Cyberpunk 2077 – Is This OUR REAL Future?

What’s going on Neon Nation welcome back
for a special type of Cyberpunk 2077 video. I’ve been wanting to make this one for quite
a while now, and although it is going to be a little bit different I think you guys are going
to really enjoy this one. Today we are talking about just how realistic
Cyberpunk 2077 actually is, and some reasons why our real world is heading towards many of the
things that Cyberpunk 2077 showcases. Cyberpunk 2077 is a good example to compare
our real world standards to, because it’s the amalgamation of almost everything from
the Cyberpunk genre. Everything from Braindance to it’s real
world comparison, to talking about a lesser known project Elon Musk is working on and
it’s 2077 comparison, to Orbital Air being a possibility for us, to real world Cybernetics,
to modern day Cyberpsychosis, as well as real life megacorporations from the past and the
future will be discussed in this video. Now obviously 2077 is a video game, but you
might be surprised at just how many parallels you can draw from Cyberpunk 2077 to our modern
world. First let’s look into Cyberware. In 2077 Augmenting the human body with Cyberware
is as fashionable as it is practical. In fact augmenting the human body is pretty
common + natural in the universe that Cyberpunk 2077 lies in. Everything from a biomonitor to maintain your
vitals, to grafted on protective skins to even weapons are all within the realm of possibility,
if you have the balls to visit a ripperdoc and let him cut away at your flesh and bone
to replace it with Cybernetics. Now prosthetics are popular in 2077, but people
mostly get them out of choice. In our world it’s largely due to the need
for amputees to get some normalcy back into their lives, and prostheses main functions
are replacing missing hands and limbs which make everyday life easier. However we are moving towards more of a 2077
like way of handling prosthetics. First prosthetics are getting denser, more
resilient and they can do a variety of different things that a regular human arm cannot. Deus Ex a popular Cyberpunk game also partnered
with Open Bionics in the past to make 3D printed arm for amputees Not only this, but MIT professor High Herr
who lost his legs in an accident, has also created real life augmentations to not only
replace functioning legs, but to make them much more useful and powerful than our biological
ones. RealSkinn a tough like covering for your
shiny new cyberlimbs or subdermal armor in 2077 is also starting to become a thing today. I actually wrote an article about how something
called “Viper-Skin” is being developed to go over prosthetics to create a more natural
looking limb, which can also sense heat changes through it’s membrane. This is because the heat sensing organs of
pit viper snakes, are used like a film within the artificial skin. Now in the world of Cyberpunk 2077, most pieces
of tech can be controlled using a brain computer interface called a Neural processor. A Neural router is planted into the bottom
of the spine to route signals to different types of cyberware as well as Smart links
to weapons and vehicles. In our modern day, the man the myth the legend,
Elon Musk is developing a real life Brain computer interface called a Neuralink. This piece of tech also known as a Neural
mesh sits within the brain and allows us interact with all of our devices wirelessly with our
minds. With everything requiring a wifi signal or
having electronic components to it these days, this means the possibilities are limitless. Even the USB jack styled cybernetic that we
use in the demo is relevant in our real world. A brain can actually be tapped into and read
of its intentions using nothing more than futuristic probes. You can hack a human’s mind, and know what
they are thinking in real time as it happens. Brainiacs a boostergang in the world of Night
City pride themselves on using skill chips and downloading a variety of skills on the
fly. This is a reality in the making with a potential
to implant yourself with a brain chip and approach 200 IQ levels. Let’s also not forget Braindance. Braindance is the sensory drug of the future
and what we’ve referred to as VR on steroids in Cyberpunk 2077. People forgo their real lives to go on Braindance
binges where they are invested into a world and sensory experience so much better than
their own, that they allow their bodies to decay in the process. With people literally binging Netflix and
with VR becoming a growing industry, Netflix has caught onto the craze and will be implementing
VR in the future. People staying up till 5 am binging all 5 season
