson roll dice pulls out the with his yeah, I Keep the rest private between us P Co guard. Thanks for 10 months Beyond looker, uh there with the primes up as well to riemeck 5fo also using that switch prime Sapir Thank You Chicago joining in now with the prime using its September sup. Thank you so much Legion underscore Dora with the sub then near I subscribing to Z for moans in a row. Wow Thank you so much for the 34 moans together. This might be a gross shaman guys And Miguel and also there with the tier 1 sub, thank you so much Can you enable I I just want to think actually I think it’s better I’m gonna win. I’m gonna win Shall not be too strong in his neck This I really want to drop the giant here Cuz I never get it in anymore He rewards to fake also they’re joining in three months in a row Thanks for the three months together Really How did he get it Shilpa Rhonda, oh my god Hmm he might have a little bit more spells than I was expecting guys But while they see playing he’s not a question, but he’s kind of like battle cry Maybe he Milligan the quest What to do what I Don’t think it’s a gremlin You don’t play Phil piranha Eggar shaman I Think we just go double snip Let’s snip him and let’s make a song I must ponder Tanna kind of shed. You’re awesome. Yes you are Okay, I’m done with this fix job, but now it’s kind of too late, huh, I Don’t mind if he sprays farm on into one three there We need one big removal one Blizzard bump flamestrike and you’re fine guys, it looks like a concert and mid-range is shaman It’s not an aggro shaman so I can still take a slow approach. Don’t go panic mode Stay calm. It’s very important Keep yourself in check I Have like nothing is playable here guys Damn Doesn’t matter not concede yet Cuz you are looking very cute. Today sighs III. Yeah, thank you all so doc for the kind message Thank you, you’re very kind today people are very kind today today chefs, I like that Kind and happy makes me happy. All right, I think it’s time box time Chet here we go Remove staff flamestrike. Oh god that other says Sure that kind of works All right, we’re still in it And again, as I said guys this is a control shaman so it’s not that he can like Is it sometimes death a death you’re that the client is a little booked guys Like I barely see the amount of cards He has in the hands and my head my cards are like I don’t know the the overlay looks so different Sometimes feeling like you have a game like this where your hands is kind of but Okay, I just want to get on the board I Just want to place that I want to take initiative No, it’s just like Bolander, I don’t know ten games just like this I feel Next time it’s fixed again, but sometimes you have it All right, here we go it’s Kelly time Kelly let’s go We will get fire balls I think Noah can work at some point What shirts but then useful Still no leg entice. I mean it’s the start of the season sir normally, I’m not even close to legend yet because I play horrible decks at the start but Somehow the Reno Mitchell’s working quite well And The quest rope as well we climbed with I got legend with quest row if I get lightened I did I did it only with Chris Rock and Island Mermaid Okay, time to abuse this guy’s oh yes. Oh yes He’s back Haha Well, there’s your favorite fruit size I think banana because it’s just so easy But Friday orange That was terrible guys he did nothing I Really like Pierre Pierre is really nice And mango, I really like mango, all right Here we go, here we go final balls Pierre and mingle might be my favorites, but they are more like These are probably my favorites Final boss time can we do it? Good luck guys. Thank you Lizard is having a hard time finding my own opponent guys because they want to give me a ver flee opponent But we have had such a good win, right? Mmm sore cakes. Thank you also for the sub two months in a row It isn’t can Thais beat the shaman It’s a little mesh that’s okay Oh RINO and surfers. Is this the game. Is this the final boss game? Mwah this opening hands Let’s go Oh I know what I’m gonna do Gee you fwo Od6 donated $2 Unfollow all if he win over the last boss kappa kappa kappa kapppa. Love to you all. May the force be with you Time to crap in Crap Correct sir It’s better to do it directly guys You can be like odds we kind of mail this bar do it directly don’t fade with the crap It’s super good when you can do it early Otherwise it just snowballs He’s already out of cards Oh series pretty good there Okay, time to let this board chill down a bit So we always like this this probably Can’t consider playing this because it’s sets of blizzards next turn Or you go frost bald man a cyclone, I think it’s better Like I don’t mind if he trades them or look over here, oh My god this guy’s out of cards already what again Yeah, you go face right, I mean you can’t right here Reno comes down at 6:00 so you go face Yeah, you have to go face It’s just face it’s very straightforward guys. He’s now fair thinking of trading world it’s just place No, no no face face I’m here face do it show dominance I Think it’s important guys that we don’t play a minion here. So he doesn’t trade of the 3/2 and rips of our leader. I know He can top that bloodlust, but the odds that he topdecked Butler’s are 2 in 22 very low if we give a minion and he can kill this he gets war leader and it’s very painful So we just play arcane intellect We can consider ray of frost Just don’t be a wire leader or blood list here We just need to Dutch bomb top deck. Yes, make a beautiful totem. Oh Yes, yes, yes, yes Yes Great Perfect All right How much HP is this for seven He’s gonna read some Ehrlich’s but I think Rena will always clear this I Don’t see how merlocks will get out of range over, you know here Too many Stop stop. Stop. Stop stop. Stop stop enough Stop it. Stop stop Totem totem no. Oh Stop Just stop now Uh-huh created by created by created by Oh God yeah. Oh oh, yes We’re gonna have some fun So what does he have he has to random he has one lucky and two random murlocs in the hands Now picking barrier I don’t think mere luck shaman played do memmer Right. They know there’s space for that. You need to play all the merlocks. I Actually don’t know if they play it or not water combo Trading bro. Well that guy definitely doesn’t say do manner That’s fine one day you survive We can maybe do this next turn one is fine. Oh That’s really now Man when new locks are behind I Mean II can’t really charged with murder try the only has one blue girl left Merlok mate Merlin Mitch – legend Chet We did it merlok Mitch and bomb rank 115 that’s a pretty good rank. Well, we did a bit of good when right and we did CYCLONE RENO MAGE DECK 2019 | SAVIORS OF ULDUM | HEARTHSTONE

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