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10 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 – Samurai (What Is It?)

  1. One question, how long before TW3 did CDPR write contracts with the distributors of the game? We can get some estimated time of release If we manage to get that information, and to my searching I didn't find much information. Recently announced that Bandai Namco will distribute CP2077 in Europe, and not so long ago we got the information about WB distributing it in US.

  2. I wonder how much difference your background selections make to the content of the story. For example, in picking backgrounds for your character, you can select Saburo Arasaka as a childhood hero yet the Samuri Jacket seems to be a default item. Seems weird if your V looked up to the corps, and even idolized Arasaka, that they would wear a Samuri Jacket.

  3. great video! My childhood hero is Yorinobu Arsaka and their Steels dragons! Ronin rebels in motorbike, yeah!

  4. I’m actually glad Johnny is in it because he seems like an interesting and because he’s played by Keanu Reeves.

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