of Breaking Bad is not uncommon even in today’s world. You find a way to involve all the human senses
into Netflix and mix VR into the equation and you essentially have the same tools and
escapist sentiment as what Braindance offers. Infact by 2038 according to some sources Hyper
VR and AR will take over much of life. That’s not that far in the future. Next let’s take a look at Cyberpsychosis. Cyberpsychosis is a mental affliction in 2077,
where if you augment yourself with too many cybernetics, you start to dissociate from
your mind and find yourself feeling more machine and human. In the world of Cyberpunk this makes you prone
to mental instability and at the very verge of it, you feel like destroying humans. This does sound a little bit too “Terminator” In our reality, we face a different type of
Cyberpsychosis. Social Media and internet addiction. The amount of mental stress associated with
constant social media comparisons, especially among kids is at an absurdly high level. People are actually getting mental illnesses
such as depression and anxiety based on how much time they spend online, these constant
comparisons, the wealth of knowledge at your finger-tips, the validation of likes and comments
on social media and more. Some reports suggest 38% of the general population
is addicted to the web. The average time spent on the internet has
gone up by leaps and bounds and kids who are still developing are at a higher risk for
social, function and emotional impairmnent. This is our modern day Cyberpsychosis. In Cyberpunk 2077 combat drugs are largely
used by Military puppets and veteran solos as a means to becoming a super human or soldier. It is said we use less than 10% of our brains,
and combat drugs in both Cyberpunk 2077 and the real world, unlock more of our potential
performance. I’m not talking about Steroids, I’m talking
about experimental programs and chemical compositions which allow us to perform at a higher level. Militaries largely use psychoactive drugs
with their soldiers to allow them to suppress hunger, sustain effort without food, suppression
of fear, reduction of empathy, improving reflexes and more. Reflex boosters and combat drugs allow the
body to feel like time has slowed, and some modern day military drugs have the same effect,
especially ones with adrenal responses. Finally we have Cyberpunk 2077s megacorporations,
comparisons to how corporations do business today, and the average human in the future. Cyberpunk 2077 features a diverse array of
different ethnicities. Waston, which Is the district we visit in
the Gameplay Demo is an example of this. We see Masala studios and Kabayan foods, vendors
frying up Pad Thai and women wearing headscarfs. According to National Geographic, this is
what the average female will look in 2050. Cyberpunks diversity in it’s population
reflects this. The likes of Militech and Arasaka have become
such big corporations in the world of 2077 that they supercede governments and Nations. With both being valued at more than 400 Billion
Eurodollars, it’s hard to argue against their vice-like grip over Night City. We’ve had Megacorporations in our real world
history as well. Check out this reddit thread by TungT88. In our history we have had megacorporations
like the Hanseatic League and the East India Company who have dominated for hundreds of years in
the case of Hanseatic League and made trillions in the case of East India Company. We also have Social Media corporations who
are growing exponentially. They have an unreal amount of data about everyone
who uses the internet and has typed into search. They know your browsing habits, what you like,
what you don’t like and whether you like it or not, sometimes know you better than
you know yourself. Have you ever been on Facebook or Twitter
and have seen an ad for a product you’ve literally never typed into search but have
actively thought about. That’s how accurate these social media algorithms actually are. Space X can also be actively compared to Orbital Air. I think we will see passenger transport into
space or low orbit sooner than we think, which is the basis for both of these companies. We also have an oligopolistic system. I’ll leave you with this graphic to explain
this. There’s no secret that Big corporations
utilize smoke and mirror tactics to downplay their power in the world. They may not be the law like in Cyberpunk
2077, but our modern day megacorporations absolutely influence it. Thanks for watching guys, I hope you enjoyed
a little change of pace here. For everything and anything Cyberpunk 2077
make sure you join neon nation by subscribing.

