Cyberpunk 2077 NorCal Executioner Susan Forrest Kazuliski

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2077 lore. While not a household name such as Morgan Blackhand, one of the most powerful
solos during the time of 2020, was Susan Forrest, the Executioner for the Free State of Northern
California and Night City. For want of a better description, imagine a female version of Judge
Dredd. She can’t be reasoned with. She does not feel
pity, or remorse, or fear, and she absolutely will not stop, until her target is dead. Suffice
to say Samurai, cause enough commotion in the Night City, and you might get more than
you bargained for. The duties of the office of State Executioner
tend to vary depending on the state, but generally fall into these categories: performance of
legal executions, pursuit of fugitives under sentence of death, supervision of the security
of Death Row prisoners, and the direction and supervision of alternative state executions.
Susan Forrest is an ex-NCPD MaxTac. Being State Executioner is one of the toughest vocations
one can have in Night City. The financial compensation is fantastic, but the chances
of getting iced by some crazy punk while you are hunting them are significant. So, you’ve
got to be good, if not one of the best and prepared to deal with every eventuality. Susan
Forrest was one of the most highly trained individuals within the structure of the Night
City Police Department. Ex-MaxTac, with significant experience taking down cyberpsychos, she requested
a transfer to her current position. Susan wears the best of the Gibson Battlegear,
along with a Salamander Fireproof jacket. Perhaps the most notable info one can glean
from her profile is that as well as being a Sandevistan user, her weapon of choice is
the Malorian Arms 3516 handgun, but because she does not have a cyberarm, she needs to
use a Battleglove to fire it. The Malorian Arms 3516 was the most powerful personal handgun
on the market. Eran Malour developed it to the personal specifications of Samurai, Johnny
Silverhand, who wanted something that could drop a cyberpsycho fan at 100 paces, no matter
how much cyberware they had. Price was no object. It has a rare, solid orbital titanium
frame, custom dyna-porting and a direct cyberinterlink that locks the users cyberarm in place as
the weapon fires. Should you find the 3516 in 2077, it seems likely you will need either
a cyberarm or a battleglove to utilise it. Susan is a level-headed and rational woman,
but getting on her bad side will be the last mistake many a punk will make. Afterall, you
don’t become the State Executioner by being a nice person.
Personality wise, while her character seemingly shares some traits of Judge Dredd, or perhaps
Judge Hershey would be more appropriate, until Mike Pondsmith reveals where the inspiration
for the character came from, it’s just fan conjecture. While Susan has yet to appear
in Cyberpunk Red, in 2077, it seems probable that V might have to deal with a new State
Executioner given the timeframe involved. Afterall, one can only be the best for so
long. The Fem V cosplay featured on the thumbnail
is by Irina Meier. Artwork is Pavel Bond. Hey Samurai, are you interested in more Cyberpunk
2077 content? Then consider subscribing! Thank you for Chippin’In!

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23 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 NorCal Executioner Susan Forrest Kazuliski

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  2. Hey Kazuliski! Explain the differences between Kereznikov and Sandivistan.
    I know they're both Neuralware, but what do they do?

  3. executioners are always a problem … especially in corporate world where lies are transformed into reality
    looks like new bos is going to be a real pain in the ass with one mentioned weakness

  4. oh you mean like how Texas sends a team out to do most executions in the USA or the Texas rangers not the football team but law enforcement or like how where most states have a welcome message when you hit their border and Texas say don't mess with Texas the law is no joke you can run but give it time you will have a misstep

  5. Ok, so this MA 3516 sounds pretty bad ass and when I say bad ass I mean it will put the operator on their ass just as fast as its victim. My question is how does this battle glove mitigate the recoil the same way an entire cyber arm would? Does this glove go all the way up to the wearers shoulder?

  6. This game is sexist yet I’ve noticed the females in the game are by far the smartest and most dangerous people in the game.smh.

  7. New Executioner for 2077 huh ?….mmmh what if its the cyberlady we saw in the old teasing for 2077 (mantis blade lady)? could be fun ^^

  8. I nearly died just looking at her! I hope we get to cross paths and I wonder if that hugely powerful hand cannon will be a hard-to-get or "pinnacle" weapon.

  9. She could be an interesting romance option. Could you make a video on that Arasaka operative who reminds you of a certain major we all are fond of?

  10. Damn this made me want to start my first playthrough as a Corpo bounty hunter 😂
    When I think about bounty hunters in Cyberpunk, I always imagine something out of old Star Wars lol.
    Especially something like Jango Fett or Boba Fett.
    I wish that CDPR could put some kind of equipment that seem similar to Mandalorian armors.

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