Cyberpunk Spikes – 3D Printed Electronic Fashion

You can make your own spiky light-up fashion
accessories with 3D printing and NinjaFlex filament, diffusing the glow of some NeoPixel
strip. Just download the file from the link in the
description below, and print your spikes in white or translucent NinjaFlex– check out
our video on this awesome stuff if you haven’t already. The NeoPixel strip comes in a silicone sheathing,
into which you should slide a few taped up magnets. Then you can use a few more magnets
to attach to anything in your wardrobe. After soldering on some wires, glue the spikes
to the sheathing of the NeoPixel strip with Permatex 66B silicone adhesive, and also use
a bit to seal up the ends. Let it dry overnight, then connect the wires
up to GEMMA, the tiny microcontroller that will control the colors and animations of
the LEDs. Use a JST extension and slide switch to make
this adapter. The switch fits through the side of the 3D printed enclosure, also printed
in NinjaFlex. Then you can plug in a rechargeable lipoly battery and pin or sew the enclosure
to your garment. You can wear it over your shoulder, around
your collar, on the strap of a bag, in your hair, or even wear it as a bracelet. If you’re
looking for something even flashier, try printing these crystal-inspired spikes, perfect for
your next cyber dragon costume. Around the factory we’ve been calling this
style “baby gwar” and “brony punk”– what would you call it? Let us know in a comment
and subscribe for more wearable electronics from Adafruit.

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14 thoughts on “Cyberpunk Spikes – 3D Printed Electronic Fashion

  1. WOW. This would be perfect for my android cosplay! Just need to fool around with the design and, um, wait for my workshop to acquire a 3D printer… But LOVE it all the same! You guys should do a giveaway – something like this would be amazing for my coursework in D.T.!

  2. Well, if a little less spiky and a little more gear-toothed: I definitely call that the Marvel Comics "Ironman of 2020" look.  Which is pretty awesome, by the way–and nice work! 8 ) y  You guys are the realization of my childhood comic geekdom!

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