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100 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 – Is This OUR REAL Future?

  1. I want this game soon, but I also want them to take their time. It's an internal war in which them taking their time always wins, but I do often catch myself looking for any crumb of a release date, haha. 😂

  2. The way the company so hype about the game like it's gonna be a real deal…. I hope it didn't let them down IF ONLY the game fail to meet the expectations from some gamers

  3. Yeah unfortunately as we become more technologically advanced, it seems more and more people don't care too much about ethics. Human life and or what is natural is cheapened more and more slowly. With the megacorps.. This can only really happen if your government is too big.. Which we do have lol.. You get more and more companies getting in bed with government, to try to kick the door closed on competition, which causes what is called an unnatural monopoly on whatever it is that company sells..

    They will get perks from the government, and they will support many silly policies of the government, that kinda eat away at freedom, and free market. Government isn't too quick to get rid of them, though many politicians will say pretty things, as if they are tired of it- but they love the money, and people continue to support it so its going to be extremely difficult to stop it now.. People also ignorantly confuse all of this with the free market, aka capitalism- but it is not..

    Once the government gets involved in such a way, and you've closed the door on competition- it is no longer free market aka capitalism.. It is now cronyism, or corporatism- which is pretty much what we are slowly moving into, from the mixed economy that we already have- though right now only the government has guns still, and can put you in prison or kill you.. Corporations at this point, only have the power now to silence you, like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube even, and recently Disney/Rotten Tomatoes, for "wrong think". Or just not tell the story, to protect government or an ideology, like what goes on with media.. I think in order to get there fully, something really big and nasty needs to happen, either a big war, massive natural disaster, terrorist attack worse than 9/11, or economic crisis- which is actually coming soon.

  4. Hello! I'm new to your channel! You got great content. So far I've been subscribed to LastKnownMeal and MadQueen for the Cyberpunk content. I hope to see more great content and gameplay of Cyberpunk 2077 in the near future! 🙂

  5. yeah man. real life Cyber addiction to social media is a problem, I am going to log onto the Discord and complain about it right now!!!

  6. Everyone gonna become black for as long as everyone stays perverted knob. But if people are gonna wake up and realise that everyone needs to be segregated. We might as well be saved

  7. “Is this our REAL future?”

    Bunch of perverts from comment section running around outside cause people eventually clicked online and won’t talk to them any more?


  8. Love the game but if this is going to be reallife: You don't want that because something very bad would need to happen killing off billions. So even tho things are similar in real life, better for it to stay going towards an utopia instead of dystopia what cyberpunk is in it's core.

  9. Cyberpunk is kinda like what the world will look like if humanity goes into a darker way like corporations not being regulated and corruption not being addressed then cyberpunk is the future but it’ll be the opposite depending on the decisions humanity makes in the next decade or so

  10. If this doesnt sell you on cybernetics you can give someone the bird whilst spinning your wrist 360 degrees how do you beat that.

  11. Sorry anthem but when cp2077 comes out you or any other game i have will not get played ever again. R.I.P. other games.😭

  12. i have a zero presence on Facebook, Twitter, and the like. i attribute my chosen abstinence from these platforms to having first experienced the cyberpunk genre decades ago and thereby having been 'forewarned of the possibilities', in a sense.

  13. Like everything that has its agreeables,fans etc it will also have the negative ones But the most concern because of the augementation will be the ability to control aug-men.
    Governments will find a way to control them in the end and allow the public to get them but it will be a very very very long time from now and Don't forget all the augs need different energy types which as the moment is the top concern of the civilized countries and if we can overcome this huuuuge problem then and only then we can consider our options regarding the augmentations etc…

  14. Well lets be fair, most of cyberpunk universes arent that bad with comparsion to Philip K. Dick's book universe. A human race with advanced space travel still rotting on damaged and dying earth, refusing to move, while the one that did live high quality life, yet peeps on earth see it as punishment or distant dream at best

  15. the "fictional" genre of cyberpunk is not so much fiction as it is a very possible future in the progression of humanity. we as a species is vastly intelligent and our intellects are nearly limitless with the only thing holding us back are time and resources. "primitive" applications of such prosthesis, neural links, autonomous vehicles, robots and so much more are already in high study waiting for further development but given the huge strides made in the past 2 centuries in technology it is easy to say that in a few more decades we will continue to make huge steps toward achieving something similar from this genre, something well within our life time also. it is interesting to say the least that we are the only species that is directly influencing our evolution so why would we stop now when we are on the cusp of breaching through a technological enlightenment!

