Cyberpunk 2077 News NEW Black Chrome Book, Alternate Universe, Night City Kazuliski

Thank you for Chippin’In to another Cyberpunk
2077 and Cyberpunk Red News update. Recently Mike Pondsmith and J Gray, the Media
ambassador for R. Talsorian Games revealed that the Cyberpunk Red Core Rule Book will
be coming out later this year, but the exact date is still undetermined as RTG are coordinating
with CDPR. The Jumpstart Kit being released on August 1st is a demo for new players to
learn the game. There are currently several new sourcebooks
in the works including one titled Black Chrome, which assists players in buying and selling
stuff. On the topic of alternative universes to Cyberpunk
Red and Cyberpunk 2077, Mike revealed RTG are working on additional projects, but this
will not be an alternative timeline. On the topic of clickbait, Mike says, ignore
it unless they lie. Mike once worked in journalism and feels that there must be certain standards
that should be upheld. Mike revealed that LEO and Luna bases are
still inhabited, but the Highriders have cut themselves off from Earth. Cyberpunk Red will
explore those, but not necessarily in the jumpstart kit.
Mike also revealed that you will not be able to fit the NCART transit map over the old
Night City Map from 2020, as the 2077 map includes larger surrounding areas equivalent
to Oakland, Berkeley, South San Francisco. The Night City paper game maps are only of
the Central City, the equivalent of San Francisco. In addition, RTG and CDPR shifted and moved
some locations so that V wouldn’t have huge transit times between regions. This is covered
in Cyberpunk RED, where the Bay and surrounding were moved and partially filled in with radioactive
mud to a level equivalent to three or four Treasure Islands. Mike also commented that
CDPR made the mapping match up closer to the original Morro Bay location. So, in both 2077
and RED, Night City is a compromise between what was in the past and what works in the
present, both in game reality and game design. Especially as CDPR figured no one wanted to
spend 45 minutes in commute traffic between Watson and Pacifica.
CDPR confirmed that there will not be any pre-order bonuses that includes in game content
DLC. This is not surprising given that a similar approach was taken when Witcher 3 was released.
RTG released a new image of an Edge Runner from the Cyberpunk Red Jumpstart Kit. The
artist is Sebastian Szmyd. For new lore on Cyberpsychosis check out the video from earlier
on today. Hey Samurai, are you interested in more Cyberpunk
2077 content? Then be sure to hit that subscribe button. Thank you for Chippin’In!

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14 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 News NEW Black Chrome Book, Alternate Universe, Night City Kazuliski

  1. And the countdown to August 1 continues…. 🕘🕙🕚 ðŸĪ–💀ðŸĪĄðŸĪŠðŸĪŠ

  2. "alternate universe" I of course, immediately think the "Nights Edge" source books… Nothing like cyberpunk+ vampires and werewolves

  3. I'm glad that there are no pre-order bonuses whether you Pre-Purchase the game or not is completely up to the player nothing and no one is forcing them to do it and punishing them if they don't now that is truly BREATHTAKING.

  4. Damn it Kaz! I am tired of chippin' in, man! I barely have any chips left man! I've given you nearly all my chips, Kaz!
    DAMN IT! Do you have any idea how hard it is to find genuine Dorito's in Tokyo? IT'S HARD OUT HERE FOR A PIMP!
    It's even harder to find genuine Dorito's! Hell, I haven't even seen one single tube of REAL Pringle's since I landed here!
    Seriously Kaz, Japan is like, the no-man's land of potato chips! I want to EAT the chips! YOU START CHIPPIN' IN! ðŸĪŽ
    (Goes back to setting up, and stocking up, THE ultimate cyberpunk gamercave so the 'punks can punk out in style!)

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