  16. Other prosthetic replacements and augments, surface and internal: eyeglasses, contacts, plastic eye lenses (from cataracts on original lenses), artificial retinas; hearing aids, cochlear implants; artificial hip and knee joints; tooth caps, bridges, and implants; stents, replacement vessels, valves, and hearts, and pacemakers; and penile implants. Note that at least half of these are mostly the concern of older people as body parts were out. The theme of CD 77 is not just of interest to 20-year-olds.

  17. Is this our real future? In many ways it's our real now! Global corporations control the planet. The gap between the rich and the poor has been widening for 30 years, and vast numbers of people are addicted to drugs and alcohol in order to avoid their real life! There was a clock started in the 80's. it was a lever that moved from the left (a Star Trek future/Bright future) to the right (a Bladerunner future/Dark future). It was cancelled in 2009 as for 17 years the lever had stayed far into the Bladerunner future, showing we had a dark rather than hopeful future. Nothing since 2009 tells me anything other than a dark future. Not the bright Cyberpunk 2077 future, but the dark Bladerunner future.

  18. On the subject of subdermal armor, there’s also the Darwin’s Bark Spider whose silk is akin to Kevlar, but 10x stronger (or something like that)

  19. I already knew that, nonetheless this is a very interesting topic and I belive it'll become soon the future.
    I always wanted to go down an avenue in a big city thats being lightened by adverts. Also I would enjoy augmentations, especially Bionic Eyes ( since i'm wearing glasses that would be a releaf and also an improvement ), and let's say a memmory chip so i can download and access all the info i need when i need it.
    In conclusion it's a good thing but like what's too much it becomes bad.

  20. I've always said Mike Pondsmith predicted our future. Even with the rise of China and US looming economic crisis.

  21. Hey there neonarcade, I dig your channel & enjoyed the video but I just have one little gripe, it was during the combat drugs section where you mentioned that "It is said we only use 10% of our brains" which is frankly not true, we actually use all of our brain goop (totally a scientific term). Idk why people are still perpetuating this myth but here's a video if anybody wants to learn more.

    Anyways tho thank you for the informative cyberpunk content and this different type of video which was a very interesting thought experiment about what our world may resemble (and already does resemble in some ways) & I hope you have a great night/day 🌿

  22. Why we always see the kid who plays virtual games, but what do we know about kids and school? What do they learn? English? German? Russia? Or Computer Science?

  23. Video games are a form of storytelling and In my opinion at least stories are a way to explore ideas, it make perfect sense to me to call attention to these things in our society not to change our minds about something or send a clear message but just to get us to think just to get people to question something in their lives and look at it a little closer

  24. I know that you said you are planning to do a Q&A at some point, and I was wondering what the best place to ask questions would be.

  25. I always wanted a capitalistic cyber punk world bordom is really the only negative emotion I feel and in a world like that there would be so much weird things to see I’d never be bored

  26. Hey Neon thanks for all of these cyberpunk videos! I can't wait to play this game and hearing about the cyberpunk universe definitely helps hold me (and others I assume) over. It's all great info and hopefully once Cyberpunk 2077 releases and becomes popular, you'll get some more traffic and make hundreds of thousands of subscriptions! Keep um' coming!

  27. Great job bruv!
    Trying to condense all the information in one video is not easy and I'm sure everybody appreciates the work you did here!

  28. My uncle had never heard of Cyberpunk 2077. I had to correct that and show him the trailer and gameplay demo (that I’ve watched way too many times). This is the difference between so many other games, putting passion before greed.

  29. i know globalist want to sell transhumanisme and this could be a propaganda piece (this would make the game more enjoyable and not plague with problem like the rest of the AAA game)
    cyberphsycosis: there a thing call toxic psycosis and it his due to taking too much drug like pcp,cocain or meth. the patient start losing is mind even if he's not on the drug. this can lead to coma or something i call "frostbite" a near vegatative state. the patient can still talk but can bearly eat and need a gardian just to put his shoe on

  30. i wish its real in the future so hype for this game but disappoint theres no hint about the release date

  31. This was incredibly intriguing! I like the originality that was put into this video and how it relates to cyberpunk, great job my dude.

  32. That megacorporations point is such bullshit. The East India Compnay and Hanseatic League are not megacorps that 'have existed for years', they're megacorps who did exist in the past. Despite tech giants huge power, they still abide by the laws of national governments. A better argument is that governments could relinquish control of tech giants (some small indicators of this in certain countries) to the extent that they basically function independently, but there's no indication of that happening now, indeed perhaps the opposite with the recent big anti-competition rulings by the EU. It seems to fit the evidence better that it's just a continuation of the disagreement between those who want stricter limits to corporations and those who want less.

  33. As much as i love agriculture, nature and old school outdoors stuff;

    I would love to live in a cyberpunk city future. Just jot with the harsh and fucked up police

  34. I've had that spooky thing lately where they advertise or video's of VERY obscure topics that I've thought about will show up but I know I've never looked for or done anythign with them or the subject anywhere online, and then it will show up, and it's like a 4 year old video on my feed of all new stuff, that has nothing to do with what I regularly watch. Just from me thinking about it, and I hate it. Is it either able to read our brain waves over the wifi? Or is it just supper predictive, or has my subconscious mind already peace together the algorithms the computer operates by and then I just start to think about it preemptively and then the algorithm catches up, no matter what it is, I don't like it.

  35. Very interesting. I much prefer cyborg implants and body transformation than genetics control like choosing the eye colour of your kids. Scientists got mouse with Alzheimer recover their memory with a new treatment. Apes are going to talk soon!!

  36. I think Cyberpunk 2077 is based on the real world but is highly exaggerated. I don't think 2077 will look like this but it could end up being a hybrid.

  37. Our future is very much going to be cyberpunk. The esthetic will be slightly different, A bit cleaner, but still it’s going to get there

  38. Yes it is and it isn't going to be pretty unlike the game we can stop playing at any time.

  39. We large already have been living in a simular world. Corporations for decades already write the legislation we have to obide to. Democracy and capatalism have been dead for a long time. Capatalism has become crony capatalism and democracy has morphed into a technocracy as intended. Whatever form of government or political system the world has seen;they all have/had exactly the same thing in common namely: being corrupted to the core.

  40. It's kinda sad how we the geeks and nerds…the ones society tends to look down on have been seeing this coming for a LONG time. Hell most of the times we're the ones bringing the tech changes in the first place cause we saw it in a show or book we liked and said "I'm gonna make that real". While there could be some good things from Cyberpunk worlds like cybernetics giving people the ability to see and hear for the first time..there is quite a bit more bad to look forward to as one other person said in the comments "Cyberpunk is dystopian, never forget that"..people already outraged at the game for small things THEY think is wrong or upsetting..are going to miss the larger point that various cyberpunk works have tried to show us about our future.

  41. Quite a good video, however this one (a short video originally cut from Accursed Farms channel video about the cyberpunk game Deus Ex) covers even more how cyberpunk we are now

  42. Well as for us in the united states I can tell you and I will back this we are only needing the augmentations to be in this world.
    With that being said I will say this I do not care if the USA is a Corpo or not I just want to be a freaking Cyborg kind of like V without the immortality aspect or if I get that then I hope my friends decide to join me otherwise why live at all?

  43. Please don't tell me using less than 10% of our brains is part of Cyberpunk lore. Mike is smarter than that.

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